Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 240

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"What's going on? Is it Mephisto also something? Or is this dimension starting to have some special reactions because of Mephisto's Death?"

Mo Chen Looking at all the mutations that occurred outside the Formation, muttered to himself.

Mo Chen feels very speechless now, and the cloud of Death looms over his heart, making him unable to calm down at all.

Inexplicably, Mo Chen suddenly remembered the words Mephisto said before his death.

"Is it possible that Mephisto did not die?"

Mo Chen couldn't help being surprised when this thought appeared, but he couldn't help but doubt in his heart.

Reviewing what happened just now, looking for some existing problems.

However, nothing was gained. Mephisto, who was killed by Mo Chen, is not fake in any way.

Mo Chen has seen Mephisto before, there is no difference between the two, there is nothing wrong with it.

Boom ka! Boom ka! Boom ka...

Thinking in Mo Chen's heart, suddenly there was a change in the sky, countless crimson lightning appeared out of thin air, The rumbling sound of one after another broke out, which made Mo Chen couldn't help but look sideways.

"It's getting more and more exaggerated, and even a sense of threat!"

Looking at this outrageous lightning, Mo Chen didn't want to stay in hell any more, he would disappear after a flash In situ.

But at this time, the countless crimson lightning in the sky suddenly struck.

Boom ka! Boom ka! Boom...

Formation was directly torn and destroyed. The powerful lightning smashed everything.

Mo Chen oneself was also affected to a certain extent. Although Formation intercepted a lot of lightning, there were still a lot of lightning strikes, although it did not cause much impact.

Mo Chen gave up and left and started one after another against the lightning in front of him.

"It seems that there is something, or who doesn't want me to go!" Mo Chen looked at the blue and Crimson Lightning in the sky, his face a little dignified.

At this moment, Mo Chen remembered the last sentence left by Mephisto, which now seems to be really problematic!

"But, what is the problem? Mephisto should be dead. Is there something in the middle that I don't know?"

Mo Chen looked back again From what happened just now, this time no longer uses the own perspective, but uses the third-party perspective to start a quick analysis.

From the beginning to the present, there is still no problem, but there is one point that has slightly attracted Mo Chen's attention.

When Mephisto left the last sentence, his expression was a bit wrong, too calm.

The longer the existence, the more fearful of Death, especially the existence of Mephisto who takes pleasure in torturing the soul.

He also worried about whether oneself would be tortured and played by others in the same way after death, and he would definitely struggle in every possible way before Death.

However, this Mephisto Death is too calm, as if he didn't worry about Death.

But if this Mephisto is fake and something is wrong, Mo Chen clearly feels that this Mephisto is no different from the Mephisto he did right until now.

Not everyone can be like Mo Chen, with perfect power, soul fluctuation, breath, fleshy body, etc. are the same.

It seems that this Mephisto is a fake probability and there is almost no probability.

Where did it go wrong? While resisting the almost endless lightning strikes, Mo Chen asked oneself in the heart of the owner.

Suddenly, a flash of light struck Mo Chen's mind like lightning, making Mo Chen's mind unbearable.

"This Mephisto is real, so naturally there is no weak spot, but if it is said that this Mephisto from the very beginning is fake?

I am facing from the Very beginning is an existence similar to Avatar, so can it be explained?"

From the first sight of Mephisto, Mo Chen never doubted the authenticity of Mephisto's identity.

Just preconceived that this is Mephisto. If from the very beginning Mephisto is false, then there is no problem.

"After doing it for a long time, I actually killed a fake Mephisto!" Mo Chen said with a bitter smile speechlessly.

Although all this is just suspicion, there is no sufficient evidence, but in Mo Chen's mind, it has been determined that this is the fact, because only in this way can all the abnormalities be explained.

As for whether it was other means left by Mephisto, Mo Chen really chose not to believe it without the slightest hesitation.

Other methods are not so purposefully directed at oneself, they are clearly controlled by humans.

And the person who can control all of this artificially, except Mephisto, there is no one else.

"Hehe, I really didn't expect such a thing to happen. This is probably the so-called divine ability is not as good as luck!" Mo Chen has some heartless said with a smile.

Strictly speaking, it was a very failure, but Mo Chen really didn't really care.

This is not because Mo Chen is open-minded, but because Mo Chen feels that there is actually nothing at the worst.

Anyway, I killed Mephisto once, what's the harm in killing it again.

Mo Chen can kill him once, and he can kill him a second time.

"Mephisto, I know you are not dead, come out! Don't tell me, after being killed by me once, you don't even have the courage to face me!" Mo Chen shouted to the sky .

As Mo Chen's shout rang, the crimson thunder and lightning in the sky suddenly stopped.

The emotions of the people who control them have changed dramatically in this brief moment.

After that, crimson's lightning did not strike again, but continued to brew in the sky.

The constant influence between each other outlines a human face in the sky. What Mo Chen sees is truly the face of Mephisto.

Looking at Mephisto appearing in this way, there was an irresistible laugh, and the last trace of doubt in my heart completely dissipated.

Why does Mephisto appear in this way?

Fun? Of course not, it's all because he was scared! That's right, I'm afraid!

It's not someone else who is afraid, it is Mo Chen, the guy who killed his Avatar.

In this way, Mo Chen can calculate some important things.

For example, his Avatar, which was killed by Mo Chen, is not simple. This Avatar has at least 70% or more of his strength.

This Avatar was killed by Mo Chen, which showed him how powerful Mo Chen was. He knew that once oneself was plotted against, it might not be Mo Chen's opponent, so he did not dare to appear.

Mo Chen feels helpless if he thinks so.

It is not Mo Chen that should be afraid of now, but Mephisto. It is precisely because of Mephisto that you are afraid that he did not appear?

"You are really a coward, so you dare not show up?" Mo Chen said to the face made of crimson lightning above the sky.

"You are too mad!"

In the sky's face and mouth kept opening and closing, completely contrary to common sense, making a sound, which was passed into Mo Chen's ears.

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