Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 246

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The words are not rough, but what Mephisto said is correct. In terms of certain abilities alone, oneself really cannot abuse him.

"The words are right, but my ability is strong enough, what can you do to me?" Mo Chen choked to Mephisto.

"How? Of course it killed you!"

After Mephisto's voice, the lava giant under his control threw a punch again.

In the face of this fist, Mo Chen got serious, and Mo Chen's fist suddenly came out!

Boom! Mo Chen's fist came out, and a bright radiance flashed past, and the fist collided with the fist of the lava giant.

Time stagnated in this brief moment, Lava giant's fist stopped under the power of Mo Chen's fist, and he could no longer advance.

bang! bang! Boom...

A rumbling sound suddenly broke out, and the fist of the lava giant began to disintegrate from the place where he touched the villain.

The lava cools down, and the fist, forearm, and forearm are directly disintegrated, turning into fist sized stones and falling to the ground.

"How is it possible? How could your power increase so much out of thin air?"

Mephisto looked at the broken arm of the giant Lava, and said in disbelief.

"Because I didn't take it seriously before, now is my real strength!"

"Do you know why I have to tell you so much?"


"Because I have used the power I don't want to use, I am already strong enough to kill you!"

Mo Chen feels oneself The original strength of the body said to Mephisto.

Mo Chen felt the power in oneself's body at this time, and actually found that oneself was already strong enough to kill Mephisto, as long as he was serious.

"Take it to death!"

"Since you are serious, let's kill him first!"

Mephisto was also surprised. The other palm of the horror was opened, and one palm slapped the rushing Mo Chen.

It's just that no matter how fast the palm he shoots, he is not Mo Chen's opponent after all.

Time has no meaning in the eyes of Mo Chen at this moment.

even more how is the unpleasant palm of the lava giant controlled by Mephisto.

Mo Chen speeded up casually in the air, and immediately passed the huge palm of the giant lava to reach the wrist of the giant lava, and then hit it with a small punch.


As if a nuclear bomb exploded, Lava giant's wrist was directly interrupted by Mo Chen's fist, and Lava giant's huge palm fell directly.

The arm was also affected by Mo Chen's terrifying power, and he followed in the footsteps of the previous arm.

Stones the size of human heads fell on the ground.

"You said, where should I interrupt you?"

"Don't be too arrogant, I won't be killed by you so simply!"

"Really? Then give it a try and see! Next I will blow your head!"

After Mo Chen finished speaking, he rushed directly to Mephisto control The lava giant under, this time his target is the head of the lava giant.

As Mo Chen said, he shattered the head of the giant Lava controlled by Mephisto this time.

Mephisto still wants to make the final resistance, but he has no way to do it.

The lava giant with broken arms simply has no strength to resist.


Without any suspense, Mo Chen’s fist collided with the head of the giant lava, and the head of the giant lava was directly shattered.

"I have broken the head of the lava giant, then you are the next one! Mephisto, how long do you think you can hold on to my fist?"

Mo Chen I asked Mephisto such a question.

"It's okay to hold on to kill you!" Mephisto said stiffly.


"Of course!"

Mo Chen laughed indifferent expression, once again turned into a rays of light, To the position of the heart controlled by Mephisto.

Under Mo Chen's eyes, there is no secret.

Mephisto is hiding in the body of the giant Lava.

Now, Mephisto has long known that it is impossible to deceive Mo Chen, and there is no surprise.

While Mo Chen is solemn, he is also ready to fight him.

Mephisto looked at the rushing rays of light, the full strength from hell was activated.

On the body of the lava giant controlled by Mephisto, one after another black energy emerges.

The lava hung on the body of the giant lava he controlled burst out of special power under the use of these black auras.

The lava turned into one after another black air-wrapped tentacles, drawing towards Mo Chen's place.

Mo Chen can feel the smell of decay from the black air even without careful perception.

Once you are hit, it will be corroded. This kind of corrosion is not ordinary corrosion.

If a diamond is hit here, it will only be corroded.

Looking at these tentacles, Mo Chen didn't care. For him, these tentacles were of no use.

Mo Chen went on to rush towards Mephisto without changing the situation, completely ignoring the tentacles that Mephisto had made.

Mo Chen approached these tentacles, yet he hadn't shown anything special, and he didn't even use his hands.

The dazzling power and black energy immediately disintegrated, and the tentacles were also crushed by the impact brought by Mo Chen's speed.

Before Mephisto had time to escape, Mo Chen had already broken through the blockade of the tentacles and rushed into the body of the giant lava.

Part of the body of the lava giant is made up of lava, which is extremely hot, and all lava flowing inside.

Although Mo Chen was not affected by lava, he clearly felt the changes in the surrounding temperature.

And the more you go to the middle, the higher the temperature, which seems to be Mephisto's means to stop Mo Chen.

It's just that this power is obviously useless...

Mo Chen finally came to Mephisto smoothly.

For the first time, I really saw the ontology of Mephisto with my own eyes!

"long time no see …No, it should be the first meeting, the real meeting, after all, what we saw before is not the body!"

The eyes of red rays of light bloom through oneself , Mo Chen said to Mephisto.

Mo Chen's eyes can be seen more real because of the purity of bloodline. All the falsehoods have been concealed from him, and it can be seen that this is indeed the ontology.

"Is it useful to say so much? die for me!"

Standing in front of Mo Chen under Mephisto's control, his hand suddenly raised, a crimson's rays of light came from Mephisto drilled out of his hand and shot towards Mo Chen.

As soon as the rays of light drilled out of Mephisto's hands, it immediately became like an inflated balloon, constantly expanding.

When the lasing reaches Mo Chen's body, it has become the size of a grinding disc.

Mo Chen faced the rays of light the size of a millstone, but didn't care at all. He raised his own hand as a sword finger, blocking the rays of light, and then there was no more .

Mo Chen's feeling told him that he doesn't need to care, this power is not strong, and he doesn't even need to use any power.

It is enough to lift a finger, but what happened next also verified Mo Chen's guess.

The rays of light lased in front of Mo Chen, but it was exactly as he felt.

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