Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 242

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But it should be a little loud, but the problem is that there is nothing, except for the turbulent water surface, there is no abnormality.

"How is it possible?"

The giant face under Mephisto's control just made such a sound, and the turbulent water in front of him suddenly released a dazzling rays of light.

In front of the giant face he controlled, the water surface suddenly separated, and a silhouette was pushed up in front of him by a jet of water.

This person is not Mo Chen, who else can he be?

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?"

"It's a pity that I didn't die! So here comes the question, young Mephisto, what you fell is this golden lightning Or this silver lightning? Or this crimson lightning?"

Mo Chen's body was supported by a surging water column, floating quietly on the surface of the water.

Place your hands on the front of the owner's body, palms facing up, and three-color lightning bolts of gold, silver and red are displayed on it.

Its shape is exactly the shape of the lightning bolt struck by the giant face controlled by Mephisto.

It's just that it's now miniature, and it's placed on Mo Chen's palms by a special force, like a display of goods.

However, Mephisto doesn't dare to really think so.

From the three miniature lightning pillars, he clearly felt the breath of own power and the horrible energy fluctuations.

Although the appearance is somewhat different, there is no difference in its essence.

Mephisto knows this very well, and there will be no mistakes.

But when he tried to control the three lightning bolts erupting from Mo Chen's hands.

He was shocked to discover that there were no signs of control.

It is as if the breath and horrible fluctuations on these three lightning bolts are all fake.

Mephisto felt a sense of crisis unconsciously.

"How is this possible?"

In a corner where the currents of hell did not reach, Mephisto's body is staying here.

He was full of disbelief, as if he had seen something beyond his expectations.

"Obviously it is my power, but it is not under my control, is it possible that this is Mo Chen's conspiracy? He did so much for this?"

Although it only took a while, many thoughts flashed through Mephisto's mind.

In the end, Mephisto was fortunate to choose to ignore it and control the giant face's explosive attack again.

Regardless of whether the power belongs to oneself or not, but after experiencing a strong attack, he still does not believe that it will not explode!

Thinking about it this way, a terrifying lightning rain broke out again where Mo Chen was.

Lightning fell like a single point, and bursts of popping sound erupted above the water surface, especially above the water surface near Mo Chen.

However, Mo Chen stood on the water like a phantom.

Even if he didn't dodge or evade, a lightning strike could not strike Mo Chen.

All the lightning entered the water, rippling layers of ripples, and there was nothing left.

When all the lightning strikes down, everything is as if everything has happened to you.

Mo Chen is still intact on the surface of the water by the water column, everything that happened before is like an illusion.

"How is it possible?"

History is always surprisingly similar, and Mephisto burst out the same voice again.

"Is it possible that it's all because of this water? But the effectiveness of this water isn't this too ridiculous?"

Mephisto's voice sounded in the sky, and the words It's incredible.

"That's because you didn't see it!" Mo Chen stood above the water and said with a smile.

The power Mo Chen uses now is one of Chaos Magic.

Now it is not Mo Chen that should be scrupulous, but Mephisto with a face full of disbelief.

"Mephisto, which of these three lightning bolts did you fall?"

Mo Chen asked Mephisto again.

"Are you taunting me?"

"Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taunting, I’m just asking, because I’m choosing phobia and I’m a little confused I'm entangled with which one to kill you!"

Mo Chen teased Mephisto.


Mephisto wanted to say something, but just waiting for him to say the first word, Mo Chen interrupted him.

Mo Chen is very clear that Mephisto is destined to say nothing good.

Don't let him say it at all, oneself made a choice, grabbed the lightning in his hand, and threw it out.

Three lightnings, following three directions, broke out of Mo Chen's hands.

It was the moment when the three lightning bolts were released from Mo Chen.

The three lightnings are finally not limited to the control of Mo Chen's power.

In the process of super-light speed, it is constantly enlarged and gradually becomes its original size.

The three lightning storms of gold, silver and red pour down into the hell that has not been touched by the currents.

Mephisto's face also couldn't help but change. Coincidentally, Mephisto's body actually fell on the spot of silver lightning.

Once the silver lightning falls, the Mephisto body may not be able to be preserved intact.

Hell's current power is all concentrated by him to the giant face here, used to deal with Mo Chen.

In addition to being cut off by Mo Chen, a very important source Avatar, Mephisto can be said to be abnormally weak at this time.


Mephisto quickly began to reclaim his own power, and his huge face disappeared.

Mo Chen saw the huge face disappear, he guessed the reason after thinking about it, and did not stay in place.

Sink to the bottom, use the power of oneself river god and Poseidon, and use the water escape to appear in the place closest to the three lightning strikes.

Observing the three landing points, I plan to find signs of Mephisto's resistance to lightning.

Under the gaze of Mo Chen, the three-color lightning storm fell on three parts of hell that were not affected by the current, and a violent lightning storm broke out.

In an instant, at the point of the three-color lightning, three terrifying mushroom clouds rose.

The half of the hell that was not touched by the current, one percent of the place was covered by the mushroom cloud and the arc around the mushroom cloud.

All the demons and souls in it are completely destroyed, the earth fissures, all the mountains are smoothed, and the earth is milled.

In the center of the explosion, three bottomless pits with a depth of tens of thousands of meters and a width of tens of thousands of kilometers appeared on the spot.

After that, dense electric arcs and terrifying shock waves wrapped the soil layer and continued to spread to the surroundings.

In just a few seconds, it spread to several times the size.

Before the demons and ghosts have time to escape, they are directly gasified, and those who die cannot die again.

However, these are not the main points, nor did they get Mo Chen's attention. Now all of Mo Chen's attention is in the exploding spot.

Perception and full strength of super vision are launched to look for the silhouette of Mephisto among them.

Before the explosion, it might have been a little difficult, but now it is very easy.

As long as there is any strange breath or alive existence in the three lightning bolts, then it is where Mephisto is.

Mo Chen's perception and vision quickly passed the golden lightning storm, and there was no problem here.

The silver lightning storm became the next place for Mo Chen to explore.

Just when Mo Chen's perception and vision fell here, a strange breath and a slightly fuzzy silhouette appeared in Mo Chen's eyes.

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