Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 243

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This silhouette was in the center of lightning, but it was strangely without any casualties.

Needless to say, he is the target of Mo Chen, Mephisto!

Looking at him, Mo Chen didn't hesitate to use his mind power directly.

As soon as he raised his hand, the water behind him immediately set off a huge wave of several kilometers, rushing towards Mephisto with an unstoppable force.

This is the power of Mo Chen's mind. It doesn't need mental energy or other energy-like things.

The power of thought is strong enough, a single thought can control what you want to control.

Everything is simpler. The reason why Mo Chen is able to attract so much water is that his mind power has also played a huge role.

The thousands of meters high heaven overflowing giant wave is destined to be very eye-catching, even if it is far away, you can see a long silver white line.

Mephisto, who avoided the silver lightning storm, saw it at first glance.

Because of his strong perception ability, he also saw Mo Chen standing on top of the huge waves, almost invisible to the small ones.

"Sure enough, I still found where I am. Now it seems that I can only use a frontal confrontation!"

After leaving such a sentence, Mephisto raised his right hand as a sword Finger-like, a gray ray was emitted toward the direction where Mo Chen was.

"Death ray!"

The ray carried a strong breath of Death. As soon as it was shot from Mephisto's finger, it immediately broke through the speed of light, and the target was pointed at Mo Chen.

A few seconds later, Mo Chen ushered in this gray ray...

At the moment, Mo Chen raised his own right hand and blocked the ray.

clang! Although the rays quickly disappeared from the body, a sound like a metal collision also sounded from the place where the rays collided with Mo Chen's palm.

"You actually want to kill me like this? Mephisto, don't you think it is too simple?"

Mo Chen said deliberately sarcastically to Mephisto.

Mephisto seems to have been agitated by Mo Chen, countless gray rays are emitted from Mephisto's hands, rushing towards Mo Chen from all directions.

Death ray is a deadly attack method. This is the Death ray from all directions.

Needless to say that you hit Mo Chen all, you only need to hit Mo Chen together to kill Mo Chen.

Mephisto is also accurate at this point, so it emits so many Death rays.

Mo Chen in this brief moment did not worry too much.

Looking at the death rays rushing, the waves under Mo Chen's feet suddenly rose, enveloping Mo Chen.

"Do you think this is useful? Too god..."

Mephisto looked at Mo Chen, and the boss couldn’t help but open his mouth before he finished speaking. The next words can't be said anymore.

He saw all the Death rays he fired entering that layer of water that seemed to be no more than a few meters deep.

I was surrendered by a special force, and all the Death rays entered Mo Chen's hands like neatly arranged soldiers.

"Young Mephisto Yo! Did you lose this golden Death ray? Or silver Death ray? Or these ordinary Death rays?"

Following, Chaos The three-color Death rays of gold, silver and gray displayed by Magic hit Mephisto faster, and the number has tripled.

Mephisto: "..."

History has repeated once again!

Faced with the three-color death ray of gold, silver and gray, Mephisto was speechless for a moment, and a special thought arose in his mind inexplicably.

Who bypassed the sky!

At the moment, I didn't dare to be careless. With a wave of his arm, two black barriers exuding pure evil power were created around the owner.

"The shelter of the dark!" The death rays of gold, silver and gray are one after another.

Like Ruyan throwing into the forest, shooting into the barrier of black, crushed by the pure evil power in it, and disappeared into the invisible.

Mo Chen had already expected it and didn't care about it. The heaven overflowing giant wave at his feet rushed towards Mephisto without a single pause.

Looking at the constantly rushing waves and Mo Chen, Mephisto said that he was not worried that it was completely fake.

Mo Chen's Chaos Magic is so weird, he is not at all relieved.

"If you attack, you will inevitably be absorbed, and then copy the gold and silver attack, then you can no longer attack Mo Chen casually."

"It should be Turn to the approaching river in front of you!"

"Mo Chen's mental energy has been exhausted, as long as the river is solved, Mo Chen will definitely die!"

As a result, Mephisto also launched an action.

"Dimensional crack!"

I saw a strong Spiritual Fluctuation suddenly burst out around Mephisto's body.

At the source of the river controlled by Mo Chen, a Space Crack about tens of thousands of meters long appeared out of thin air.

Space Crack connects a barren space. As soon as it appears, it immediately produces a huge suction.

The water flow above it is constantly absorbed at an abnormally terrifying speed, and flows into that barren space.

Feeling the disappearance of the water, Mo Chen couldn't help but stop.

The mind flickered, and all the currents waved under the control of Mo Chen.

With Space Crack as the center, four huge waves have risen. All currents are going backwards.

After a little stalemate with the suction of Space Crack, it flows away.

"What do you also mean?" Mo Chen said to Mephisto from the air.

Although Space Crack is big, it is because Mo Chen is fast enough.

Simply not much water is sucked away, everything is under control.


As if to verify Mephisto's words, the moment Mephisto's words fell.

The sky suddenly changed again, the dark sky suddenly became bright, and a crimson light spot appeared in front of Mo Chen from small to large.

The temperature in the air continues to rise, and the light spot becomes a luminous body like the sun, exuding hot temperature.

For an instant, the water flow controlled by Mo Chen burst out of thin air, and it boiled!

Water vapor also rises from the endless water surface. Half of the hell area is filled with water vapor, just like the vague Immortal Realm.

Mephisto wants to cook Mo Chen's river and let Mo Chen's thought power disappear.

He is also very clear that general methods are useless. This kind of indiscriminate attack is only useful. It cannot be evaded or evaded.

Even if Mo Chen wants to control the flow of water to avoid, but under the premise that hell is such a scorching sun, it is of no use. It is the same wherever he hides.

That is to say, some of the demons and ghosts that survived in hell were not killed by Mo Chen, but by their prince.

This kind of heat of burning mountains and boiling the sea, even these demons and ghosts can't bear it, it is extremely terrifying.

Seeing that the only demons left have gone ninety-nine percent.

This is destined to be a sad story!

However, this has nothing to do with Mo Chen. His current attention is all on the water flow controlled by oneself mind.

The power of Mephisto's control is strong enough, and the heat is high enough.

As soon as the water flow dropped by one-thousandth, Mo Chen had to pay attention.

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