Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 244

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Mephisto only thought of evaporating the river and letting it dry up.

But I have never thought about whether the water flow turns into fog or water, which is still under the control of Mo Chen's power.

Water has three forms, solid, liquid and gaseous!

Liquid water Mo Chen can be controlled, as well as gaseous water.

Even the gaseous ones are easier to control and make better use.

Looking at the white water vapor in the sky, Mo Chen raised a strong smile at the corner of his mouth, controlling the water vapor to flow towards Mephisto.


Mephisto is immersed in the joy of evaporating Mo Chen's water.

Suddenly I found the water vapor flying under the control of Mo Chen, the joy stagnated, and the complexion became ugly.

"What's the matter?"

"Have you never gone to school? You don't even know that water vapor is water!"

While speaking, the water vapor controlled by Mo Chen has approached Mephisto.

The accumulation above Mephisto's head became a thick white cloud, which became a rare bright color in the monotonous hell.

However, in the face of this bright color, Mephisto does not have any sense of brightness.

Rather, after a frown, a gale was evoked, blowing towards the white clouds in the sky.

It’s just that it’s too late to do this now!

Da! despair! Da...

As if it were a message, a dī dī raindrop fell on the dry ground beside Mephisto.


Mephisto raised a hand and said suspiciously.

"No, it's a waterfall!"

Mo Chen’s tone barely fell, and the falling drops of water in the sky suddenly happened with Heaven and Earth turning upside down. Variety.

First connected into lines, then gradually connected into faces, and finally incarnate into a galaxy that seems to have descended from the sky.

Standing under the white clouds, Mephisto was the first to suffer and was hit by the terrifying water volume of the galaxy.

"It's just right!"

Seeing this scene, Mo Chen couldn't help saying with a smile.

"Just right? What do you mean?"

"It doesn't mean anything, I just want to ask you, do you forget that anything falling into the river under my control will be My Chaos Magic copied it!"

Mephisto's face changed immediately, and a terrifying force burst out around his body, trying to push all the water away.

"It's late!"

Mephisto heard Mo Chen's late sound, but his heart jumped.

Sure enough, he felt a very strong suction, and his body would fly towards Mo Chen's place uncontrollably.

Mephisto has seen this situation before, just like his Death ray.

All will fly to Mo Chen's palm, controlled by Mo Chen, and then copy things in gold and silver.

Mephisto is not sure if oneself will be copied.

I didn't have the guts to try it either. After his face sank slightly, he gathered up all his strength and began to resist the suction.

At the same time, the eruption around the body once again wants to let oneself escape the range of the water flow under the control of Mo Chen.

However, all this is not as simple as imagined.

The suction on Mephisto's body is like a maggot into the bones, unable to avoid it, unable to break free, Mephisto's full strength can only be stalemate because of reluctance.

"It's weird why?"

Just when Mephisto and the suction were at a stalemate, Mo Chen said.

Although Mephisto was on the surface quietly, he couldn't help but prick up his ears secretly!

"Actually, I am even more weird. I didn't expect you to have the power to resist before such a huge force!"

This powerful suction comes from the control of Mo Chen The power of Chaos Magic.

When using it, Mo Chen is the god, the unique and powerful existence.

He can do whatever oneself wants to do according to the power of Chaos Magic he controls.

This time I took advantage of this power to catch Mephisto!

The seemingly unremarkable suction power is already the power increase that Mo Chen controls by the terrifying water volume of half hell.

In other words, Mephisto used half of the power of hell and still failed to do anything to Mephisto.

Mephisto has the power of a whole hell, but these powers are more of energy. The energy of the fleshy body can reach this level, it is really too exaggerated.

It is estimated that the power alone is almost the same as Mo Chen's power.

"You are really extraordinary!"

After taking a deep look at Mephisto, Mo Chen said to Mephisto.

"This is natural!"

Mephisto's body suddenly shook, and a flame of arrogance erupted from his not particularly tall body.

A gray and black air wave pushed away all the water falling from Nine Heavens around him.

"Don't you want to copy me!"

After leaving such a sentence, Mephisto immediately rose from the ground to get rid of Mo Chen's control.

Mephisto's body keeps rushing upwards, and the weight of the water falling from Nine Heavens is like a trickle to him.

Seeing that he is about to rush to the apex of the current, and he is about to regain his freedom.

The thousands of meters high wave under the control of Mo Chen finally arrived smoothly and slapped Mephisto, who was about to rush out, with an unstoppable momentum.


With a loud noise, a huge wave hit Mephisto's body.

Mephisto hasn't had time to do anything, the whole person is like a depth bomb, smashing into the deeper water.

Because of his terrifying speed, above the bottom of the water, there even appeared a hole with an oblique length of unknown meters.

All the water is compressed all around, similar to a straw.


Finally, Mephisto passed through the heavy currents and smashed into the soil at the bottom of the water. The earthquake trembled. One after another, a cobweb-like crack appeared at the bottom of the water.

Mephisto himself was also driven into the soil.

"Everyone says that fire and water are ruthless, but now I see that the ancients do not deceive me, they are really ruthless!"

Mo Chen did not let go of the opportunity to beat the dog in the water , Controlling a stream of water, blasted towards Mephisto who was driven into the soil.

Mephisto is not stupid, looking at the stream of lasing water, there is no meaning to force resistance.

Lying in the soil layer, with both hands together, the soil layer around the channel that was knocked out by oneself and I don't know how many meters deep is joined together, blocking the water flow.

The rushing water collided with the soil layer, and a roar broke out at the bottom of the water.

The bottom of the water is turbulent and undercurrents are surging. Mo Chen has been paying attention to these, watching Mephisto hide in the soil.

When coward's face is not good-looking, it is full of fear.

Mephisto in the soil is consistent with the situation where he is not in the hell area controlled by water.

Already not in Mo Chen's control range, which means that Mephisto once again has the power to oppose Mo Chen.

"The water is released!"

Mo Chen's face showed a helpless expression, but the current under control was even more turbulent.

The soil layer is constantly being overturned, and the flow of the water is abnormally turbid, making it difficult to see what the result will be.

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