Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 251

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Fortunately, most of the conditions are now met, and Mo Chen has also saved a lot of trouble.

To complete the dimensional fusion method, you need to complete three steps first.

The first step is to determine and kill the creatures that have a certain degree of integration in the dimension.

This is naturally achieved. Mephisto, the guy who merges with the dimension, has no scum left. It must be killed without error. The first step is completed!

The second step is to prepare enough sacrifices!

The dimensional fusion method is an extremely evil method that uses a sacrificial method to promote the fusion of dimensions and goals.

If you want to integrate a dimension, you need to sacrifice more than one percent of the creatures within that dimension.

Mo Chen has also done this. All the creatures in the hell have been killed.

Even if most of the destroyed corpses are removed, there are still mountains of bones left, and the Ceremony Second Step has been completed.

The first two steps of ceremony are completed, and the next step is the Third Step of ceremony. Prepare a super-large sacrificial fusion magic array, determine the goal of fusion, and carry out dimensional fusion.

This is the last step and the only unfinished step!

Now Mo Chen needs to complete this last step!

"That is to say, you only need to prepare a super large sacrificial fusion magic array, and then you can turn me into a god?"

After listening to Mo Chen, Own, Li Xiner said curiously.


"That's really easy!"

Mo Chen didn't say what he did before, it was just an indifferent expression. Smiled.

After that, she didn't care about Li Xiner's words, controlling the river that still occupies half of the hell.

The corpses of some demons that have not yet been destroyed that have sunk into the water came to the front of the owner.

The super-large sacrificial fusion magic array needs these as materials to better lock this dimension and integrate.

According to the interpretation of the latitude fusion method, every biological body born in this dimension carries the breath of that dimension, and these breaths are indispensable for locking this dimension.

Therefore, the super-large array of demons used to sacrifice the fusion of the hell dimension must be constructed from the corpses of these demons.

This is naturally extremely easy for Mo Chen, so many demon corpses don't need to be used in vain.

Sending millions of demons to the owner, Mo Chen did not waste time.

After using magic to remove the coagulated blood of the demons in front of them from their corpses to restore their vitality, Mo Chen opened the depiction of Primordial Demon array.

First of all, the dark, viscous blood that exudes a rich sulphur smell like a vast ocean was lifted up by Mo Chen with mental energy.

Using mental energy to provoke the constant scattering, depicting the embryonic form of a giant demon array on the ground.

When all the blood is exhausted and the prototype of the demon array on the ground is completed, Mo Chen controls the corpses of millions of demon.

One part is destroyed into dust. According to Chaos Magic, the magic array is perfected, and the other part is piled on the magic array to build a high platform.

Wait until all this is completed, at the end, Mo Chen used his own mental energy again.

The energy in the hell was extracted to activate this demon array condensed with demon bones.

A scarlet's rays of light soared into the sky.

At the same time, the array of demons condensed from the blood and bones of millions of demons exploded into bizarre waves, and the earth and sky within the dimension of hell suddenly changed drastically.

In the sky, countless red SanDisk roars; on the earth, endless volcanoes extinguished by Mephisto erupt once again, lava and volcanic ash filled the earth and sky, a scene of doomsday.

I saw Mo Chen suddenly raised his hand once, and the red light bursting above the magic array skyrocketed in an instant.

Before they could react, they only saw and heard countless roaring blood-red faceted things burrowing out of the corpses of a demon in their eyes.

And flew to the high platform at an unusually terrifying speed, and merged into the high platform.

Every time I blend in, the red rays of light on the high platform will swell up.

With the ebbing of time, the rays of light on the high platform have even become extremely dazzling, and the silhouette of Mo Chen has disappeared.


Yes, sacrifice!

Whether it is the millions of bones on the high platform or the masked things of scarlet flying to the high platform, it fully proves the fact that this is an array of sacrificial demons.

Correspondingly, in the sky, the same and another special wave is displayed.

The dark red lightning above the sky is even more terrifying, densely packed, endless, and the ground is directly covered by lava.

The hot lava of dark red covers the entire hell, and the unique energy of hell is also surging.

The hell dimension is not a general dimension with a high level, under the influence of Mo Chen's magic array.

It was originally a mild hell, and it has become more manic. In such a short period of time, the energy response has reached a very high level.

The natural phenomenon between Heaven and Earth disappeared, and the turbulent energy also subsided.

Hell seems to have returned to its original state, if it is really different.

That is the pile of ash-gray bone meal transformed from the bones of millions of demons on the ground.



The natural phenomenon in the sky and the earth disappeared, which is the sign of success.

The natural phenomenon appears because of the instinctive reaction of the dimension itself.

But once the integration of the dimensions succeeds, it means that Li Xiner has successfully entered the dimension of hell.

Naturally, the instinctive reaction of the dimension of hell will disappear.

Because at this time, Li Xiner has taken over this hell dimension.

"From the moment I merged into hell, I have been able to control everything. In hell, as long as it does not exceed the limits of hell, I will be completely omniscient and omnipotent!"

"In other words, you can completely control hell?"


In order to verify the own words, at the moment when Li Xiner's voice fell.

The hell that lava shrouded in front of Mo Chen, lava suddenly cooled down.

A bunch of dark red flowers are drawn from the cooling lava, spanning months and even years, blooming in hell.

Hell in this brief moment becomes a sea of ​​flowers, one after another alluring fragrance of flowers pours, filling the noses of the three.

"Go ahead! What do you plan to make me do next?"

Li Xiner straightened her tone and asked Mo Chen.

"There is nothing specific, you just need to maintain the normal operation of hell, by the way, find a way to solve the current hell problem!"

"You mean Is hell empty?"

"Well, I checked the records in Chaos Magic. The reason why the dimension of hell has its current level is that the evil energy is almost endless."

"There is an inevitable connection with the devil and the soul. The devil hunts the soul from many dimensions to hell."

"Tortured the soul, the soul’s resentment, hatred, and many other emotions are vented. , It drives the increase of energy in hell, and over the years, it has the almost endless energy that is now, and the level will be raised to the present level."

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