Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 254

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"I am now worried about whether there will be some people who want to take action on this dimension recently. Guys like Lucifer can already covet this hell dimension! "

"So what?"

Mo Chen asked helplessly.

"You made me like this, you are responsible to me, you can't ignore me!"

Li Xiner is like a kitten about to be abandoned, poor Said Xixi to Mo Chen.

"Why does this sound weird?"

After being puzzled, Mo Chen continued: "But you can rest assured, I won't ignore you. At this time, I will pay close attention to you here!"

Mo Chen also knows that this dimension does have certain risks, and the request to Li Xiner is not without exception.

Although she herself is indeed worried that those existences will come to occupy this hell.

But she herself is not muddy, now she has enough power.

If she is a little weaker, she herself can be dismissed, very strong, there is no problem in supporting it until Mo Chen rushes over.

Under such circumstances, she did not have to be stronger to keep Mo Chen in hell, and finally chose to let Mo Chen leave.

And she herself began to pay attention to the protagonist selected by oneself, the demon who was enlightened by her to possess wisdom.

Seriously, this demon really deserves to be a demon with wisdom.

Among a crowd of demons, he actually opened up the wretched style of play, that's all to avoid the heavy, and he especially likes to make up the knife.

Fortunately, it is a demon with wisdom, otherwise he would be killed.

But despite these shortcomings, there is one thing that cannot be concealed, that is, this demon is very interesting.

He is very capable of survival. Even without Li Xin'er's help, he is destined to be the one who can live to the end of the play.

Furthermore, it itself also keeps Li Xiner's help.

No, Li Xiner has prepared another ability for this demon and opened a plug-in!

A special wave suddenly appeared in the body of this slaying demon.

The demon trembled all over, and a humanized surprise appeared in its eyes.

Then, it violently stretched out a paw of own, and caught the demon that oneself had just killed with a knife in front of own, with a huge mouth, and bit down at the demon.

Efficiently, it swallowed the demon directly.

As the swallowing ended, a sound like popping beans appeared on its body. Its muscles are firmer.

Some special changes have taken place in the body, it has become a bit taller, and the devil's horns above the head are also darker.

It deeply felt the change of oneself's body, and the fierce rays of light flashed in its eyes.

Pounced on other demons with residual blood, and began to kill, slaughter, and devour.

Looking at these, Li Xiner felt that oneself didn't give it in vain, but at the same time, she became more satisfied.

The ability Li Xiner gave it is swallowing evolution, through swallowing, it can absorb the power and ability of the target.

Although the process is a bit disgusting, the effect is still very strong.

Then it has what it looked like just now, and Li Xin'er is satisfied.


The sun, the only star in the solar system and will shine The celestial body is the central celestial body of the solar system. 99.86% of the mass of the solar system is concentrated in the sun.

One of its 2.2 billionth of its energy came to Earth after about eight minutes of radiation, becoming the source of Earth’s light and heat.

For millions of years, it has provided Earth with enough light and heat to promote the growth of organisms.

Promoting the reproduction of living things, the reason why Earth is able to exist today is closely related to the existence of the sun, and it is also very stable.

Even if the solar radiation has been scattered for a long time, it is still possible to continue to radiate solar radiation.

According to reliable scientific research, the sun can at least provide Earth with light and heat for billions of years. This is not one or two years, but billions of years!

It can be seen how stable the sun's radiation of some energy is.

However, just recently, in the interior of the sun that humans cannot observe, something that has never happened in millions of years has happened.

A humanoid object appeared in the center of the sun.

Don’t think it’s very simple. The surface temperature of the sun is more than 5,000 degrees.

The inner temperature of the sun gets higher as it goes to the sun. Almost most of the material is directly vaporized before it enters the sun.

This humanoid has completely violated this law. It is not gasified on the surface of the sun, but it is the same in the inner center of the sun.

Here, the temperature is at least hundreds of thousands of degrees, or even millions of degrees, but it is still impossible to deal with this humanoid creature. This humanoid creature seems to be not like a flesh and blood body.

"Fly forward again!"

The humanoid creature in the sun suddenly sent out a special brain wave·wave.

This humanoid creature is not an ordinary humanoid creature. It has own wisdom and also own consciousness.

At this time and this place, also a conscious creature, it is self-evident who he is.

Yes, he is Mo Chen!

In Marvel, there are many powerhouses that can survive in the sun.

But when it doesn't involve self-interest, there is really no powerhouse to enter the sun.

It's even more so if Mo Chen stays in the sun for many years because of his own interests. After all, how can he let it go if he can become stronger?

Few people can imagine that Mo Chen would actually stay in the sun for so long.

No problem. Being burned and gasified is that's all, and there is also a trend of continuous advancement in the interior.

If it is known to people, it will be surprised.

"Let's get started!"

After adjusting the state to restore the owner's body and mind, Mo Chen flew away inside Towards the Sun with a cautious expression.

Mo Chen is Superman Silver. The current high temperature of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of degrees, can’t do much about Mo Chen.

But as we continue to penetrate into the core of the sun, the temperature gradually increases.

Even the lowest temperature in the center is tens of millions of degrees. The superposition of temperature is not just one plus one.

The radiation coming from the sun will increase linearly, and Mo Chen Silver Superman does not need to be cautious at all.

The speed and efficiency of Mo Chen's absorption of solar radiation also began to soar.

As Mo Chen gets closer to the core of the sun, the amount of solar radiation that can be absorbed will gradually increase.

Mo Chen doesn't want to support oneself. Superman once fell into the sun because of a conspiracy.

Causing the energy in oneself's body to explode and almost died.

Although Mo Chen has the ability to destroy the sun, Mo Chen will not be crushed by the energy in one's own body like Superman, but Mo Chen also does not want to be supported.

Being held up is not a very good experience!

Mo Chen is constantly approaching the core of the sun, and the surrounding temperature is constantly increasing.

At the beginning, there was nothing, but as the ebbing of time, as the core area of ​​the sun was constantly approaching, some changes that Mo Chen had already anticipated were also taking place.

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