Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 237

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But he also knew that it was absolutely not simple, without any hesitation, the palm of the red light bloomed, and the red light attacked the bud after the black light.

bang! bang! Boom...

The violent explosion sounded constantly, and a cloud of mushrooms rose from the bud.

The buds and black light were all shrouded in the aftermath of the explosion, and the violent shock wave formed a terrifying storm.

In the Formation, the lava filled with strong winds spread all over the ground, the ground was also shaking, and the sky was completely lost.

But when this happened, the energy beam was not affected at all.

Instead, it quickly rises to the sky of several hundred meters high, forming a canopy, which envelops the propped Formation.

"Unsuccessful?" Mephisto's face became serious.

He felt that the danger that oneself foreseeed was even more intense, especially when Formation enveloped oneself, it has even become a life and death threat.

Mephisto raises his own hand and is about to release energy once again to blow up the thing.

He can now be 100% sure that the device is the cause of the sense of crisis, and he must destroy it.

However, as soon as he raised his own hand, before he released the energy, his figure and movements couldn't help but stagnate, and a panic appeared on his face.

Originally, the increase in hell should be infinite power, but after this brief moment suddenly disappeared thoroughly, only the most normal energy is left.

"How come?" Mephisto looked towards the device with incredible eyes.

"Is this the reason why the sense of threat does not happen?"

"You guessed right, this is the reason for your sense of threat, but now you find that all this has been It's late, you're already trapped here!"

Mephisto also knew that Mo Chen was teasing him, but it didn't break, he just needed time.

Although Mephisto also wants to cooperate with Mo Chen, Mo Chen's explanation is really unconcerned.

If the magic of shielding perception was really useful in hell, Mephisto would have died long ago.

"Honestly, I treat you as a fool from the very beginning!" Mo Chen said to Mephisto.


"No need you, you, you, come and fight!"

"You really think you eat Have you ordered me?"

"You have said this sentence several times, but my answer is still the same, I really take you!"

After that, Mo Chen didn't waste any more time and rushed directly to Mephisto.

Mephisto's connection with hell has long since been severed.

Mephisto does not have the ability to temporarily break the device. Mephisto is now a drowning dog.

And now, Mo Chen is also the best time to beat the dog.

Mo Chen's full strength take action, the speed directly breaks through the speed of light, and Mephisto has not been able to avoid it this time.

Being close to Mo Chen with no difficulty, he raised his fist and hit Mephisto.

Mephisto just looks at the speed of Mo Chen and knows that this fist is definitely not simple.

The energy gathered in front of him, and dozens of defensive measures were constructed in a hurry, blocking the necessary route of Mo Chen's fist and Mephisto.

Mo Chen seemed to have not seen this, and continued to rush towards him without changing the speed of his fists.




ka! kr...

A loud noise was accompanied by a sound like a broken egg shell, more than ten Tao's defenses are all broken.

Mo Chen's fist did not stop.

More than ten defensive fists rushed towards Mephisto, and then hit Mephisto's cheek.


A rumbling sound sounded, and Mephisto's whole person turned into a light and shadow, flying backwards at an unknown number of times the speed of sound, and hitting the Formation behind him.

This is not over yet, looking at the silhouette of Mephisto who smashed into Formation.

Mo Chen stomped hard in the air like a step on the air.

Impact is accompanied by the impetus generated by his flying ability, leading his body to fly faster than light.

Before Mephisto's body was about to hit Formation, he appeared behind Mephisto.

I adjusted the angle, facing the ground, and kicked his spine with one leg.

This is a more terrifying super-light-speed kick than a light-speed kick. Mephisto, who was kicked by this leg, disappeared in front of Mo Chen in the blink of an eye.

Mo Chen almost failed to capture his complete silhouette.


A rumbling sound sounded, and a mushroom cloud rose from the ground.

Mephisto collided with the ground, causing a violent impact.

Almost more than the impact caused by a nuclear bomb explosion.

The violent impact rushed to the Formation. Fortunately, Mo Chen was prepared for a long time. The Formation is relatively stable. Otherwise, the impact Formation alone might break.

"Although you cut the connection between me and hell, what do you think this can do to me?"

"You are too naive, I can be hell The king of, the lord of lies, not simply because of the connection between me and hell, I also have the power of oneself!"

Mephisto's voice sounded from the place where the mushroom cloud rises.

Mo Chen moved towards Looking in the direction from which the sound came, the super line of sight was opened, but I happened to see Mephisto floating in the mushroom cloud.

Although he looked very embarrassed because of the obviously terrifying kick.

Half of the body has even disappeared, but the imposing manner of the whole body has no effect.

And this seems to be a terrifying injury, and it is completely recovered between the next two or three breaths, and the injury seems to have not appeared.

"It's like now!" Mephisto said after recovering from his injuries.

After speaking, Mephisto raised his hands, and the palms of his hands, his eyes, and his mouth full of sharp teeth all released scarlet energy beams with rich bloody air.

In a special sound, shoot at Mo Chen!

"Predicted!" Mo Chen spit out these four words, and a Phoenix illusory shadow appeared around his body. The scarlet energy was blocked by the fiery-red energy scattered on the Phoenix illusory shadow, a little bit. Crushed.

Phoenix Force again!

"Did you expect me to use Phoenix Force?"

After stopping all Mephisto attacks, Mo Chen smiled hehe and asked Mephisto.

"Yes!" Mephisto said with a toothache!

He himself is very blessed by heaven and must exist, above Earth.

The first among the second batch of demons, he is unmatched in strength, powerful, and hell has a dimension that complements him.

Usually others envy and hate him, but whoever thinks, sometimes he envy and hate others.

In Mo Chen's body, he saw a lot of things that made him envious and hateful, not to mention the powerful Chaos Magic, super powerful power and so on.

Although cherish it, it is not without it. The key thing is that Mo Chen actually also carries the terrifying power of Phoenix Force.

Phoenix Force’s Infinity energy is one of the supreme abilities, and its length is stronger than any of his abilities.

Treasure more than his hell dimension, how can he not envy and hate.

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