Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 241

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"I’m crazy? It’s better to say that you are timid! Come out if you have yourself! What does it mean to hide in a corner and manipulate all of this? Stand up freely, Let’s fight, don’t let me look down on you!"

"hmph, do you think I will be aroused by this Low Level agitation method?"

The words of the giant face are There is nothing wrong with saying this, but the voice has risen uncontrollably by an octave.

"If you are really not timid, then what's the point of being excited? Don't make excuses for your timidity, you are just a shy tortoise!"


"Oh, forget, you are a devil. It is a bit inappropriate to use the turtle bastard to describe it. It should be described as the most inferior and timidest in hell, you It’s just a timid coward, how about it, isn’t it a good description?"

"You are courting death!"

The sound from the giant face is again It was a few octaves higher, and it even turned into a roar.

With his roar, Mephisto did not appear.

But the calming thunder and lightning in the sky is shining again.

The lightning that condensed the Mephisto body and the power of hell smashed in the air, like a rain curtain, filling the entire screen.

Mo Chen looked at all of this, and it was so good that a Phoenix illusory shadow with a height of 100 meters appeared directly, and the endless Phoenix Force rushed to the lightning that struck in the sky like a rain curtain.

In a flash, Phoenix Force collided with the rain-like lightning, and a violent reaction erupted.

Every minute and every second, countless lightning is crushed into the most primordial energy.

Similarly, the Phoenix Force, which was unfamiliar, was consumed, and the first collision of two infinite forces occurred.

"jié jié jié, you actually tried to use Phoenix Force to fight my lightning rain. My lightning rain depends on the energy support of the entire hell dimension. What about your Phoenix Force? Do you think your mental How long can energy last? Phoenix Force is endless, your mental energy is not!"

Looking at the behavior of Mo Chen overestimate one's capabilities, the giant face said with a smile.

He can almost see the scene where Mo Chen's mental energy is exhausted and finally completely dead in his hands.

When the giant face said and thought so, Mo Chen couldn't help but raised his eyebrows. This was actually what he was worried about.

Phoenix Force is endless, but his mental energy is not. Although he does not know when his mental energy will be used up, there is always a moment when he cannot use Phoenix Force.

But for the time being, it can only do this, not to mention lightning like rain, swiftness and formidable power, almost full screen coverage, he simply doesn't have time to arrange it, and can only hold it like this first.

Wait for the next arrangement to be completed, don’t worry about it anymore.

"Speak! Why don't you talk?"

Looking at the silent Mo Chen, the giant face in the sky felt wrong instinctively, and asked.

Because the props have not been destroyed so far, Mo Chen is standing under the scope of the device again.

Mephisto simply doesn't know if Mo Chen did something, it can only make such a test.

"What do you want me to say?" Mo Chen said to the huge face in the sky.

"What did you do?" The giant face said cautiously.

"You don't know if you look at it!"

Mo Chen tone barely fell, a horrible magic power on his body began to erupt with full strength.

Even a magical smoke formed around his body

. The giant face wants to stop, but the Phoenix Force around Mo Chen's body is not a good breakthrough.

All the means of blocking, Mo Chen was blocked by Mo Chen's Phoenix Force before Mo Chen, and the magic power around Mo Chen's body was still erupting.

For a while, Mo Chen's magic power seemed to be finally brewing enough, and the vigorous magic power was instantly restrained.

The giant face only had time to show a terrible expression, and then I saw a magic array with a diameter of tens of thousands of kilometers hanging high in the sky.

Before Mephisto had time to stop the magic array, he saw the magic array burst out with a bright radiance.

A jet of water with a diameter of tens of thousands of kilometers jets down from the magic array.

There is a cloud in the ancient poem: Flying straight down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls to Nine Heavens!

This poem is used to describe the huge drop of the waterfall, like the Milky Way above Nine Heavens falling from the sky.

Using a very exaggerated rhetoric to describe.

But if this poem is used to describe the current scene, it is no longer an exaggeration, but a fact.

A water column with a diameter of tens of thousands of kilometers fell from the sky, and the horror of the water volume was extremely close to the ancients, the moment it hit the ground.

Within hundreds of thousands of kilometers, everything is flooded by this terrifying current.

All objects within hundreds of thousands of kilometers, whether they are demons or the mountains in hell, are all crushed into powder.

The soul flew away and scattered because of the violent energy shock!

In just a few seconds, within a range of several millions of kilometers centered on the magic array.

The land is completely transformed into the country of Zee, and this land of Zee is still expanding with the ebbing of time.

The devil bows his head and the soul wailes!

If you say also, who can be preserved under this terrifying water column.

Then use Phoenix Force protector owner Mo Chen and this dimension owner Mephisto.

The water flow caused by the terrifying water column simply didn't hurt two people, and the two people were still fighting in the water.

However, for this, Mephisto is happy to see it happen.

Although he doesn't know what Mo Chen is doing, it is more beneficial to him now.

Mo Chen is now surrounded by turbulent water that can push mountains and columns.

On the one hand, he has to withstand the lightning attack from him, and on the other hand, he has to withstand the terrifying impact and pressure from the water.

Everything is in his favor! As for that, the current conduction weakened his lightning to a certain extent.

He didn't care at all, the weakened current flowed to all directions of Mo Chen's body.

Mo Chen has to spend a full range of protection capabilities of Phoenix Force components, which is still advantageous no matter how you look at it.

Under such circumstances, even if Mo Chen really had a conspiracy, Mephisto didn't want to just give up such an opportunity.

None of the two broke the current situation, and this situation has continued for a long time.

It was not the end until the water flow almost spread to half of hell.

The terrifying current instantly twisted the canopy used to cut the connection. Although it has not been completely broken, it is no longer the same.

Mephisto instinctively felt something was wrong, but he did not miss this opportunity.

Using own full strength to launch oneself, constantly calling oneself and the power of hell to condense the lightning, which struck Mo Chen.

The lightning at this time is more dense, as if they are connected together, forming a terrifying lightning pillar, which plunges directly into the bottom of the water.

Mephisto believes very much that after this blow, Mo Chen will undoubtedly die, and there is no more suspense at all.

Mephisto is even ready to leave. However, at this moment, Mephisto suddenly discovered something wrong.

Splitting such a terrifying lightning, not to mention evaporating all the water.

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