Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 261

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As soon as Rogue's voice fell, the golden magic array in front of him suddenly exploded and burst out with a bright radiance.

This bright radiance turned into an invisible big hand and grabbed Deadpool Deadpool from the ground, floating in the sky.

"Take off!"

Deadpool does not have any fear, waving his own arms, making a swimming gesture, but he has nowhere to focus, without any The ability to act.

Looking at Deadpool in such a posture, Rogue didn't care at all. The palm of the hand attached to the magic array suddenly rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

The golden magic array in front of Rogue seemed to be driven by an invisible force and began to rotate extremely, and the Deadpool also followed the rotation under the constraints of the magic array.

"Ah! Ah!’s more enjoyable than making a big turntable!"

Deadpool bursts out, bursts of screams and screams, it looks like It's like entering an amusement park.

Rogue didn't get angry when he saw this. He looked at all this with a smile, letting Deadpool yell at will.

On the contrary, the women couldn't help showing a pity look at Deadpool.

The women who have been with Rogue day and night, they seem to know very well that Rogue must be holding back some ideas and preparing to rectify Deadpool.

Deadpool didn't know this, and yelled.

1 minute!

Deadpool yelled.

3 minutes!

Deadpool is still yelling.

5 minutes!

Deadpool vomited and stopped yelling.

10 minutes!

Deadpool has started to stop!

15 minutes!

Deadpool realized what life is better than death, and began to beg for mercy.

It's just that Rogue doesn't mean to stop. Whenever the magic array is about to stop, the Rogue jade hand will turn on the magic array, and the rotation continues.

Deadpool only feels that oneself all the blood has been squeezed into the head of own, and the face under the mask is flushed!

"Sister, aunt, aunt, aunt, I was wrong, I will give you a 20% discount? How about it?" Deadpool whirled, and cried sharply.

"After spinning for half an hour, there is only this discount? Well, I understand, I should continue, rest assured, I will help you transfer enough free time!"


This time Deadpool's turn is speechless!

Seriously, he really hasn't encountered such a battle, so many enemies, it's amazing to kill him directly.

Either you just unload him directly, or just throw him into the meat grinder, but there is really no such thing as cheating.

There is an old saying in the East: Only women and villains are difficult to raise. The ancients do not deceive me!

However, Deadpool is afraid to say this now. Who knows what Rogue will do next.

"Honestly, what do you want? Big sister!"

"I will compensate you, isn't this what you want?"

Said Then, Rogue turned on the magic array again.

Looking at Rogue turning around here, Deadpool's face turned green, and he shouted to Rogue: "Sister Pervert, are you trying to kill for money? How dare you? To me? I'm your creditor!"

After yelling, I yelled at some people around me who were holding cellphones, hiding in the corners, and pointing fingers: " Didn’t you see anyone abusing citizens? Hurry up and call the police who only get paid and do nothing. I am also a taxpayer! Although my annual tax payment is extremely limited!"

"You A mercenary who does everything, even has someone to call the police for you? Do you also have a face?"

Rogue heard Deadpool's words and said quite speechlessly.

"What's the use of face? Can it be eaten?"

"Maybe not...huh?"

As Rogue said, his eyes suddenly widened, releasing With a strong killing intent, one hand suddenly raised and raised, and he followed the owner behind and patted it.


A jet-black dagger was slapped by Rogue's palm and flew to the side.

When Rogue wanted to say something to Deadpool, someone attacked her behind her back and threw a dagger that made almost no sound at her.

If she hadn't permanently buffed a warning magic array on own, she might have been caught by a sneak attack.

Anyone who gets a sneak attack is in a bad mood, and Rogue is naturally no exception.

Even if there is no damage even by a sneak attack, after blocking the dagger, Rogue ignored the building hiding on the other side.

A guy in Deadpool waiting to rescue Deadpool turned his attention to sneak attack own person.

The person who wants to save Deadpool and the person from the sneak attack should be in the same group.

The sneak attack of the person behind provides an opportunity to save Deadpool, and the person hiding in front takes the opportunity to take action.

The plan of the two is not bad, and relying on the silent dagger just now, it succeeded by changing to a different person.

Unfortunately, they are not facing ordinary people, but Rogue, and then they are tragic.

Uh...not them either. Rogue is not interested in this person who wants to save Deadpool.

It's just a Deadpool, even if the recovery ability is strong enough, but in the eyes of Rogue is not an opponent, she cares more about the person who sneak attack own.

So, she directly ignored the guy who wanted to save Deadpool, and locked her own eyes on the sneak attack own person.

The moment she was caught by the sneak attack, she locked the sneak attack own person with her own mind. Even if she was hiding now, she still couldn't get rid of Rogue's sight.

"Do you need me to help you get her out?" Yuriko asked Rogue.

"No, I want to do it myself!"

After speaking in a cold voice, Rogue raised his own hand, brewing a lightning and threw it towards the hiding place of the sneak attack own person. .

Lightning Blink, roared straight out, right in the middle of the hiding place of the sneak attack own.

Even if this hiding person has dodged as quickly as possible, he is still rubbed by the shining lightning, and his red body is burnt black by the horrible electric current.

This person's body may have been strengthened. Under the premise of such a powerful electric and current rubbing, he did not suffer too serious injuries, but was numb and lost by the strong electric and current. The ability to act.

"This is the person who sneak attacked you? How come you look like a ninja!" Wanda couldn't help but said.

"It is indeed quite similar. Maybe it is a ninja. This world is very exaggerated. Many characters exist. It is not unusual to eat one or two more ninjas! "

While speaking, Rogue brewed lightning in the palm of his own, preparing to attack the sneak attacker lying on the ground again.

"Are you neglecting me?"

A familiar and humble voice suddenly came from behind the three of them.

This voice is very clear to them. It is the voice of Deadpool before.

Deadpool seems to have finally been released, and then wants to attack them.

In this regard, the women hadn't said anything yet, and Rogue had already taken the lead.

One turn, the palm full of Chaos Magic lightning grabbed the knife that was already not far away from Deadpool.

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