Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 253

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The heavy rain gradually turned into a torrential rain, and the torrential rain turned into a waterfall-like existence.

Mo Chen successfully attracted dark energy from that dimension through countless Treasure Items and a huge magic array.

Next, it is no longer what Mo Chen can manage, and Li Xiner will take over.

Li Xiner did not hesitate. At the moment when Mo Chen's voice fell, she took over the operation of the magic array.

At the same time, he began to control the liquidized dark energy that has entered the dimension of hell.

Things that enter this dimension of hell, as long as they don't exceed Li Xiner's control.

Then Li Xiner can knead, knead and control at will.

These huge dark energies are certainly huge, just like a heaven overflowing giant wave one after another, but they are still within Li Xiner's control.

"Next, let's watch my performance!"

Li Xin'er's voice suddenly sounded in the center of the liquidized dark energy, with a hard to describe domineering voice in it.

The head looks lifelike and exquisite. Even the hairs can be seen very clearly.

Driven by the power of one after another, it rushes to every corner of hell.

And this seems to be just the beginning, after a period of brewing.

In hell, all the extinguished lava became hot once again, and countless volcanoes erupted again, and the hot lava covered the ground.


I don't know where to start, and suddenly a loud roar sounded first.

In the next few seconds, the roar sounded continuously.

One after another, countless, hideous creatures, constantly emerging from the lava with the roar.

In just a few seconds, Mo Chen and the others are already surrounded by ferocious demons. They are densely packed, and people with dense phobias will definitely not be able to stand it.

Even people who don’t have intensive phobias can't help being afraid among so many ferocious demons.

Cracking! Cracking! Cracking ……

Ah! Ah! Ah...

A clear bite sound accompanied by a stern wailing sound, countless souls were treated by demons. food.

There are many evil spirits that appear in hell, but compared to the demons that continue to appear, they are very few.

There are often dozens or even hundreds of demons vying for an injustice.

This also led to the next bad thing.

The devil is a kind of greedy creature. It can't satisfy the devil to bite the soul.

You have to swallow the whole soul, but with so many demons staring, what will happen?

Yes, there will be a large-scale brutal killing.

The bloody scene will be revealed in the following, countless demons are torn to pieces by their kind.

Pink blood was thrown into the sky, stumped limbs, broken arms, and internal organs were like rain.

In the end, it was either trampled by some demons, or simply hung on the demons.

Generally, the demons nowadays are all new-born demons, and there is no division of territory, and no strict level is completely determined.

There is no pity for each other, and no fear at all.

Once the conflict of interest arises, it will inevitably be resolved in this bloody way now! Until they are divided into ranks and spheres of influence!

Until a king appears, the territory is divided up, and the strict hierarchy is completed!

Hell is a place where the fittest survives, and the winner is king, these will never stop without this bloody feast!

Does it really take a long time?

Strictly speaking, in the case of natural evolution without any external force intervention, it really takes a long time, but...

Mo Chen couldn’t help it. A faint smile appeared.

The sight of a demon who seemed to be hiding behind a demon's corpse was plain, with thoughtful rays of light in his eyes.

The devil is born without any wisdom at all. Everything follows instinct. With the ebbing of time, they will gradually open up spiritual wisdom. This is also the important thing that killing and killing will go on for a long time. one of the reasons.

But this demon is obviously not in this rank. The thoughtful rays of light in his eyes clearly confirm the fact that it possesses some wisdom.

This seems to be nothing, but in fact it is not. Under the premise of Li Xiner's suppression, such a thing should never happen unless Li Xiner deliberately.

Yes, it was Li Xiner deliberately!

As I said before, it does take a long time without the intervention of external forces, but what about the participation of external forces?

What will happen to the time lost in this process? The answer is actually very obvious, the time lost in this process will be compressed by the limit.

This demon with wisdom has become the existence that Li Xiner cares about. The current protagonist of hell is destined to become the devil who will become a king.

Li Xiner obviously wouldn't allow this bloody feast to last too long, so she stepped in and launched a king as soon as possible to solve all this.


You said it was unfair?

Do you really think there will be fairness in this world?

Some are born as children of rich families, and some are born only beggars, born unequal, let alone a special race like demons.

True fairness always exists impossible, at most it is only a limited fairness. For example, Li Xiner gave these demons a chance to participate in a bloody feast.

In order to ensure the continuation of this bloody feast, the death of every demon.

Li Xiner needs to create two demons on top to ensure that the number of demons is sufficient.

This bloody feast will not cause the demons to decrease continuously until they die out again.

This also requires Li Xiner to have sufficient energy as a reserve. Fortunately, with the help of Mo Chen's energy, there is basically no major problem.

"You can't be careless. My demon array may not last long. Dark energy has always been a very corrosive energy. With such a terrifying amount, there will eventually be a heavenly demon array. It will be corroded!"

"I have also considered this. After opening the Gates of Hell to extradite souls, It shouldn't be a big problem!"

Li Xiner The omniscience and omnipotence are not just to talk about it. Naturally, they can sense the erosion of the magic array.

So she opened the door of hell from the very beginning, and Infinity attracted souls from other dimensions.

These souls will replenish the energy of hell in the next. With the ebbing of time, the number of souls in hell will continue to increase.

Everything will gradually get on the right track, even without the help of other dimensions.

"The only pity is that the quality of the soul brought by the extradition of Gates of Hell alone is high or low."

"If I can have enough demons under him, then Well, they can definitely help some fallen souls. The more such souls help hell the more!"

"Aren't you already accelerating this process now? Soon you will have a group of powerful demons!"

"That's true, but recently this magic array can't have any problems, otherwise it's easy to have problems!"

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