Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 249

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"Dead? I don't want to die!"

Mephisto suddenly burst out with a roar, and terrifying power and Spiritual Fluctuation erupted from Mephisto's body.

Mephisto issued a black, translucent slash.

"Darkness Dimension Slash!"

Strong space fluctuations are emitted from the slash, where the slash passes.

The space is constantly distorted, and it seems that there is a risk of being torn at any time.

Mephisto stared intently at the direction of Slash, with a look of anticipation on his face.

Mo Chen seemed to have not seen all of this happening, letting Mephisto slash and cut the space, rushing towards Formation.

The slash rushed towards Formation, without Mo Chen's stopping, it also hit Formation smoothly, and the look of expectation on Mephisto's face became more intense.

Then what happened next made Mephisto's face all the anticipation removed!

The slash is above the Formation, but the weird one is useless. Mephisto's slash breaks as soon as it hits the Formation.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you! In order to prevent you from escaping, this Formation is roughly the same as the previous Formation."

"But some upgrades have also been made. , First of all, space skills are invalidated, and space skills such as teleportation and space smashing are useless. Then you don’t want to escape. The new Formation is all for you!"

"In other words, I am dead this time?"

"Yes! This Formation also has the miraculous effect of curing the Spiritual Body, which can weakly enhance the strength of the Spiritual Body, but correspondingly once If the Spiritual Body is killed, then it will die directly!"

"You really are so painstakingly lonely!"

Mephisto crushed a sharp tooth and faced Mo Chen fiercely. Said.

"But after all, there are no surprises at this time. I have considered everything that can be considered!"

"Really? Then have you considered my self-destruct? "Mephisto said with murderous intent.

"Hey, this is really not there, because within the scope of my consideration, you dare not self-destruct, you are very sorry, otherwise you will not use so many Avatars, but if you Now that you really dare to self-destruct, then you self-destruct! If you self-destruct, I will save trouble!"

Mo Chen said to Mephisto with a face of support.

Mephisto: "..."

Mephisto suddenly felt that oneself might not be self-destruct. At this time, self-destruct will only be cheaper than Mo Chen.

"What about bad self-destruct? Why don't you self-destruct? Hurry up and save my time!"

"I suddenly don’t want to self-destruct That's it!"

"Hey? Forget it, it's nothing more than a punch. No matter how much time is wasted, not much time will be wasted!"

After that, Mo Chen also Without giving Mephisto any more chance, golden light flashed, Mo Chen raised his own fist and hit Mephisto.

Mephisto complexion changed, but I want to stop it but I can't do it.

Although it is really just like what Mo Chen said, this Formation has a certain degree of increase in his strength.

But with this, I want to stop Mo Chen simply impossible.

There is no increase in the power of hell, Mephisto simply has no power to resist, Mo Chen's fist with no difficulty falls on Mephisto.

Smash Mephisto directly, from existence to nothingness is just a moment!

In an instant, the Mephisto Spiritual Body was completely shattered, and the constructed elemental body died out.

"It should be really dead, but in order to prevent accidents, something more needs to be done!" Mo Chen said after scanning the Formation.

Speaking, mental energy wrapped in Phoenix Force burst out, instantly filling up everything in the canopy formed by the props, and then starting to wipe out everything in it regardless of the enemy or me.

Avatar, Formation, air, land, etc. are all within the scope of obliteration. In the end, even the props were thoroughly obliterated by Mo Chen.

At this level, Mo Chen is truly convinced that Mephisto is dead!

This is hell, and Mephisto is really not easy to kill here.

Mo Chen can't be sure if oneself kills Mephisto's Spiritual Body if he can really kill him.

For this, Mo Chen had to be more cautious and destroyed everything that Mephisto Death had come into contact with before.

Of course, except for the ontology of Mo Chen!

Mo Chen's current ability is very strong, and his strength control is stronger.

Is there something invading the own body? Mo Chen knew very well, so he didn't worry about any danger, so he left oneself without inspection, and the same was not destroyed.

Naturally, Mo Chen is also impossible to really destroy oneself, a fool would do such a thing.

Mephisto is really dead, and the hell is naturally empty.

Mo Chen felt it was necessary for oneself to do something to bring hell into the hands of own.

Although the hell environment is not very good, the dark energy is also very rich, and ordinary people who stay here will be directly corrupted and become creatures such as demons.

But in the final analysis, it is also a High Rank dimension, which is higher than Asgard and Yom Haydn. It is better to keep it than others if it is cheaper.

"However, the question is how to occupy this place?" Mo Chen was lost in thought.

Mephisto can control this hell because he has a strong enough connection with this hell.

Here is similar to the existence of omniscience and omnipotence, even if it is limited.

However, Mo Chen has a problem if he wants to occupy the hell. Most of the evil creatures will die in Mephisto.

Broken here in an attempt to occupy this place. Mo Chen doesn't want to clean up the wave every once in a while. In that case, the variables are really too big.

It doesn't matter if the creatures entering this dimension adapt to the power of Mo Chen.

You can also brush up the chance to draw, but I am afraid that is not the case.

Too strong, simply loses a dimension; too weak, but it is a waste of time, an enemy that can be destroyed by a single thought may not even benefit at all.

Mo Chen thought for a long time to use one of Chaos Magic's magic.

This method is called the dimensional fusion method. Through some specific means, the own part of mental energy, will and other things are integrated into the dimensionality.

When the time comes, I am the dimension, and the dimension is me!

The situation is similar to that of Mephisto, but there is a little difference.

Mephisto has an ontology, but not after using the dimensional fusion method.

At most, it can only use energy or matter within the dimension to shape a puppet-like body.

It is not possible to step out of the dimension casually, otherwise, at most, it will only have the strength of the own puppet body.

However, it is not without benefits. The advantage is that the real dimension is immortal, and I am undying.

Even if it is killed in other dimensions, it will not die, but will be resurrected in the fusion dimension of the target.

If you really want to compare one thing, then Heavenly Dao should be the best description.

After using the dimensional fusion method, it will incarnate into an existence similar to Heavenly Dao.

"This method is okay. An ordinary person can become a powerhouse using this method, but it does not apply to me."

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