Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 263

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"You are good to talk!" Rogue said slowly.

Hearing Rogue’s tone slower, the red giant couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. If the tone is relaxed, it means there is a chance to alleviate all of this. OK.

"I know that my subordinates are doing too much, but they also paid their own price for it. Wade was scorched and Erica became half-dead. Can it be my opinion? Let them spare you face?"

"Your face? Who are you?"

"Army four-star general, Will Smith!" said the red giant.

"You? A four-star general? Are you sure you are not kidding?" Rogue couldn't help but said in shock.

To be honest, there is nothing special about a military person being strengthened and being transformed with Bruce Banner's blood. The military will always do this.

But it is a bit unacceptable to make a four-star admiral the way it is now. How can I listen to it?

"Although this sounds a bit unbelievable, it is indeed true. I don’t mean anything to be joking!"

"So, please look at my In terms of face, in the face of the United States, I can let go of my subordinates!"

"This is a military special forces unit?"

"Yes Yes!" Will Smith hesitated and said still.

"Well, I will give you this face!" Rogue thought for a while, and finally said.

Although Rogue is not afraid of the US government and military, but also does not want to cause too much trouble for Mo Chen, and finally chose to let these people dare to provoke the owner.

"many thanks!"

After the red giant expressed his gratitude to his own, for fear that Rogue would suddenly regret it, he walked out with his three subordinates.

Just before they waited for them to leave like this, a male voice suddenly sounded and stopped them who wanted to leave.


Listening to the male voice from behind own, the red giant was taken aback for a moment, and then, as if he realized something, his huge body couldn't help it. Trembles.

Although there are some people around here who are not afraid of death, they are holding the cellphone to shoot, and they are doing something that feels very cool, believing oneself infallible.

However, he doesn't feel that these people have the courage to stop him. He is very clear about his situation, and the power of the whole body is not mentioned for the time being.

Only his appearance is the kind that Ghost God retreats. Even if Ghost God is like this, other humans are inevitable.

These hidden humans, no matter how bold they are, they dare not have any idea to stop him.

At this time, considering the identities of the women again, the identities of the people who called them behind have become clear.

The red giant guessed so, and then stiffly turned to the direction where the sound came from, looked towards the man who transmitted the sound.

In an instant, a thunder struck the red giant's mind. As if he had guessed it, a silhouette that completely overlapped with the figure in his mind appeared in front of him.

"Sir, it's really an honor to meet you!"

red giant Will Smith said to the person in front of him with trembling teeth.

He had already guessed that the girls were related to Mo Chen, but that was just a guess.

But now that the guess has come true, Mo Chen just appeared in front of him.

Yes, the silhouette that appeared is not someone else's silhouette, it is the silhouette of Mo Chen, and the ontology of Mo Chen has come.

"Me too!"

Mo Chen glanced at the admiral with interest, and said: "You don't have to be too scared, I am not interested in you. Even if you really used Banner's blood to become a red giant!"

Yes, Mo Chen doesn't care about this general's transformation.

Even if the other party's identity is special, there is nothing special about appearing like this, let alone similar incidents that have appeared in comics.

However, it is not this admiral who appears as a red giant in the comics.

It's General Ross before, and now this is the product of plot correction that's all.

Mo Chen is naturally nothing strange, even because the other party is a red giant and has no interest at all.

The Red Giant is different from Abomination, and it is not easy to Hulk. Even like the Red Giant of General Ross, his power source is all kinds of radiation. The stronger the absorbed radiation, the stronger the power.

However, Mo Chen's disinterest caused the red giant Will Smith's complexion to change rapidly, and the whole person was not good.

Since Mo Chen is not interested in him, why does Mo Chen appear here?

Could it, isn't it? He came because of the girls.

With this kind of thought, how can Will Smith remain calm? There is an urge to throw out the two pits on oneself’s shoulders, and then set a distance from them , Which means it has nothing to do with oneself.

Just before he could do this, Mo Chen suddenly spoke up again, dispelling the thought in his mind.

"Don't worry, I didn't come here to trouble you. Since Rogue is willing to let you go, then I respect her thoughts.

I didn't interfere with her thoughts either. Meaning, I'm here for another thing!"

Starting from Rogue alone, Mo Chen no longer interferes in Rogue's choice. Whatever she wants to do, Mo Chen will be unconditional whether it is right or wrong. Support, let alone such a trivial matter.

Mo Chen thinks this is a trivial matter, but Will Smith, the celebrity giant, doesn’t. Hearing Mo Chen say this, such as the amnesty, the overall sighed in relief, the useless guard Relaxed.

"Sir, what did you stop us for?"

Because knowing that Mo Chen can easily kill them, there is no need to lie to them, and Will Smith also I was able to ask easily...

"I am only interested in Deadpool!"

As long as it is a Transmigrator, there is nothing uninterested in Deadpool.

The reason for this is not because he dared to steal women from Thanos, nor because a version of him slaughtered Marvel, but because it broke the so-called fourth wall, often Talk to readers and writers.

He is really a rare creature like this. Every crossing over comes, I can’t help but want to study it and see if I can figure out what it is all about.

Mo Chen is naturally no exception. He wants to understand how the fourth wall broke.

Even if Deadpool finally enters a world similar to the real world.

I don’t say so much now. What is more reconciled now is what the red giant Will Smith thinks. Now Deadpool is his subordinate.

Although Will Smith is a red giant, he didn't mean to compete with Mo Chen. Hearing Mo Chen was interested in Deadpool, he lifted the Deadpool on oneself's shoulder directly.

"Hey, what do you want to do? Let me make it clear first, I was just hired, not really your subordinate!" Deadpool's humble voice came again.

But Deadpool didn't say so, that's all. In this way, the only hesitation in the heart of the red giant Will Smith finally dissipated thoroughly, and he threw Deadpool to the ground more quickly.

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