Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 250

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"I'm impossible to give up my own body, but it's not useless. Maybe I can use it for other things!"

The dimensional fusion method is implemented, There are certain difficulties and certain restrictions, but the implementation goals are exceptionally loose.

You only need to have strong enough people willing to take action, and there is basically no problem with the rest.

It is a pig or a dog. As long as there are people who are strong enough to help meet all the conditions of the dimensional integration method, then there will be no problems at all.

This also gives Mo Chen space to manipulate, Mo Chen can do a lot of things, and give the dimension of hell a special existence.

"Unfortunately, this needs to abandon the fleshy body, otherwise it will be excellent for anyone among the girls, it is a pity!"

Mo Chen can't bear it either! Live shook his head and sighed!

This is a dimension!

With this dimension, it is enough to make a person extremely powerful, ascending to the skies with a single leap.

Many people are interested in the opportunity of heavenly ascension at this level. It is estimated that the women will be equally interested after hearing about it.

However, Mo Chen won't allow it. He doesn't want own women to lose their own body, even if they can shape their bodies oneself in the future.

"Then it's time to find her!"

Mo Chen stepped out after speaking, and then walked out of hell again and returned to his own home. And came to the place where the virtual reality equipment is.

"Li Xin'er, come out! I want to talk to you about something!"

Mo Chen tone barely fell, several rays of light shot out from the surroundings.

Condensed in front of Mo Chen, a woman in a nightgown appeared in front of Mo Chen, not Li Xiner, but who could be.

Li Xin'er, Mo Chen used Chaos Magic to create an existence similar to artificial intelligence.

Appearing in the virtual world within the realm as a virtual character is also the goal of Mo Chen's line.

Li Xiner was created and said that she wanted a body, but Mo Chen didn't give it to her for some reason.

Instead, she gave her a name as a substitute, and now Mo Chen intends to give him a body.

"Is there something? People are going to bed, don't you know that lack of sleep is for girls..."

Seeing Li Xiner's tendency to chatter, Mo Chen Hastily interrupted.

"I came to you this time for a major event!"

"What major event is actually more important than my beauty sleep? Don't lie to me, know to cheat Girl is going to die!" Li Xiner curiously said to Mo Chen.

"How could I lie to you? There is really a major event. Didn't you need a body before? I prepared one for you, and it is not a normal body!"

"En? Are you telling the truth?" Li Xiner couldn't help but said brightly.

"Of course, if you don’t believe me, come and have a look!"

"Okay!" Li Xiner’s biggest hope now is to get a body, and Mo Chen said that she would give her one. Body, no matter what, you have to take a look.

"How do I get there? Is it far?"

"It's far away, but don't worry, I can naturally take you there!"

Mo Chen slightly smiled, reaching out and beckoning in the direction of the square, and a cellphone-like thing flew into Mo Chen's hands.

"You enter here, I can take you there!"


Li Xiner did not hesitate to open that in Mo Chen After the stuff, I entered it through the Internet.

"Then let's go!"

Speaking, Mo Chen once again entered hell with a cellphone-like thing.

"Where is the body you said? Why not?"

Going into the hell, looking at the surrounding environment through the camera, Li Xiner said bluntly.

"Isn't it right here?"

"It's right here? Where? No! Is it possible that in the blind spot of sight?"

"There is no such thing as a dead spot. The body I want to give you is right in front of you. There is simply no such thing as a dead spot!"

"It's right in front of me, don't be kidding. Is it?"

"Your vision is too shallow, I think you can look at it from a macro perspective!"

Mo Chen said with a smile to Li Xiner.

"Macro angle?" Li Xiner repeated Mo Chen's words and looked towards the surroundings through the camera.

I want to see if I can find the body that Mo Chen said.

But Mo Chen is talking about the whole dimension of hell. Li Xiner can look at things from a macro perspective, but it is also impossible to find that Mo Chen said that after 1 minute, he can only choose to give up.

"Are you sure that the body you said is really in front of me? Why did I not see anything? Let me talk about it first, you don’t want to play me!"

"Of course not Yes, well, let’s tell you honestly, otherwise you won’t be able to guess it in your life, I said that if you don’t give your body, it’s not a real body of flesh and blood, but this dimension!"


"Are you kidding?"

"No, I really want to give you a dimension as a body! And this dimension is not ordinary The dimension of this dimension is called Hell!"

"Are you really sure you are not kidding?"

"Of course, since I said that, I would do it naturally. It can also be done. Are you not interested in a dimension that can be manipulated by do as one pleases?"

"Once you take this dimension as your body, then in this dimension, you are the most powerful existence and everything Everything is under your control!"

"It sounds tempting and confusing, but will it succeed?"

"I personally take action, do you think it must Can it be successful?"

"That means, I must be able to dimensionalize this as my own body, then to what extent can I do it later?"

"What do you want to achieve? You can only hear that God is right. In the dimension of hell, you are God!"

"God? It sounds like a very good look!" Li Xiner is right This is quite interesting, and being a god is very interesting for Li Xiner.

Although Li Xiner is an intelligent life, she also has a certain degree of desire to have a dimension.

"So you are interested in this body?"

"Of course, when can I enter this body?"

" It can be done right away, as long as the specific ceremony is completed!"

When she heard Mo Chen talk about the specific ceremony, Li Xin'er couldn't help but get into her heart.

Full of curiosity about the so-called specific ceremony that Mo Chen said.

"What specific ceremony? Isn't it a strange thing?" Li Xiner quickly asked Mo Chen.

"Don’t worry, it’s not, it’s just an indispensable process that's all to complete the integration, not as strange as you think!"


"What did I lie to you for?

" "That's right, you don't have to lie to me, so well, I'll wait for your ceremony!"

"en! "

Mo Chen gently un'ed, and immediately began the preparations for ceremony.

It is not a simple matter to integrate a person or a creature into a near dimension.

There must be a lot of things that need to be prepared, even Mo Chen also needs some tricks.

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