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Martial Peak Chapter 5945


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The gap of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction really can’t be closed again, but Wu Kuang can still try his best to narrow the gap. As a result, Black Ink Clan will be more restricted if it wants to break through this gap. Earlier there might be a Royal Lord who could forcefully rush out, but now as Wu Kuang’s strength grows, his control over Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has also become stronger, so there is no Black Ink Clan Royal Lord that can do this.

Without the Royal Lord, no matter how many other Black Ink Clan rushed out, in front of the powerful retreats, they would only give away food.

The number of retired Mexican troops is not too large, only a few thousand, but the overall strength is extremely strong. It can be said that it is the most Elite team at Human Race.

The minimum standard for Yang Kai and Mi Jinglun to select the retired Mexican army was 6-Rank Open Heaven. In other words, if the cultivation level is less than 6-Rank, they are not eligible to be selected for the retired Mexican army.

And this 6-Rank cultivation level is not the limit of retired soldiers, they still have room for growth. Now that so many years have passed, most of the retired soldiers who had only 6-Rank Open Heaven have already been promoted to 7-Rank.

In the entire retired army, the cultivation level still remained at 6-Rank, very few. These few 6-Ranks have reached their limits and may be promoted at any time.

It can be said that the current retreat army is almost all high-rank Open Heaven except for the few 6-Rank.

At the beginning of the establishment of the retired Mexican army, the 8-Rank was only 400, and there are nearly a thousand now! All the extras have been continuously broken through and promoted over the past few years. There is no shortage of fighting on the side of the retired Mexican army. It is not difficult for these Heaven’s Chosen Children to break through the shackles of their bodies in the bloody battle and promote themselves to the new realm. Thing.

There are also hundreds of powerful Holy Spirit and Holy Dragon Fu Guang, and Yang Xue has also been promoted to 9-Rank Open Heaven in the furnace world.

Zhao Yebai, Zhao Ya, Xu Yi and the others are even expected to break through their own limits in a short time and advance to the 9-Rank realm!

The three of them are Yang Kai’s personal disciplines, and each inherited the legacy of a major road in Yang Kai. Yang Kai has high hopes.

In terms of age and seniority, they are actually not much different from Shi Dazhuang, who has already been promoted to 9-Rank. Maybe the three-disciple Xu Yi practice years are a bit shorter. After all, it’s a bit late to get started, but it’s a long time for everyone. In practice years, the later time is nothing.

Shi Dazhuang has already been promoted to 9-Rank. Among the rising stars, Tang Tao has also been promoted to 9-Rank. Naturally, Zhao Yebai and the three are about to be promoted to 9-Rank.

These thousands of years of having accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly will surely allow Human Race to continuously produce more 9-Rank in the future.

Such a retired Mexican army deserved to be the most Elite team in Human Race, so although they are not many in number, they have enough capital to guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Since the battle of Universe Furnace seven hundred years ago, Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has not changed.

In the past seven hundred years, thousands of retired Ink soldiers had nothing to do. They had no choice but to take turns to practice. Fortunately, when the retired soldiers came here, they brought a lot of supplies. There are some balances available.

On the retreat stage, a silver-haired Fu Guang looked at the gap in the dark ahead, Spiritual Mind sent a message: “Wu Kuang, what’s the situation?”

It’s not that he found something abnormal, but just routinely asked that’s all. This kind of thing will happen once a month. It can be seen that Fu Guang is extremely cautious.

As always, Wu Kuang lazily’s voice resounded in Fu Guang’s mind: “There are some miscellaneous fish spying in the gap, but I should not have the guts to charge ahead.”

He has shrunk the gap to the limit. If the Royal Lord forces an impact, there is a high probability that he will fall on the way.

Under this premise, no Royal Lord would be stupid enough to attack the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction gap.

Without the Royal Lord to contend with Fu Guang, the Black Ink Clan in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would dare to provoke the majesty of the retreats. Although they were blocked in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they were not ignorant of the outside world. The fighting over the years gave them a deep understanding of the strength of the retreating Mexican army.

“Be vigilant!” Fu Guang exhorted as usual.

Wu Kuang replied: “I know, you guys…huh?”

He was half-talking, and suddenly he let out a shocked sound.

Fu Guang looked terrified and shouted: “What’s the matter?”

But he waited for a while, but he didn’t get Wu Kuang’s response. This is something that has never happened before. Fu Guang’s heart jumped, and a huge sense of crisis suddenly enveloped his heart. He quickly looked at Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. past.

The entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is like a shadowy giant beast crawling in the Void, covering the vast territory with no end in sight.

The darkness is covered by the power of ink. Without the blockade of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it is hard to imagine how boundless the ink color would spread.

In Fu Guang’s vision, Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction did not change abnormally, but the feeling of anxiety became more intense.

He knew that something must have happened, otherwise Wu Kuang impossible would have no response.

Without hesitation, he shouted in a low voice: “Prepare for war!”

In the next moment, the entire retreat army, whether in practice or on duty, simultaneously moved, and a formation was quickly lit up. All Secret Treasures had soldiers in place. Thousands of retreats were only short-term. Within a short ten breaths time, he was ready for the war.

wind and rain Wish to come!

Yang Xue came to Fu Guang’s side with a solemn expression: “senior, what happened?”

Fu Guang shook his head slowly: “I don’t know!”

Yang Xue’s expression suddenly became more solemn, and even Fu Guang didn’t know what was happening. It was obvious that the situation was beyond his control.

“Wu Kuang senior?” She asked again.

“No response.”

Yang Xue knew that something was wrong this time, Wu Kuang was in charge of guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. He had no reaction. Could it be that said Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has failed? If so, it would be a disaster for Human Race.

Just as she looked towards Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and wanted to find some clues, Wu Kuang’s voice suddenly came from there, and the voice seemed a little anxious and shocked.

“It’s awake! Be careful!”

A thoughtless sentence made Fu Guang and Yang Xue feel numb at the same time. They both knew what Wu Kuang meant by “it”.

Mo, the ancient supreme, the source of Black Ink Clan, accompanied by the darkness of the birth of the world’s first Principle Light, almost immortal Indestructible existence.

This kind of thing is what the retreating Mexican army has been vigilant against.

Back then, Cang used Mu’s backhand at the last moment to make Mo fall asleep, but no one knows how long this method can last. The only thing that can be foreseen is that this method will sooner or later fail. When this day comes, then Mo will fully wake up.

Such an ancient supreme that is very likely to reach the Creation Stage. What exactly trifling retreats can reach is that Human Race has tried its best, and it may not be able to stop it.

Once Mo wakes up, no one can guarantee that Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction will continue to suppress it.

At the moment, Mo’s awakening really has a great influence on Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Otherwise, Wu Kuang will not lose contact for a short time, and he must be robbing Mo of the control of the great restriction.

And at the moment after Wu Kuang’s warning, the boundless ink color that had been dormant in the Void for 700 years without any response, as if it had the life of the owner, suddenly expanded outwards in a circle.

It was like a black balloon was suddenly blown up.

“Retreat!” Fu Guang’s eyes were shocked, and he immediately shouted loudly.

At the same time loudly shouting, he and Yang Xue teamed up to urge the core of the retreating ink platform, hoping to control this large Secret Treasure and escape.

However, the expansion of the ink color is too fast, and the ink color is close at hand before the ink retreat is activated.

In dragon prestige, Fu Guang urged Dragon Clan’s Life Source divine ability. The power of the time avenue went crazy and turned into one after another golden Dragon Mark Free Void, as if to freeze the time of this Void.

Yang Xue also shot at the same time. Her practice is also Principle of Time, which complements Fu Guang perfectly.

Still to no avail, the ink color was only blocked for a moment, and the ink color of the landslide and tsunami swallowed the ink-relief platform. Everyone in the ink-rejection platform, including Fu Guang and Yang Xue, felt black in front of them, and then I don’t know where I am.

From the outside, the ink color is still expanding outwards, very fast, but then, one after another complicated mysterious lines appeared on the edge of the ink color. Those lines changed and evolved, and soon formed a blockade. .

That is the power of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. It is a means of gathering the abilities of ten ancient sages of Human Race. Relying on this method, they suppress and seal the ink for countless years.

The lines shrink and the ink color surges, forming a stalemate with each other.

I don’t know how long it took before this stalemate gradually calmed down, and the ink color became calm and tranquil like the ocean after the tsunami.

Compared to before, the area covered by the ink color is undoubtedly larger, but under the blockade of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the ink color cannot expand further.

When the dust settled, Wu Kuang’s voice suddenly rang in the Void, flustered and exasperated: “Dare to shade me! He dare to shade me! I will kill you sooner or later!”

From the standpoint of Wu Kuang, he is indeed yin. Over the years, he has been in charge of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. With the improvement of his own cultivation level, his control has become stronger and stronger, although not as good as Cang. At that time, it was already doing very well.

He monitors the state of inking all the time.

Before today, he was absolutely certain that Mo was still asleep.

But now it seems that he has been overcast by Mo. Mo did not know when he had some other changes and accumulated some strength. Suddenly, he violently attacked Wu Kuang and hit Wu Kuang completely unprepared.

At this time, he can also determine Mo’s state.

When he realized that own was overcast, he thought that Mo had regained consciousness, so he called out the warning to Fu Guang.

But at this moment, judging by various signs, Mo actually did not wake up, or that he did not really wake up.

If the previous Mo was in deep sleep, then Mo is a bit half-dreaming and half-awake at this moment, and it is just an instinct in a misty state to snatch the control of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction with Wu Kuang. reaction.

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