Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 238

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"Since you have thought that I will use Phoenix Force, have you ever thought about how to crack Phoenix Force?"

Mo Chen's face appeared With an inexplicable smile, Phoenix Force vented it unreservedly for the first time.

The Phoenix illusory shadow around Mo Chen seems to have received special traction.

From the original size of a few meters, it continues to become huge, reaching several hundred meters between turns, until the height of the Phoenix illusory shadow cannot be carried by the Formation.

"What do you want to do?" Mephisto said cautiously.

"Didn’t you have guessed it?"


Mephisto wants to say something, just don’t wait for him to finish , On top of the Phoenix illusory shadow around Mo Chen's body.

As if endless fiery-red energy has flowed out from the Phoenix illusory shadow, the mountain cry out and sea howl generally rushed towards Mephisto.

Mo Chen obviously wants to use the endless Phoenix Force to crush Mephisto, leaving Mephisto with nowhere to escape.

Mephisto's face turned green for an instant, and he usually did this, using the power of hell to suppress others, this time he changed.

But it was the same. Mephisto didn't dare to be careless. The power of the whole body gathered together and burst out oneself's strongest attack on Formation.

He wants to open a gap from Formation to charge ahead before Phoenix Force arrives.

A burst of energy full of scents of death, death, darkness, etc. shot out from the hands in front of Mephisto, in the middle of Formation.

For an instant, the surface of Formation looked like a rough sea, tumbling violently, seeming to be broken at any time.

The attack from Mephisto full strength is very strong, and when a planet encounters, it can only smash one path.

However, after encountering such a Formation, it was not able to smash the Formation immediately.

Now Formation just seems to be choppy, but it is still full of resilience, just like an eraser, and it looks like it will break at any time, but it doesn't.

However, this is only temporary. Even tenacious things will have a broken day. The longer you touch, the more dangerous it is. Even more how is Mo Chen's Formation.

For this reason, Mo Chen is not playing, Phoenix Force starts to operate, and the endless Phoenix Force quickly spread to the front of Mephisto.

Then use Phoenix Force to crush Mephisto's body and his power.

Mephisto looked at the Phoenix Force that was approaching constantly, but he didn't dare to take it carelessly, his face changed slightly, and he withdrew the attack released by oneself.

Condense the own energy completely around the own body.

As soon as Mephisto condensed all the power of own around his body, Phoenix Force hit like a wave.

Suddenly he included his whole person and the energy shield.

Mephisto instantly felt a strong and extremely powerful energy and an unusually terrifying crush.

Mephisto only feels that oneself has been thrown into the stone mill, an unstoppable force is constantly squeezing and milling-oneself.

At the speed visible to naked eye, some of his power began to escape from his body, first turning into particles, and then turning into the purest energy to dissipate in the Formation.

Fortunately, he used energy in advance to protect oneself. Otherwise, it is not his energy that has disappeared, but his own body.

By then, he will be dead!

Even if his recovery ability is amazing and powerful, once he is crushed, he will only disappear into a few atoms.

"How long do you think you can stay in Phoenix Force? One second, or one minute?"

Mo Chen controls Phoenix Force to crush Mephisto with his full strength, While asking Mephisto.

In this way, the intention is to shake Mephisto's mind and accelerate the process of Mephisto's obliteration.

It's just that Mo Chen's plot against is still a bit simple for Mephisto, an old monster who has not known how long it has been alive.

Mephisto's face did not change in any way, as if an old monk entered the concentration, and the previous dignified, panic, panic and other emotions were all illusions.

"You have changed a little bit too much for the rabbit!"

Mo Chen burst out with an anger, and the Phoenix Force on his body broke out even more violently.

Phoenix Force, which was supposed to be like a wave, became even more terrifying.

Mephisto originally thought that oneself was like an ordinary person facing the wave.

Now it seems that he is being held down by a big mountain, and he can't breathe under the pressure, almost impossible to move even a little bit, and the power around his body has begun to be quickly wiped out.

Can’t go on like this anymore! After such a sentence came up in Mephisto's heart, his hands were once again placed in front of the owner, and the similar terrorist power exploded again.

Only relative to the previous aiming Formation, this time is aiming at Mo Chen wrapped in Phoenix Force.


A special sound rang, and this terrifying energy also rushed towards Mo Chen.

"Final Struggle!" Phoenix Force began to condense, and Phoenix Force in front of Mo Chen began to become rich.

The energy beam from Mephisto is also affected, the speed is continuously reduced, and the formidable power is constantly weakened.

The energy that should have arrived in front of Mo Chen in an instant, and then injured or even killed Mo Chen, is only ten times the speed of sound near Mo Chen, and it has not even been able to hurt Mo Chen.

"Do you really think so?"

Mephisto's voice suddenly sounded, and Mo Chen's face couldn't help but move. He seemed to have overlooked a very important thing.

"You condense all the Phoenix Forces in front of your own body to resist the rays of destruction that I emit, but do you think you can crush me?"

Mephisto's face A look of sarcasm appeared, and the body suddenly shook, and the Phoenix Force, which had become thinner, was shaken apart.

Mephisto took advantage of the situation to gain freedom and ran towards the device in the very center of Formation with full strength.

"Not good!"

Mo Chen's face showed a touch of anxiety, and quickly wanted to use Phoenix Force to stop Mephisto.

Mephisto has been observing Mo Chen with own perception, watching Mo Chen's anxiety, the sarcasm on his face is more profound, and the corners of his mouth can't stop rising.

I have been suppressed all the time, this time it is finally his turn.

Mephisto looked at the Phoenix Force around him quickly, especially the Phoenix Force that grew stronger in front of him, the last trace of suspicion in his heart disappeared, and the speed was a little faster.


Mephisto, wrapped in energy, directly smashed through the increasingly strong Phoenix Force in front of him. After a few kilometers, he came to the front of the props.

"Wait for you to die!"

Mephisto glanced at Mo Chen, his face was ruthless, without the slightest hesitation, energy brewing from the palm of his own hand.

The palm of the palm was aligned with the only remaining gap in the bud of the wrapping device, bursting out own power.

He studied it carefully, although the device was surrounded by something like a flower bud.

General attacks are useless, but because of the energy beam, there is a gap.

Through this gap, as long as the energy emitted by Mephisto can reach the limit that the device can withstand, the device can be destroyed.

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