Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 258

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Correspondingly, the area where tentacle monster and Dr Strange are located is like a fiercely plough, and the ground sinks several hundred meters.

It's terrifying!

However, up to now, Mo Chen has figured out how far Dr Strange is, and the hidden strength has basically reached the level of the pseudo-heavenly father.

Even if Eye of Agamotto and Time Stone are not in his hands, he himself has reached this level with the help of some magical entities and special creatures.

At this time, Mo Chen finally had to sigh that the protagonist is not a protagonist, although it is strong enough, how long has it taken to have such strength, even if it is not his own strength.

Of course, with emotion, Mo Chen has no envy for the improvement of Dr Strange's strength.

Don’t forget, Mo Chen also writes Phoenix Force that continues to merge.

"This is the end of the test, and it doesn't make any sense anymore!"

Mo Chen finished speaking, and removed the protection of the tentacle monster!

At the same time that Mo Chen's protection was lifted, the tentacle monster, which could have been struggling to support, immediately became like an empty ball.

With a face full of disbelief, he was killed by Dr Strange's magic.

However, the tentacle monster's face is unbelievable, and Dr Strange is not much better.

He simply can't figure out what happened, nor can he figure out why the tentacle monster is suddenly strong and weak!

Knowing everything oneself wants to know, Mo Chen never thought of explaining something to the bewildered Dr Strange, turning around and leaving Mirror Dimension.

Although the current Dr Strange has reached the pseudo-heavenly parent level, it is still useless.

Under Mo Chen's attack, he couldn't hold up even a single move. The gap was too big to attract any curiosity from Mo Chen.

Therefore, Mo Chen didn't have any intention to continue to test him, let alone fight against him. It was really unnecessary.

"No matter who you are, I know you must exist. Since you have already appeared, why hide your head and show your tail?"

Mo Chen has not left yet, Dr Strange just swept before He was stunned and looked forward with a deep gaze, opening the mouth and said.

Dr Strange's sudden opening made Mo Chen who wanted to leave, his body and body stopped unconsciously.

I looked at Dr Strange amusedly afterwards, and couldn't help but secretly said in my heart: This product is also good enough.

I was able to infer that someone intervened in the battle between them in Mirror Dimension take action, but failed to find the right direction.

Dr Strange couldn't find the trace of Mo Chen's existence, but he was able to pass the feeling of being peeped just now.

As well as the abnormal strength of the tentacle monster, it was quickly inferred that there was a third person.

It is that his method is not extraordinary. Although he has guessed everything, but because he can't find Mo Chen, he is a bit like a fool now.

He looked forward with a deep gaze, but Mo Chen was standing not far from his side.

The direction is a million miles apart. In the eyes of Mo Chen, Dr Strange is really stupid!

"Since you dare to do it, don't you dare to stand up and admit it?"

Seeing that Mo Chen didn't mean to appear, Dr Strange said again.

Dr Strange uses the radical method!

Looking at Dr Strange, who used the radical method, Mo Chen didn't mean to be fooled at all, and simply left without staying at all.

"I don't mean anything against you? Don't you dare to come out like this? Do you really want to be a villain with a hidden head and a bare tail?"

Dr Strange Did not discover the fact that Mo Chen has actually left.

After looking at the air in front of him in silence for a long time, he once again stimulated Mo Chen.

However, obviously his stimulation is destined to be useless.

Mo Chen has already left the Mirror Dimension, only the endless air and the environment indistinguishable from reality.

After this stimulation, Dr Strange remained silent for a long time.

Seeing that there is still no movement around, Dr Strange finally can't bear it...

The golden rays of light on his hands slowly surfaced. A huge magic array under Dr Strange's feet began to slowly appear.

"Since you refuse to take the initiative to stand up, then let me force you to come out!"

Mo Chen Dr Strange's voice fell, and the magic array under his feet suddenly burst out Strong rays of light.

A golden rays of light is like a golden ripple, in the Mirror Dimension, with itself as the center, it continuously expands towards all around.

Golden rays of light with terrifying power, towards the midway of scattering all around, burst out the formidable power of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, all the buildings swept turned into fragments, There are no exceptions.

This golden rays of light has been sweeping through several tens of thousands of li, and everything in it has been swept thoroughly.

The earth was even ploughed by fiercely. Within several tens of thousands of li, the only one that is still intact is Dr Strange oneself.

"No? Did I guess wrong? Or did he leave?" Dr Strange said embarrassedly.

No matter which one of the two guesses he had thought about, he couldn't help but make him feel embarrassed and embarrassed.

The first guess came true, which means that he just talked to himself in the empty Mirror Dimension, like a fool who said a lot of nonsense.

The second guess came true, and that was even worse!

It means that he talked to himself like a idiot and was seen by others, and ignored him, and chose to leave directly, letting him go further and further on the road of the idiot, and wasted a big move. .

Even if he has experienced too much lately, and his mind has been very mature, he still can't help his face flushed, like a fire.

"Extraordinary shame and humiliation, extraordinary shame and humiliation! I hope there will be no one just now, or else my life will be wise and lost!" Dr Strange couldn't help but began to pray.

It’s just that his prayers are of no use, and his stupid appearance has been shown to him by Mo Chen.

However, Dr Strange should be thankful that Mo Chen is no one else, and the social circle is very narrow.

He knows that these things will not be spread randomly. Dr Strange is still the powerful Dr Strange.

Of course, these Dr Strange didn't know, he was worried and helpless now.


After a helpless sigh, in extreme desperation, Dr Strange opened a space door.

Walking into oneself's current site from the space gate, Earth was in one of the three Sanctums in New York and silently began to lick his own wound.

He did this. Mo Chen, who had left earlier, gave up his attention to Dr Strange and started his food journey again.

Started to scan the goods constantly, ignoring the eyes of the people around, eating all kinds of delicacies into the stomach like a bottomless pit.

This time, there were no accidents and no strange characters.

Mo Chen calmly enjoyed his food journey, eating from the street to the end of the street, and from the end of the street to the street.

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