Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 255

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First of all, the energy in Mo Chen's body rises in a straight line, and the intensity of the fleshy body is even more terrifying, every minute and every second.

Mo Chen can feel the strength of his own body is continuously increasing at a very fast rate.

If the previous boost speed was the speed of a snail crawling, then the current boost speed is driving a formula car. The speed is beyond imagination.

There is a terrifying increase in power, but there are also some other changes, such as the change in the temperature around Mo Chen's body.

The temperature that I have adapted to start to rise gradually, from the original no feeling, a little bit of improvement.

First it was like standing under the scorching sun, and then it was like staying in hot water.

After that, it was like standing next to the fire, the temperature was constantly rising.

Mo Chen is close to the core of the sun this time, to test the own limit is one aspect.

On the one hand, it is to find a better place to absorb solar radiation, and this place seems to be the best place.

Mo Chen here once again opened a permanent space door as a place for own to absorb solar radiation.

Determine where oneself needs to stay in the future, and lay a permanent space door in this place.

Mo Chen did not continue to stay here, and returned to his residence through this eternal space door.

Mo Chen's body is already full now, and absorbing solar radiation will only allow oneself to support it.

In order to prevent this from happening, Mo Chen needs a little bit of time to digest the income of oneself this time.

So, Mo Chen left the interior of the sun and stepped out of the space door.

It doesn't matter if Mo Chen doesn't step out of the space door, this is a problem!

Mo Chen stayed for a long time in several millions of hot places inside the sun.

After a long time of roasting, the temperature of the body and the temperature of the body surface are not simple.

Although Mo Chen has swallowed some of the body's remaining temperature as much as possible, the temperature in Mo Chen's room was still tens of thousands of degrees higher when he left the space door.

At this moment, many things were ignited, and many things were directly scorched.

"This is really bad!"

With a wave of his hand, everything returned to its original state, Mo Chen said helplessly.

This is not the first time this has happened, but...Mo Chen is still a little helpless.

Mo Chen directly removed a special force field from oneself.

Silently entered the eyes of the surrounding pedestrians, without resorting to any special power.

Wandering around the bustling streets like an ordinary person.

Mo Chen doesn't know what celebrations are happening here. Many places are lit up with lights and festoons. There are also some parades, which makes this street very lively.

On this street, the adult leads the child, the child leads the adult, the child’s face shows an innocent smile, but the adult’s face also has a helpless, happy and troubled expression.

Mo Chen couldn't help but show a little envy when he saw these.

But such little envy soon disappeared without a trace.

Mo Chen was instantly attracted by some special food on the street.

Special foods such as burgers, Mexico chicken rolls, grilled meats, special salads, cookies, homemade ice cream, etc. exude an extremely attractive fragrance, which arouses the gluttons in Mo Chen's stomach.

All the little envy that Mo Chen gave birth to just now was lost to Java.

In the next ten minutes, Mo Chen directly turned into the most unusual scenery on the street.

I hold a hamburger in my left hand, and my right hand holds a large Mexican chicken roll with a piece of roast meat stuffed in my mouth, which is bulging.

I still carry a lot of food in my hand, a proper food.

The pedestrians around can't help but look sideways at Mo Chen, but Mo Chen seems to have found nothing.

It’s just that each minding their own business eats something bought by oneself, without paying attention to the image of own at all.

Quickly solving the delicacy in his hand, Mo Chen turned his attention to other delicacies.

Mo Chen can be compared with these delicacies, quite a bit of not going to stop sweeping the street food.

There is quite a bit of meaning not to stop sweeping the street food.

Because of this, the attention of the people around has gradually shifted. They no longer care about the lively scenes, and quietly pay attention to how much Mo Chen can eat.

Mo Chen also automatically omitted these gazes, he just wanted to be oneself.

I never meant to care about other people's thoughts. Instead of caring about them, I might as well care about which kind of street food is better.

After cleaning up the food on the street for a long time, when Mo Chen's gaze once again focused on something similar to fried noodles.

Some incidents that made Mo Chen have to divert his attention have happened!

"What's going on? Why is he here?"

Efficiently swallowing a strawberry homemade ice cream, Mo Chen muttered to himself in confusion.

In the corner of the bustling streets of New York, Mo Chen saw a special silhouette. Mo Chen hadn't seen the silhouette of Dr Strange for a long time.

It was not a violation of Dr Strange to appear here. He would always appear like this, silently appearing and disappearing silently.

All over the place, the magical creatures that threaten Earth are exterminating one after another in a mirrored dimension that everyone does not know.

He deliberately went to the polar regions, hiding in his own magic hut, and pretending to practice some special magic.

However, now he has appeared again, and coincidentally appeared in front of Mo Chen.

"Otherwise, take a look at what he is going to do?"

Speaking bluntly, Mo Chen's eyes were also placed on him.


The moment Mo Chen put his own eyes on Dr Strange's body.

Dr Strange was like being kicked, his whole body and body shook, he put out his posture, his eyes flashed, and he glanced all around.

I just paid attention to the sudden appearance of Dr Strange. Until now, Mo Chen discovered the powerful magic power in Dr Strange's body, and he also had some special magic protection on his body.

Although I haven't seen Dr Strange's magic, but based on what I see now, it is no exaggeration to say that the current Dr Strange's imposing manner is no longer inferior to Ancient One.

In terms of magic power, Dr Strange may not have as much magic power in the body of Ancient One that has lived for hundreds of years.

But because of the magic protection on his body, he can also bring back the magic gap, and the imposing manner is not weaker than Dr Strange.

However, what is the difference in specific strength, we still need to observe the use of some magic.

I remember that Dr Strange was blessed by the trinity magic called "Vishanti" (Vishanti) composed of Agamotto (Agamotto), Hoggoth (Hoggoth) and Oshtur (Oshtur). Is it now Already got it? "

Looking at Dr Strange, who was looking for Mo Chen’s line of sight, muttered to himself.

After that, Mo Chen paused and said: "Or other The devil? "

Dr Strange has an ability called the source of divine force.

This ability allows Dr Strange to obtain sources from powerful magic entities through a pipeline-like thing. Unending power.

For this reason, he has a lot of power suppliers.

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