Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 265

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He could no longer take pleasure in other people's misfortune, he couldn't help but tightened, and carefully looked towards Mo Chen.

"I think we can now talk about the question I just asked?" Mo Chen said to Deadpool Wade.

What can Deadpool say, nodded carefully.

"Please tell me!"

"Well, I am very satisfied with your attitude. Where did I just say it? By the way, do you think I am special!"


Mo Chen's heart was shaken, and he said again: "Yes? Where am I special?"

"Your strength is very Strong, and very..."

Wade originally wanted to be cruel, but he thought that I was a fish.

In the end, he didn't say anything, but fell silent, holding back what oneself wanted to say.

"It's just these?"

"Aren't these enough?"

Wade subconsciously replied, but after this sentence, I couldn’t Don't stop.

He was afraid of oneself because his mouth was too broken, and he was tortured by Mo Chen.

Mo Chen didn't pay much attention to Wade's expression. Now all his attention is on Wade's words.

Mo Chen seems to have no thoughts, but in fact he is just testing what he thinks in his mind.

"It's not enough, go on! Do you know something special?"

"What special thing? Don't understand what you are talking about?" Wade shook the head , Said.

After listening to Wade's words, Mo Chen couldn't help but fell into deeper thinking.

After this conversation, he has a certain degree of judgment in his mind.

Perhaps Wade has not broken the fourth wall, or maybe I am not within the scope of his knowledge.

Just not to mention that he knows this world is a comic world, but he doesn’t know if everyone is a comic character.

Mo Chen thought of this in his mind. At the same time Mo Chen thought so.

Mo Chen turned his own gaze to Wade's body, what he thought in his mind has been tested, then it is time to take the next step.

Mo Chen is still very interested in the ability to break the fourth wall.

Regardless of the specific result, there is nothing wrong with Wade's ability to break the fourth wall. Mo Chen can obtain this ability from him.

Wade also seems to have sensed Mo Chen’s harboring malicious intentions from Mo Chen’s gaze, and couldn’t help showing an ugly smile at Mo Chen.

"Your question is finished, may I go now?"

Wade swears that he has never been so respectful before, but in this brief moment, he is Had to be respectful.

Otherwise, what is waiting for him is probably a very bad situation.

He can deeply understand this point from Mo Chen's eyes.

"I'm afraid not!"

"No? Why?"

"I am quite interested in some of your abilities, so you need to Let me study it!"

What I was thinking in my heart really came true!

After leaving such a sentence in Own’s heart, Wade swallowed, and cautiously said, "Isn’t it? You are so strong, and you are still interested in my abilities? even more how I You won’t be able to study the abilities!"

Although part of his abilities comes from the variant genes of Wolverine, more of them come from Thanos. Wade knows these and naturally will These are said.

"What I want is not the ability you think, so don't let your mind be distracted! You, I have decided to study!"

"It's useless for you to study me! Let me be honest with you, part of my genes comes from variant genes of Wolverine, and he gave me part of the super-rapid healing ability."

"But more of my ability comes from Thanos’ curse, I Because I often go back and forth on the edge of life and death, I often see Ms. Death, so I can’t help but molested."

"Ms. Death seems to favor me very much, and doesn’t care about my molesting. Thanos can’t see this."

"He is one of the suitors of Ms. Death. In order to prevent me from pursuing Ms. Death, he cursed me! Let me live undying forever, no Be able to get close to Ms. Death!"

Deadpool finished such a long sentence in a long and long way, and in the end there was still not enough meaning. For him, a strong man, he was really anxious just now.

"Are you finished?" Mo Chen asked calmly.

"Reluctantly finished!" Wade was taken aback, somewhat strange.

Mo Chen's expression is not right, it doesn't look like he knows secrets.

"I know all of what you said, and I am also not interested in the ability that Thanos curses you for you. What I want to study is also your other ability, which you don’t know now. I don’t even have the ability to discover!"

"Does it?"

"Yes, but you don’t know that’s all! I didn’t even think about whether you would believe it, you You just need to know that you don’t have any retreat, only the one that I have studied!"

"Are there no exceptions?"

"There are no exceptions Anyway, you need to accept it!"

Mo Chen has never thought about giving Wade any right to choose. He can only go by being studied.

"Well, I will cooperate! Can you ask? When will I be free?" Wade could only compromise in the end.

"You will always be free from now on, but when necessary, you need to cooperate with me, that's it!" Mo Chen said to Wade.

Now that Wade has not broken the fourth wall, it is not clear how to break the fourth wall.

Mo Chen can swallow his body with spores in order to gain power, but it is troublesome to swallow it without knowing anything.

Just put him in stock first, and when he breaks the fourth wall, he will swallow his body, and then it will be convenient, the ability has been shown, and you can use it whatever you want!

If it can be swallowed a few more times, Wade's body will get more of the same ability buff together, maybe it can really break the fourth wall.

This is Mo Chen's plan!

Wade’s situation is different from that of ordinary people. He is truly undying.

Even if the body still has one cell, it can return to normal and the body will recover.

This also makes his situation very special. As long as there is a little cell left for him before each swallowing, Mo Chen can use spores to swallow Wade. I don't know how many times.

Maybe, the ability can be superimposed on Mo Chen's body.

The fourth wall is a special existence. If you don’t break it, you simply cannot do without this world.

Mo Chen also had the idea of ​​going to other Marvel worlds to take a look, and the system has to be extracted by oneself.

Naturally, Mo Chen will not miss this ability, nor will he miss this opportunity.

Wade didn't know about Mo Chen's plot against. He was still puzzled by what Mo Chen had said before.

"You mean, you don't forbid my freedom?"

After thinking about it for a long time without gaining anything, Wade finally couldn't help but asked Mo Chen.

"Naturally, you still can't meet my research needs. I can only give you some free time first. Don't worry, you heard it right!" Mo Chen said to Wade.

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