Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 245

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This situation lasted for a long time, and the sound of a loud roar was the end.

The giant roar erupted from the bottom of the soil, forming a terrifying sound wave, generating powerful kinetic energy.

The water flow under the control of Mo Chen's mind force was almost out of control, out of Mo Chen's control.

Mo Chen quickly moved towards the direction where the sound came from, and his super vision opened.

But I saw a mountain exuding a scorching heat, with a hot lava rising from the ground, and rushing towards the direction of Mo Chen.

The clumsy body did not bring it clumsy speed, the speed is far beyond Mo Chen's imagination!

Mo Chen moved several kilometers to the left under the impetus of the current to avoid this rising mountain.

However, it is not waiting for Mo Chen to say that another mountain rises from the ground. Although it is not targeted at Mo Chen, Mo Chen will eventually be hit if he does not hide.

Mo Chen had to hide again, but then Mephisto seemed addicted to playing.

Three more mountains rose from the ground, and the five mountains formed a half circle.

"Wait, why does it feel a bit wrong?"

Mo Chen's face turned a little speechless, his eyes shifted, and looked towards the place below the five mountains.

In an instant, Mo Chen's face changed a bit!

I just wanted to leave, but it was too late. The five mountains suddenly bend, and the moved towards Mo Chen squeezed over.

Five mountains, each of them thousands of meters high, the five mountains bend at the same time, forming a shadow, covering the heavens, shielding the sun!

Of course, this is actually not the reason for Mo Chen's surprise. Mo Chen's discoloration originated from something below.

Below the five mountains is a rock layer that does not know how thick it is, and below it is a jade pillar that is thick and does not know how many meters long.

And not far from here, there is a one by one body that is huge and does not know how many kilometers.

The five mountains are simply not so-called mountains. They are clearly five fingers, but these five fingers are really too thick and too big.

So much so that Mo Chen didn't immediately notice that Mephisto had spent such a short time underground.

Using the soil, rocks, lava, etc. in the hell dimension, a huge lava giant like a planet was created.

For those mountain attacks and huge roars just now, it was simply not an attack, but the lava giant stretched his body under the control of Mephisto.

Mo Chen was also surprised!

Compared with the giant of Mephisto, Mo Chen's water flow is like a small stream.

"Can't let it stand up so easily!"

Leave a sentence, Mo Chen controls the flow of water that owns can control to form one after another chain, drilling through the soil Layers and rocks.

Then we will tie up the giant made by Mephisto.

The chain of one after another is tied to the body of the giant lava made by Mephisto.

The water flow collided with the lava, and there was a loud noise.

Countless white water vapor rises from the bottom of the water, forming bubbles one by one, making the water flow like being boiled again.

"It's useless!"

Under Mo Chen's sight, the lava giants controlled by Mephisto spit out these three words.

Then the lava giant began to break free from the ground.

The current chain made by Mo Chen in this brief moment seems to be a joke.

The densely packed water flow chains are just like paper paste, one by one, they are broken and turned into water flow and scattered!

With a sound of collision, the giant lava controlled by Mephisto stood up completely from the ground, revealing its complete posture.

This lava giant is really the size of a planet, how many kilometers high, standing above the ground, the water flow controlled by Mo Chen is just a small stream.

Mo Chen stood on top of the water, watching the scene in front of him.

In the face of such a big terrifying enemy, his current can play a very small role.

Mephisto guessed this too, so he made such a giant.

"Fortunately, I do not only rely on my water flow! And my mental energy will be fine for a while!"

After Mo Chen said such a sentence, But there is nothing more to say.

Controlling the flow of water with mind force, holding up oneself, and quickly came to the eyes of the giant Lava under the control of Mephisto.

"Mo Chen, I want you to die!" Mephisto controlled the lava and the giant also saw Mo Chen.

After saying this, a lava-wrapped arm suddenly lifted up and immediately hit Mo Chen.

The arm of the giant Lava under Mephisto's control is not so big, and so is the fist.

Mo Chen facing it is worse than ant facing elephant.

But even in the face of such a fist, Mo Chen didn't mean anything to persuade him.

He also raised an arm, and hit this severely disproportionate fist with his fist.

Fighting strength, Mo Chen really hasn’t been afraid of anyone!


A rumbling sound rang, and Mo Chen's fist collided with the fist of the lava giant.

Wind pressure collides with wind pressure, fist strength and fist strength collide, and a terrifying shock wave is emitted from the place where the two fists collide.

A terrifying storm struck, and the only remaining white clouds in the sky were completely blown away.

The place where the two fists collided was also suffered because of this. The colliding fist winds canceled each other out and merged with each other to form a strong wind pressure.

This wind pressure is no less than a wind blade, leaving a deep gap in the soil directly below.

The two sides of the gap are smooth, just like two mirrors.

The fist wind passed, and the giant lava under Mephisto's control stepped back, but Mo Chen's body remained motionless.

Complete judgment!

"How is my power?"

"Really? But you think my puppet has only these powers? You are too naive!"

Mephisto's voice suddenly came from the body of the giant lava, the voice neither fast nor slow, there is no sense of anxiety at all.

After hearing this voice, Mo Chen couldn't help muttering a few words, and when Mo Chen was muttering, Mephisto's voice appeared again.

"You forgot, this is hell, I haven't increased my strength yet!"

With this voice, the lava giant burst out loudly again.

After this sound, a sound of ka ka erupted from the lava giant, as if a human being stretched its own muscles and bones.

Countless broken stones fell, the lava giant became more perfect, the rough body became exquisite, and even finally there was a trace of flesh and blood.

At this time, Mo Chen also clearly felt some changes.

"It's really troublesome. I don't know how long this battle will take!"

"Then you can just let me kill it. In this case, the fight between us The battle can also be over!"

"Then why didn't you let me kill?"

"Because you can't kill me, although from the very beginning it is like you Is gaining the upper hand."

"But it was only caused by your use of some special abilities. In terms of fundamental power, I am truly powerful. If it weren't for your abilities, you would have died early. !" Mephisto said again.

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