Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 257

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A black light spot with faint fluctuations drilled out of Mo Chen's oily fingers, and escaped into the space in front of Mo Chen.

The black light spot just disappeared, and when it appeared again, it had already appeared in the body of the tentacle monster.

The tentacle monster only senses and feels a powerful force coming from the body.

The pain caused by Dr Strange's attack instantly disappeared from its senses.

Even the beam of light emitted by Dr Strange again is no longer a threat in its eyes.


There was not even any evasion, the beam of light collided with it.

Unexpectedly, it didn't feel any pain.

The beam of light that was supposed to be enough to make it painful, now it's like itching, which made it utter a roar of excitement and excitement.


Looking at the tentacle monster roaring wildly, Dr Strange fell into astonishment.

Everything is too weird in his opinion, the weak chicken suddenly becomes a fighter, how to look at it and how to violate it.

"Is this its true strength? It was just hiding before?"

Dr Strange can only use this reason to convince oneself, as the secret mastermind Mo Chen did everything They were all too secret, even he didn't find anything.

Next, Dr Strange didn't say anything more, stroked his hands a few times in front of own, and a cumbersome array of magic appeared in front of him.


The magical power of golden burst out, and countless long needle-shaped energy streams of golden burst out from the magic array in front of him, blasting towards the tentacle monster in front of him.

The tentacle monster looks at these golden long needle-shaped energy streams coming from the lasing.

Fortunately, like a heart, he lifted a tentacle of own, and with a sigh, a gray black energy mask appeared in front of it before the arrival of the long needle-shaped energy flow.

Ding! Ding! Ding...

The long needle-shaped energy flow collided in front of the energy shield, making a clear sound.

However, all the long needle-shaped energy was intercepted by Lu Yi, without exception.

This scene of Dr Strange seems to have been expected a long time ago, and there is nothing strange.

After the magical shock on the body, a powerful force dragged the tentacle monster into the Mirror Dimension.

Dr Strange is finally serious!

However, Mo Chen also lost the image of the two because of this. Without using some special abilities, Mo Chen's line of sight is still unable to cross dimensions.

"Just right, this time you can go and take a look in person!"

Holding a full bag of food, Mo Chen didn't hesitate. After stepping out, he walked in Mirror Dimension.

The pedestrians around did not have any panic or other emotions. A big living person disappeared out of thin air without causing any abnormalities. Mo Chen seemed to have never appeared before.

Mo Chen, who did not cause any movement, has come to Mirror Dimension.

Here Mo Chen also smoothly saw the fighting Dr Strange and tentacle monster.

It's just that Mo Chen has disappeared in time.

Dr Strange and tentacle monster did not discover the existence of Mo Chen.

The battle between them continued, and there was no abnormal stop due to the sudden appearance of Mo Chen.

Mo Chen was naturally extremely satisfied. He took out a seafood risotto from oneself's paper bag with food, and watched the battle between one person and tentacle monster.

Seriously, Dr Strange who entered Mirror Dimension was really fierce. All the scruples were gone and the strength broke out completely.


Like a missile exploding, a group of golden magic burst.

The building in Mirror Dimension that should be abandoned was directly destroyed, and the billowing smoke covered everything.

Dr Strange and tentacle monster were all caught in this billowing smoke and dust, and the residue of countless buildings also enveloped this person and tentacle monster.

Buried this person and tentacle monster.

Looking at these, Mo Chen felt quite painful.

Don't get me wrong, Mo Chen was not buried because of this person, a tentacle monster.

Because the dust is too big, Mo Chen can't intervene with take action casually.

The seafood risotto that Mo Chen had just eaten just a few bites was almost full of dust.

This tentacle monster simply is not worthy of Mo Chen's worry. Although the magic of the explosion is very strong, although the building collapses with great momentum, it is still impossible to hurt any of them.

And then, it also verified that Mo Chen was convinced of the German facts.



Two spheres, one gold and one black, suddenly pushed away the building debris that was pressing on them, and rushed out of the ruins of the building.

And these two balls, one gold and one black, are nothing but Dr Strange and tentacle monster.

The sphere is not a real sphere, but two energy shields.

This person, tentacle monster, used the energy of his own body and body to construct these two energy shields before the building collapsed.

Protected their own safety and let them rush out of the building at this time.

Mo Chen from the very beginning knows this, so naturally there will be no worries.

The battle between tentacle monster and Dr Strange continues!

Out of the ruins of the building, the tentacle monster is no longer satisfied with the defense, and begins to attack actively.

The tentacles on the body stretched to the limit of Dr Strange, who was standing still on the opposite side. The current tentacle monster is different from the previous tentacle monster.

The strength has become more powerful, and Dr Strange can only perceive the rapid twitching of Infinity's extended tentacles.

Dr Strange can no longer maintain his body and mentality at this time.

His face changed slightly, and a magic array appeared under his feet, and he slammed it hard to avoid the drawn tentacles.


Dr Strange escaped that tentacle, and the building behind him was not so lucky and was drawn directly.

A tall building was directly pulled off by the waist, and the area above the 8-Layer of the building slipped directly from the fracture, hitting the ground during the rumbling sound, and was broken into slag.

Dr Strange looked at all of this, his face changed more drastically, and his face looked more cautious when he looked at the tentacle monster.

Mo Chen, as a melon-eater who was watching a good show, could even clearly see a drop of cold sweat on the sideburns of Dr Strange, and he knew in his heart that he was obviously also frightened.

Mo Chen doesn't care about this. Mo Chen is more concerned about the abnormal reaction caused by this building after it was cut off.

"Looking at the battle between the two of them, it is really a torment. The dust is too big, and even the rice is not allowed to eat well!"

Mo Chen changed again To the own position, helplessly said.

Yes, Mo Chen cares more about this!

In order to prevent dust from appearing again, Mo Chen quickly finished the seafood risotto in oneself's hands.

Take out a taco that is not easily contaminated by dust, and continue to watch the battle between this man and tentacle monster.

The next battle is even more exciting, in order to prevent the tentacle monster from pulling out its own tentacles again.

Dr Strange used magic to produce a flower, and various magic arrays were twisted and used, and all kinds of magic were used at the first thought.

That is, the tentacle monster has the buff of Mo Chen, otherwise the tentacle monster is really not Dr Strange's opponent, even now it has a tendency to lose.

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