Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 252

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"This is indeed the case. From the dimension of integrating into hell, I have learned about this. Basically, there is no difference from what you said."

"Hell Its own particularity has caused all of this. The dimension of hell can never be empty. Souls and demons must be left enough, otherwise hell will only have a path of constant decline! In the end it will even turn into a desolate dimension!"

"You should have the ability to make demons!"

"Naturally there are, but you also need to cooperate!"

"How to say?"

"I can make demons with enough materials, but there are also problems. If I want to make demons full of hell, it will consume a huge amount of energy."

"Naturally there was no problem before, but as the souls of sinners in hell are killed by you, the source of hell energy is reduced by more than half!"

"Hell is empty, and the source of evil energy is naturally also Missing most of it, even hell itself will produce some energy, but this is also limited..."

"In other words, you don’t have enough energy now!"

"No Not enough, but once such a huge project is carried out, the energy will become very small. When the time comes, it will be very troublesome to encounter something."

"And I have integrated into the dimension of hell, and received The information of this hell, this hell dimension may not be the only one, but it is definitely the most special one. Many beings want this dimension!"

"So, you must keep There is enough energy to ensure own safety, right?"

Since there are so many beings longing for this dimension, there must be a lot of beings that will not be able to bear it at this time of Mephisto Death Hands on.

Li Xiner wants to leave enough energy for excuse.

"Yes, and because of this, I need your help!"

"How do you plan to let me help you, just tell me!"

" I know the coordinates of a dark energy dimension. Although the dimensional barrier is very strong, there are no creatures in it. I want you to help me open this dimension!"

"This is simple, when will it start? !"

"Now, hell cannot be left empty for a long time. It fills up sooner, so you can solve the troubles earlier!"

Mo Chen is naturally an indifferent expression for this, right Li Xin'er said: "You give me the coordinates of that dimension. I will probe it first. After determining the specific location, I will do it!" It was directly passed into Mo Chen's mind.

The exploration of dimensions is actually not a difficult task for Mo Chen, especially when there are coordinates.

Under the guidance of the coordinates, nothing can stop Mo Chen.

Even the endless space between dimensions and dimensions that are easily lost.

After a while, Mo Chen successfully found the dimension Li Xiner said.

Seeing everything in that dimension, it's like Li Xiner said.

This dimension does have a huge amount of dark and evil energy.

It is true that there is no living thing, although there is a huge amount of evil energy in this dimension.

But there is no basis for the existence of intelligent life.

Strictly speaking, this dimension is an incomplete dimension.

There is a lack of some special rules, and the dark energy is too strong.

It has almost condensed into a solid state, resulting in the absence of any creatures.

Dark energy is a good thing to a certain extent, but too much is a disaster.

Relying on the current dark energy concentration of this dimension, a demon may be blown up as soon as he takes a breath.

The influence of its dark energy concentration on living things is similar to the influence of Earth oxygen on living things.

In Earth, the oxygen concentration is constant and there is no problem with biology, but you can take a look at the pure oxygen environment.

The situation in this dimension is much more terrifying than the pure oxygen environment.

Observing these, Mo Chen can be regarded as understanding the reason why the dimensional barrier mentioned by Li Xiner is very strong.

Although the higher the dimensionality level of generally speaking, the stronger the dimensional barrier.

But there are some exceptions, such as now, the dark energy is too strong.

A strong barrier is formed, and the natural resistance to external forces causes the dimensional barrier to become stronger.

"But this is of no use to me. I want to break through the barrier of this dimension, but it is quite easy!"

This is not to say that Mo Chen is better than Others are too strong, although they are.

But the reason why Mo Chen is able to do this is due to Mo Chen's magical ability.

Mo Chen’s magic specifically addresses this situation.

Can be used to break the barriers of this dimension. Once again, it is confirmed that oneself can easily open this dimension.

Mo Chen did not continue to stay in this dimension, and returned to hell after doing a final check.

"How is the situation? Can you open it?"

As soon as Mo Chen came back, Li Xiner asked Mo Chen anxiously.

She was afraid that Mo Chen would say no!


"That's good, let's start now!" Li Xiner sighed in relief said.


Mo Chen nodded, under the control of Mo Chen, one after another broke into tens of thousands of square kilometers of land.

pu! pu! pu...

With the sound of Treasure Item being inserted into the ground, a huge magic array began to slowly appear in the tens of thousands of square meters. Km above the land.

The rays of light and magic fluctuations on the Treasure Item are aided by the gradually formed magic array.

Gradually gathered together, twisted into one, rays of light ten thousand zhang, the magic wave surging like a wave crazily.

Treasure Items are inserted into the ground one by one, and the magical power fluctuates more and more intensely.

As the last Treasure Item was inserted into the ground, a wave of terrifying magical power burst out.

This wave of magical power has even affected the reality. A strong wind is pressed by the eruption of the magical power wave. The strong wind smashed all the flowers and butterflies to pieces, and the earth returned to its original color.

Under the connection of Treasure Item, the formation of the magic array has been successful.

Next, you can open that dimension.


A clear sound resounded across the sky, and a dazzling golden light erupted from the center of the magic array, bound together, and moved towards the sky.

A golden beam of light covering tens of thousands of square kilometers rises from the ground and hits the sky.

Under the impact of this golden beam, the dark red sky in hell seemed to be torn apart, and countless cracks appeared on it.

The golden beam of light really tore the sky!

Da! despair! Da...

一dī dī The pitch-black rainwater suddenly rushed out of the pitch-black cracks and fell from the sky, and landed on the ground.

This dī dī dark rain is not simple rain, but the liquidization of dark energy.

While falling on the ground, it once again turned into gaseous dark energy.

And this is not the most critical, the most critical is everything that happened afterwards.

The liquefied dark energy is getting denser, and the light rain gradually turns into heavy rain.

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