Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 264

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"Sir, Deadpool is here!"

After finishing speaking, the red giant Will Smith turned the eyes of oneself's expectation to Mo Chen.

Mo Chen did not disappoint him either, and said: "You go!"

After that, Will Smith, the red giant who left without having to escape, turned his own eyes to Deadpool lying on his side on the ground with his head in one hand, with a distressed look of Deadpool.

"If you look at me like this, I can only tell you that I only like women and I am not interested in men at all. It is impossible for me to bend me!"

Deadpool really has the urge to disintegrate the mind, even if it is Mo Chen.

Mo Chen feels that his own temperament is quite good, but he faces Deadpool Deadpool Wade.

Mo Chen found that he still thinks too much, and his temperament also needs to be improved.

Deadpool Deadpool Wade, a strong man with a big mouth, has really filled his taunting skills. Anytime, anywhere, at every moment, there is a special kind of wanting to break his senses. impulse.

However, fortunately, Mo Chen also knows that the current focus is not on outbreaks, but on other things.

"Do you know me?"

Mo Chen said to Deadpool headlessly.

"I don't know! The world is so big and there are so many people. How old are you, I will know you?"

"Do you think I am special?"

Mo Chen didn't care about his tone of voice, and continued to question him without thinking.

"What do you want to do, first say yes, I am not interested in men, you are forcing me, and I will not give in!"

Deadpool Wade suddenly sat up and held his hands Own said with a scared expression on his face.

Calm down! calm!

Now is not the time to get angry!

In the heart so persuaded oneself, and barely calmed down oneself, then said: "I, male gender, hobby female, I have no interest in such a shabby oily fruit like you!"


"Who knows? Maybe some people's hobby is so weird, how else would they ask such a question!"


Mo Chen owns a string called reason in this brief moment broke.

I didn't even bother to ask Deadpool any more seemingly nonsense questions, raised oneself's punch-bag big fist, and hit Deadpool.

Seeing Mo Chen's fist, Deadpool was already mentally prepared.

Pull out the double knives that he had been holding for a long time, and then slashed at Mo Chen.

Deadpool is a little bit ridiculous, makes people’s senses a little easier to collapse, and a little stronger, but in the final analysis it is still that powerful and transformed undying mercenary.

Everything he did just now had his purpose. It was to stimulate Mo Chen and try to see if Mo Chen could be controlled.

Although Mo Chen has never made a move, he put him down from the red giant Will Smith without the slightest hesitation.

You can see how powerful Mo Chen is, and he will also worry, and then he will have everything that happened just now. He wants to destroy his sanity and seek opportunities.

It’s just that Mo Chen’s sanity collapsed, but the chances are gone.

Looking at the double knives in Deadpool's eyes, Mo Chen flashed a mocking look in his eyes. He suddenly changed his skills halfway, and flicked his fingers on the double knives.

clang! clang!

The double knives in Deadpool's hands were directly released. After flying for a while, they pierced the concrete floor and walls.

Deadpool couldn't help but began to shake his hands, but he could no longer pay attention to it.

Mo Chen changed his moves again, his hand turned into a fist again, and this fist was constantly enlarged in front of his eyes.

Deadpool has shifted the owner's head as much as possible, but it was still too late, and an uncontrollable pain appeared on his head.

Then his whole head flew backwards uncontrollably, leaping high!

However, before he could fall, Mo Chen bullied himself up again.

The fist fell on Deadpool's body like raindrops, and the crackling sound was like rain beating against a banana tree.

And with it is Wade's wailing!

It stands to reason that Wade has long been accustomed to suffering, not to mention being hit by a fist, even if it is cut off.

He has endured a lot of pain in his life. The pain of being chopped, thrown into a meat grinder, burned, etc. is higher than that of being hit by a fist.

The problem now is that this is not the case. The pain caused by Mo Chen's fist exceeds the sum of all the pain he has suffered before.

"Why...could...Is that so?"

Wade didn't care about the others, and wailed and yelled intermittently.

However, Mo Chen didn't care at all. His fists kept falling on Wade's body, causing him unbearable pain.

Such pain lasted for more than 5 minutes, and did not stop until Mo Chen was upset.

However, the Deadpool at this time has become a lumps of lumps, shrunk into a ball, looking at Mo Chen, as if being a little girl by that, his eyes were full of fear.

"This is the end of your talkative talk, and the next time I will give you a few more punches, do you know?"

"I got it!" Wade whispered .

Seeing that Wade didn't talk much this time, Mo Chen was satisfied and nodded.

"Mo Chen, how did you do it?" Rogue asked curiously.

Although she has been in contact with Wade not long ago, she also knows about Deadpool.

Rogue is full of curiosity about Mo Chen trifling's act of beating Wade with a fist.

"In fact, there is nothing more than using magic to condense all the pain he has suffered in his life, and then release it through his fists!"

"The Touch of the Limit ?" Rogue said after thinking about it.

"Yes, that's it!"

The touch of the limit is also the name of the magic used by Mo Chen.

This is a special kind of magic used for torture, a type of black magic, which can extract and condense the pain that the target has encountered throughout his life, and then act on the target.

Most people encounter this kind of magic, in fact, it's okay, they may not be unbearable.

But something like Wade won't work. Who knows how many times he died.

How much pain I suffered during the period, and now that the pain is condensed, the result can be imagined.

This magic is specially created to target those hard bones that have been in battle for a long time.

"I knew this magic was useful, I didn't have to waste so much time just now!" Rogue couldn't help but said.

"It’s not too late to know now. Remember this magic. In fact, this magic will also play a lot in the future. It is very useful against some disgusting enemies, such as Deadpool Wade! By the way, so are you!" Mo Chen pointed to Rogue suggested.

Mo Chen's suggestion, the women really remembered the owner's heart, and they were determined to carry forward this magic.

Wade watched this scene, inevitably a feeling of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune rose in his heart.

When I thought that people would suffer such magic later, the pain that still existed in my body disappeared a lot.

Deadpool taking pleasure in other people's misfortune, but his taking pleasure in other people's misfortune did not last long.

Because Mo Chen once again turned his own eyes on him.

He has a psychological shadow facing Mo Chen now, watching Mo Chen turn his own eyes to him.

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