Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 266

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Mo Chen doesn't need the current Wade to let oneself study it, so he can naturally leave him.

"So, in other words, I can go now?" Wade was still dubious, and asked Mo Chen uncertainly.

"Yes, you can go anytime!"

Wade was finally convinced. While watching Mo Chen's expression, he took a step out of his doubts.

Seeing that Mo Chen didn't have any strange expressions, step by step, he walked out carefully and carefully.

Looking at Mo Chen again, without any special reaction, Wade finally took his direction completely.

I didn't care about anything else. I put my hands on a fence, jumped over, sprinted away, like a ghost chasing him.

"It seems that I really left a lot of psychological shadow in his heart!"

Mo Chen looked at Wade's cheerful back and said.

"Master, is it really okay for you to let him go like this? I always feel that this guy might do something!" Rogue said to Mo Chen.

This is natural. Rogue may only be able to guess that Wade is not simple, or simply say it is dangerous, but Mo Chen is very clear that Wade is really dangerous.

Although he seems to have nothing special, that is, an undying body can take take action, but Mo Chen is very clear that this product is slaughtered by his undying body Marvel.

Avengers and some other organizations and Superhero have been killed by this product, just think that Professor X has been caused by him.

However, Mo Chen has no worries. He has insurance measures.

"Don't worry, I have anticipated this a long time ago, so I gave him a big gift, which can help me control his position and everything about him, and even control him when necessary!"


Rogue very cleverly guessed Mo Chen's dark hand, and asked Mo Chen.

"Yes, spores! And it's not just a spore! Absolutely foolproof!"

Mo Chen also knows very well that Wade's battle method is very bloody. It's very relaxing with one hand, one foot, and so on. There are a lot of things that are unhappy in every battle.

In order to prevent all this from causing problems, Mo Chen prepared a thousand spores on his body, which were densely distributed throughout his body.

Unless he can destroy the own body and the spores in an instant, and reshape the body with a piece of flesh and blood without any problems, simply don't want to get out of Mo Chen's control.

This is something that has never happened before. Putting a thousand spores on a slightly special person is just thinking about it. Wade is a pioneer.

"Master, then I can rest assured!"

Although I haven't thoroughly figured out how many spores Mo Chen has prepared.

But since Mo Chen said it is foolproof, then he believes that Mo Chen must be foolproof, that is, he didn't say anything more.

"By the way, master, how did you appear here? Shouldn't you still absorb solar radiation in the sun?" Rogue asked Mo Chen.

Compared to whether Wade is out of control, she is more curious about this!

"It was originally true, but the array of chaotic warning demons that sensed you suddenly fluctuated. I worried about you, and then turned my own eyes on where you were. I saw everything you did, and I saw it again. Wade, then came!"

Initially, Mo Chen didn't intend to come. After all, Rogue didn't have any danger at all.

It was not Mo Chen that said, or the red giant personally got on it, and he would only be killed in the end!

But after seeing Wade, Mo Chen changed his mind. Out of curiosity about Wade's ability to break the fourth wall, Mo Chen came, and then there was everything now.

"It turns out that this is the case, so what does the master plan to do next? Go back to the sun, continue to absorb solar radiation?" Rogue asked Mo Chen.

"Forget it, although the suggestion to continue to absorb solar radiation is good, but it's all here, there is no need to go back right away, aren't you going to go shopping?"

"Well, what's the matter?" Wanda couldn't help but said expectantly.

"I'll go with you. It's been a long time since I get along with you. I'm unhurried to absorb solar radiation at this time!" Mo Chen said with a smile.

When Mo Chen said this, they couldn't help laughing.

It's been a long time since I went out to play together. This time Mo Chen is willing to go out with them. They are really happy.

"Do you have any places to go?"

"Many, do you have time all day today?"

"Yes!" Mo Chen said with a bitter smile.

Anyway, I agreed, I can’t say no!

"That's good, we may have to go to many places this time, and you will need it all day long!"

"Well, then!"


Hearing Mo Chen's more helpless voice, the smiles on the women's faces deepened.

In the end, Mo Chen was helpless, and went shopping with the women.

Everyone often says that shopping with a woman is a very scary thing, and women who pursue beauty can’t rub a grain of sand in their eyes.

They will tirelessly let you try one by one item until you try the most suitable thing.

At the same time, they can't help but shop around. Even if they encounter something really suitable, they won't buy it right away, but hesitate.

Because they firmly believe that there are better things in the next store.

For this reason, few men are willing to go shopping with women, especially multiple women.

Mo Chen is naturally inevitable. He does not like to go shopping with women, especially after shopping with a few women.

A woman can't help but want to let the person next to oneself try something constantly while shopping.

Not to mention these women. Several women can already take part in a play, even more like a few hundred ducks.

The result can be imagined!

Try this one for a while, and another one for a while. From the beginning of shopping, Mo Chen's ears have not been cleaned, and he has been troubled by it.

But Mo Chen just couldn't say anything. After all, it was something he agreed to, so what's the matter with sudden repentance? Especially remorse with the own woman.

Looking at chirp chirp twitter twitter, the three women who kept gesturing to own body, Mo Chen really broke down, and I can't wait to buy all these Evil Origin directly.

Mo Chen is not short of money at all. Looking at the three girls who are constantly picking and choosing, Mo Chen can't wait to buy all the shops directly.

So they don't have to pick, it's all theirs.

But unfortunately, this is just to think about it!

Not because of lack of money, Mo Chen is now poor and only has money left. As long as the United States is willing to sell, it will not be a problem to buy the entire United States.

The reason why I only think about it is that the women did not allow Mo Chen to buy the places they visited. They felt that there was no fun at all in this way.

In the own shop, you can pick and take things casually. There is no such thing as a refreshing purchase. What they pursue is not vanity, but the process of buying things.

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