Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 256

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Although his power provider is mainly Vishanti, in the comics, he also borrowed the power of an eight-person demonic group and even Dormammu.

Dr Strange doesn't have Eye of Agamotto, but it might actually get the power of these powerful existence.

Mo Chen couldn't help but feel sincerely curious about the current situation of Dr Strange. As soon as his eyes turned, he began to pay attention to Dr Strange secretly.

This time, Dr Strange did not find Mo Chen's sight anymore.

After many magical detections, it was determined that the realization was really far away, and a space door was opened in front of the owner and disappeared in place!

"It's really cautious, but it doesn't make any sense to me!"

Dr Strange has a very good idea, and escapes possible surveillance through the space door.

But it is still of no use to Mo Chen. In Mo Chen's eyes, the space fluctuation emitted by the space gate is like the bright moon on the dark night sky.

On the other side of the space door opened by Dr Strange, Mo Chen immediately noticed it.

Then put the own line of sight here before Dr Strange, and Dr Strange was again unknowingly monitored by Mo Chen.

At this time, Dr Strange didn't have any doubts at all. After determining the direction, he ran towards the distance, seeming to want to recover the time wasted by oneself.

Mo Chen stayed on the bustling street, but his sight followed him closely.

Gradually, I came to a building that seemed to have been abandoned, and stopped with the solemn face of Dr Strange.

"There really seems to be something wrong here! is it possible that some evil creatures from outside the dimension have come?"

Although Mo Chen hasn't detected it yet, But it's not blind, the evil energy surrounding the building has almost condensed into substance.

Anyone who has learned some magic can see the problem.

“However, it’s okay if this is the case. It will allow me to see what level of Dr Strange’s strength has reached!”

To measure the strength of a magician, it’s not just a matter of Observe the magic power and some magic protection.

We also need to look at the magic they have mastered. Magic can make a magician's magic work efficiently.

"Dr Strange is a magic genius no matter in the comics or in the movie, and also has the ability to remember."

"I don’t know where these two are now. Under the buff of innate talent, to what extent is his magic! Do you already have the kind of magic in the comics that you don’t know how much?"

With such curiosity, Mo Chen Without saying anything, his eyes followed Dr Strange into the abandoned building.

Start, nothing!

Although the building is surrounded by evil energy, Dr Strange also has the magic he gave to oneself buff, and all the evil energy ignores his existence.

But with the ebbing of time, he keeps approaching the source of the evil energy at the bottom of the building, everything is different.

The evil energy is getting stronger and stronger, and his magic inevitably produces some fluctuations, and his breath is exposed. He is finally found in the third underground floor, and the battle will inevitably break out.

Under Mo Chen's sight, a black tentacles with some red patterns suddenly drilled out of the ground, wrapping up the completely unprepared Dr Strange.

After that, a tentacle monster rushed out of the ground, and countless tentacles drew towards Dr Strange like a whip.

"Horse monkey shochu? Tentacle monster? Shame·Shame play?"

Mo Chen looked at this scene and couldn't care about the food, and said with a weird face.

However, following Mo Chen, he turned his attention to Dr Strange. You can't miss this kind of thing.

Mo Chen's sight and attention were locked on Dr Strange, and Dr Strange did not disappoint Mo Chen.

In the face of the sky whip shadow and being restrained, there is no meaning of anxiety.

A faint wave of magic power suddenly erupted from his body, although a Dr Strange was still under the restraint of his tentacles.

But under the attention of Mo Chen, Dr Strange has used the Golden Cicada shelling method to gain freedom, leaving only a physical phantom that looks the same as him.

About this point, the tentacle monster seems to have no idea, and has not noticed the abnormality of Dr Strange tied up by oneself at all.

The tentacles on the body continue to draw towards Dr Strange's physical phantom without changing it!

pa! pa! Pa...

A clear sound rang out, and the tentacles were like a whip. One after another slapped Dr Strange's physical phantom.

But it is destined to be useless. The entity phantom is not a daoist. After a round of beating, the entity phantom is directly dissipated.

Transformed into golden magic particles, the goddess scattered flowers generally dissipate in the entire underground space.

At this time, the tentacle monster discovered the abnormality, but it was too late at this time.

The invisible Dr Strange has arrived in front of the tentacle monster, holding a magical array with brilliant golden light in his hand and printed on the tentacle monster.


The magic array in Dr Strange's hands burst out with a strong wave of magic power.

A golden beam of light with an explosive aura gushes out directly, and is printed on the body of the tentacle monster along the magic array.

While there was a big blasting scar on the tentacle monster's body, it was also pushed by the golden beam of light and flew backwards towards the entrance of a space door opened by Dr Strange behind it.

Mo Chen took a special look and found that this space gate is not connected to any place in Earth.

It is a special dimension, and there are also many creatures similar to tentacle monsters.

Dr Strange's move, as if to throw this tentacle monster back to its dimension.

Dr Strange's speed is very fast, and the explosive power is also very strong. The tentacle monster's half body and body quickly entered the entrance of the space gate smoothly.

Just when the other half of its body is about to enter the entrance of the space door.

The tentacles of the tentacle monster suddenly stretched out, and countless tentacles penetrated into the surrounding solid concrete wall.

After some effort, the tentacle monster stopped.

However, the result of this is that this abandoned building can finally be completely abandoned.

The walls of these underground floors were completely destroyed, and the whole building was completely turned into a dangerous building.

"Nice tentacle monster, the action is really fast enough! But compared with Dr Strange, it is still too much worse!"

Mo Chen and his hands The fried chicken legs competed, while commenting on the tentacle monster.

Why didn't Dr Strange use Mirror Dimension immediately?

Not because he is too arrogant, but because it is really unnecessary.

Although this is the evil energy released from the tentacle monster is very strong.

However, its power is really not special. It almost beats its hometown with an attack.

So that Dr Strange didn't even use the Mirror Dimension, which is immediately needed to prevent the surrounding environment from being destroyed, and started directly.

"I can’t go on like this. Dr Strange randomly catches two attacks, and the game is over. I don’t see how far it can reach!"

Taking a bite of the fried chicken leg in oneself's hand, Mo Chen thought for a while and flicked his finger in the direction where the tentacle monster was.

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