Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 262

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The sharp knife collided with the palm of the flesh, but the knife was like cutting on a special metal, and the sound of sharp metal collision erupted .

Rogue has nothing to do. Instead, Deadpool was hit by Rogue’s palm electric current.

The whole person is like an animated character, bursting out of wailing, posing in various poses in the air.

But that's the case, he didn't mean to give up the knife in his hand at all.

While bearing the attack of electricity and current, he tried his best to take back the own knife from Rogue's hand.

"This is...I..."

Rogue lazily struggled with this idiot, and let go of the blade in his hand.

Deadpool did not expect that Rogue would loosen the blade he was holding when oneself was talking. Before the words were finished, oneself would be flashed three or four meters away, like a bottle gourd on the ground.

However, he can no longer stand up.

After the electricity flow just now, the meat on his body has become half-ripe.

Together with the current, tsk tsk, which caused severe damage to him, it would take at least tens of seconds to recover to stand up.

"Then you are the only one left, do you want to stop me?"

Rogue asked the only remaining intact middle age person.

This middle age person is the one who saved Deadpool just now, and is the only one who is still standing.

Middle age person listened to Rogue’s words, but didn’t say anything, just took out two pistols from the back of own, and pointed the muzzle at Rogue’s feet. It’s already obvious what it meant. !

"Very good!"

Rogue was not scared by these two guns. When the voice fell, the whole person disappeared into the middle age person with lightning speed. In front of.

When the middle age person reacted, it was too late. A strong pain accompanied by an irresistible force hit his lower abdomen.

His whole person is also like a rag sack that is thrown high, and after drawing a beautiful arc in the air, it hits the ground heavily.

"You should also be thankful that you have no intention of killing me, and the muzzle refers to my feet instead of the key points, otherwise you are dead now!"

After talking to the middle age person who was lying on the ground and bowed like a prawn, Rogue turned around again and looked towards the sneak attack own woman.

"I have a reason to let go of this middle age person. He didn't have any intention of killing me, but there is no reason to let you go. Your dagger is aimed at my back heart. Killed my heart, so please go to death!"

A lightning lance condensed in the palm of Rogue's palm and threw it directly at the sneak attack own woman.

Zi zi's electric and flowing sound accompanied by lance's constant approach to this woman who wanted to sneak attack own.

It is foreseeable that once Lance hits this woman, then this person will undoubtedly die.

Seeing lance approaching her constantly, a huge red silhouette suddenly appeared beside this woman.

Before the lightning lance was about to hit the woman, in a flash held the woman's wrist and led her to avoid the lightning lance's attack.

Looking at all these women couldn't help but widen their eyes, looking at the red silhouette, it was like seeing a ghost.

The red silhouette that emerged suddenly, tall and fierce, with muscular discs, hard as a rock, and almost every piece of the waist of the girls.

But these are not the main points, nor is it the reason why the three Rogue girls suddenly changed like seeing ghosts.

Marvel world is full of muscle giant beasts like this, he may be very prominent, but it is definitely not the most exaggerated.

The reason why the women are surprised by this red silhouette is like seeing a ghost.

Completely with the appearance of this red silhouette and his red skin.

He looks too much like a person. If it weren't for his skin is not green, the three Rogue daughters would almost admit their mistakes.

"Why is Hulk so big like Bruce Banner transformed into Hulk? It doesn't matter if it's tall, even looks the same!" Wanda couldn't help but said.

"Who knows, but it looks like it just looks like it, not Bruce Banner."

"But why is it so like? is it possible that it's Bruce Banner blood relationship Who?"

Wanda is still quite entangled with the appearance of this red giant, and asked again.

"Perhaps because of the use of Bruce Banner blood!"

After being silent for a long time, Yuriko gave a fairly pertinent explanation.

"Do you know anything?"

When Yuriko said that, Wanda-asked quickly.

"I have heard from the master that Bruce Banner's blood is very special and contagious. It can affect a person through some special methods."

"Master I also said that the first time he faced an enemy, he faced a monster transformed by his blood! The situation of this one should be similar, but the skin changed in the end!"

"It's so? So that means this guy may have the same abilities as Banner?"

"This is really hard to say, although the owner said that the transformed creature may have some abilities , But the specific situation is unknown. This one may have some special abilities. This can be seen in the eyes of this guy!"

Following Yuriko’s words, the girls looked towards the red giant’s eyes, Sure enough, I saw some differences.

This guy's eyes are too clear. Bruce Banner didn't have such a pair of clear eyes after such a long time of hard work. He still had an abnormal look in his eyes.

He didn't!

Bruce Banner with the help of Mo Chen couldn't do it. Even more how is him. There are problems in this. The biggest possibility is from the very beginning. He is sane.

The women couldn't help being surprised. They didn't know that the most surprised was not them, but the red giant standing on the side watching them.

From the very beginning, he looked at the girls. Because of the distance, he naturally heard the discussion between the girls, heard that they knew Bruce Banner, heard one of them There is also a character like a master.

Inevitably, he was surprised!

He is not an ordinary person, he knows a lot of secrets, and he knows that his own ability comes from Bruce Banner.

The words of the girls made him start to think about the connection, which naturally produced surprise, even shock and pain!

If they are really as he guessed, if they are really the same as he thought, then they are really big.

At this moment, the power gained became extremely powerful, and the confidence a hundred times greater than the previous red giant became uneasy, and even lost the ability of language for a while.

Finally recovered some, he quickly said: "Sorry, my subordinates did too much, I am here to apologize for them!"

Yes, He is subdued!

He may not be afraid of the girls, but he is afraid of the person behind the girls who looks like a god or a monster.

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