Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 267

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They naturally disagree, vanity or something, that is, other women pursue them, they all don't pursue these.

However, for this reason, Mo Chen had no choice but to say that oneself had to go shopping with a few women, going back and forth in various stores, until the early morning.

Yes, it's wee hours!

Just as the women said at first, they really spent Mo Chen shopping all day.

If it is not because it is too late, most of the shops have closed, then it may last longer.

"Are you happy to go shopping today this time?"

Holding dozens of bags for the girls, Mo Chen asked them.

"Of course I am happy, I haven't even been so happy for a long time!"

Rogue said while playing with a limited couple bracelet on oneself's wrist.

Because of this couple's bracelet, several women almost got into a fight. They all like this bracelet.

But no one is willing to let it go, and they want to take it with Mo Chen.

Until later, Mo Chen made a few of the same on the spot, and at least this is the past.

"If you are happy, we are going back?" Mo Chen asked.

"Let's go back! It's not interesting to wander around in the big evening. If someone jumps out and disturbs our interest in not going away, then it's not good!" Wanda said bluntly.

In the U.S., especially in the U.S. of Marvel, the day is the day for the successful people, and the night is the night for the gangsters and dark creatures. There are countless gangsters and dark creatures at night. Seeing people's activities.

When you go out at night, you lose not only money, but also your life and body. Compared with an ordinary person, this world is very dangerous.

Of course, Mo Chen and the others are not afraid. These gangsters and dark creatures who are very threatening to ordinary persons can be destroyed at their hands, but they are also afraid of being disgusted, especially at this time.

However, sometimes, I am really afraid of something.

Wanda just said that there would be who jumped out, and someone really jumped out right after that. Several sneaky silhouettes appeared on the corner of the street and looked towards them.

They are all powerhouses of sharp ears and keen eyes. Naturally, these sneaky silhouettes can't hide from them, and they are caught in their eyes.

A big Gold Chain, a crooked hat, a hip-hop outfit, a foul-mouthed whispered mouth, and a green light in the eyes of a few women, who said that these people are good people who believe it!

Looking at them, Mo Chen and the others are really disgusting.

"You little crow's mouth!" Mo Chen cursed with a helpless smile.

Wanda is also quite helpless, she just talked casually, who ever thought that someone really came out, or a few men who had coveted them.

They think that oneself can cover up very well, and their natural skin color makes them stand in the dark corner, almost blending with the darkness, but they never thought that they had been exposed long ago.

However, Mo Chen and the others were really disgusted, and the accumulated interest directly dissipated a lot.

"Or should I take care of it?" Wanda suggested in a low voice.

"No, let me come! You guys finally come out for a stroll, there is no need to be out of interest, I just come!"

"Where are we? "

"You go back first, it may be a little bloody next!"


The girls didn't say anything, open The space gate each minding their own business returned home, leaving only Mo Chen to finish.

Watching Rogue and the others leave, Mo Chen is accustomed to it. Naturally, he didn't show up, but the group of men is not good enough, all of them are about to stare out.

But it is also very clear in their hearts that they have kicked the iron.

It's just that they haven't done anything yet, they are restrained in place by a powerful force.

Before doing anything, I was crushed into powder by a special force again, and there was no sound in the whole process.

"I know that it will disturb our interest, now I know that I regret it, but unfortunately it is too late!"

Several men never dreamed that oneself would kick such a thick iron plate.

Don't talk about the silly things like a fracture at the end of the collision, you will be directly broken into pieces.

Under the action of Mo Chen's powerful force, it turned into several pools of flesh and blood piled up on the ground.

If it weren’t for some fragments and other things to prove that this was once a person, I’m afraid no one would think that this was once a person.

This is destined to be a tragedy.

Looking at the pools of flesh and blood on the ground, Mo Chen didn't mean to stay either.

At night, there is naturally no who, everyone is afraid of gangsters and some special existence.

However, there are always a few people coming during the day, and it's not good if you scare them.

So, simply, Mo Chen waved his hand, blowing all the pools of flesh and blood into powder, dissipating into the sky, and there were no traces of the existence of these men, even the remnants of flesh and blood. .

This may also be a kind of retribution! Who can distinguish clearly.

After dealing with these pools of flesh and blood, Mo Chen did not intend to stay anymore, and disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he had already appeared in the owner's house, in front of the women.

The girls seem to be waiting for Mo Chen. The clothes and jewelry they bought were not received in the owner's room, and they were just placed next to the owner.

"Why? Are you still worried that something will happen to me?"

Mo Chen looked at the things beside them, raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked them with a smile.

"That's not true, it's just waiting for you!" Rogue said stiffly.

"Really? Maybe! Would you like me to help you pack it up? Look at these large and small bags, it may take a long time for you to pack it up by yourself!" Mo Chen asked them again.

Listening to Mo Chen's words, the women couldn't help feeling warm in their hearts, but they didn't let Mo Chen do this.

"No, according to your preferences, the things that oneself likes are what we girls like to do the most. You don’t need your help. You should go to own things. After all, we have wasted you. It's time!"

A few of them are not rude women making trouble, and delaying Mo Chen for a day is the limit they can do.

More, but they are unwilling to oneself.

So, this time, they didn't mean to bother Mo Chen at all. They were very considerate to let Mo Chen do the own thing.

Mo Chen also expressed an indifferent expression and did not refuse. After talking to Rogue and others, he walked into the own room.

Then enter the sun through the space door in the own room, continue to absorb solar radiation, and start a lonely life again.

In the sun, everything that you can see is the same color. It is interesting when the time is short. Long time is meaningless. On the contrary, it is very uncomfortable because of the light here.

Ordinary people, even if they can survive here, can’t bear to stay here for a long time. Here, it’s like a squat confinement room. It’s nothing short of time. Even a mental disorder may get it over time. come out.

Mo Chen will naturally not have such a situation. Instead, Mo Chen regards this as a sharpening.

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