Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 268

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In this way, we continuously improve our own temperament and help oneself control the power of continuous improvement.

Mo Chen's terrifying brainpower, 100% control over oneself, allows Mo Chen to perfectly control the power of oneself's continuous increase.

Even if the force of a planet's gravity is suddenly increased, Mo Chen will not let oneself damage any furniture.

With these, the temperament seems to be nothing at first glance, it seems dispensable, but it is not the case.

Although this is not a world of the Eastern system, temperament is also very important in some cases. If there is not enough temperament, some problems will inevitably occur.

If there is not enough temperament, there will often be some problems. The simpler ones are confused. Most Superhero have this problem.

Suddenly gaining strength, but still doing everything with the previous mentality, triggering a series of chain reactions.

What is more complicated is a variety of constantly emerging personalities. Although this situation is a little less, it is not without it.

For example, it is the Hulk in Bruce Banner's consciousness and the nihility in the sentinel's consciousness. They are all other personalities...

Mo Chen doesn't want such a situation, so It also pays great attention to the cultivation of temperament.

Having finally obtained such a powerful strength, I haven't enjoyed it yet. If oneself is suddenly replaced by a personality that emerges and controls everything that oneself controls, wouldn't it be embarrassing.

With lessons learned, how could Mo Chen not care about this issue.

Mo Chen has always polished his own temperament with loneliness, so that his heart sinks and his mood improves.

Therefore, Mo Chen has never had the meaning of split personality. Even if he is really confused sometimes, he can quickly adjust it.

This can be considered a good aspect of absorbing solar radiation in the sun to increase power.

Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the improvement of Mo Chen's strength, which is the most important.

After more than ten hours of rest in the sun, Mo Chen finally woke up slowly from his sleep.

Although there is no movement in the sun.

But as long as these movements can be blocked, it is still a very good place to sleep. At least it is quiet and safe. Don't worry about being disturbed.

Mo Chen has slept like this for more than ten hours. Without interruption by one person, sleeping on Earth will be like sleeping here.

I remember that after experimenting in Reid’s building, when he slept in the room he prepared for oneself, he was awakened, and then he couldn’t sleep anymore. On Earth, it can't be compared to here.

However, speaking of Reid and that experiment, Mo Chen suddenly remembered that the experiment seems to have been going on for a long time, and there should be some results!

Thinking in my heart, Mo Chen's original plan to continue to absorb solar radiation in the sun for the next period of time has to be cancelled. He is going to see the results of the experiment.

"Hope not to let me down!"

With that, Mo Chen didn’t stay any longer, opening the way to the dimension of Asgard from the inside of the sun. The door, and then stepped over.

Of course, Mo Chen has not forgotten to take some protective measures to isolate the flames around oneself from the hot high temperature, so that the temperature of the own body surface can be lowered.

On the other side of the door to the dimension of Unicom Asgard opened by Mo Chen is where the test products of own are located.

Mo Chen didn't want to own those test items that were evaporated by high temperature and flame in an instant. That is too wrong.

Mo Chen passed through the door of Unicom Asgard's dimension, and stepped into the location of the test items, but those test items also just discovered the location of Mo Chen.

For an instant, the boring test subjects who had nothing to do were immediately excited, with reverence and worship, as if they were looking at the gods, looking towards the silhouette of Mo Chen that suddenly appeared.


All the test items mountain cry out and sea howl shouted together.


Mo Chen was very satisfied with the reaction of these test products, and even his dissatisfaction with the expressions of doing nothing before them faded a lot.

"What's the matter with you? Why do you suddenly become lazy and doing nothing? Didn't I want you to make the person you match pregnant during this period of time as much as possible? Or I don't care about my orders Have you used it?"

Mo Chen asked these test items.

The test product that Mo Chen is most familiar with, S-1, sensed Mo Chen’s dissatisfaction, and ran out in fear, and said anxiously to Mo Chen: "Master, we did not let you down. What Quest means!"

"If that's the case, why are you here? Are you still so lazy? Don't you know how to make the person you match pregnant?" "

But the master, we All the people who were paired with us have become pregnant, and the reason why we are doing nothing now is because we have completed the Quest and don't know what to do without other Quests!" S-1 explained quickly.

Actually, since Mo Chen handed them Quest at first, they have never slackened, and they have been working hard to develop a great plan to cultivate the fields day and night.

Emperor Tian paid for the painstaking efforts. Although the time is different, in the end, they all succeeded.

One after another their paired test subjects became pregnant, and then under the arrangement of King Goddess, they entered the special nursing room. Because of this, they all fell into a state of doing nothing.

Their group of big bosses let them kill and take care of pregnant women. They are really not as good as professionals with professional equipment. They can't let them do things that are insiders!

After listening to S-1's explanation, Mo Chen's complexion has improved a lot. If this is the case, it doesn't matter.

Mo Chen had no doubt that S-1 would lie to oneself, and then asked: "Are there any babies born?

"Not yet, or they are waiting for delivery Period, otherwise it’s just pregnant and not very long, the time of pregnancy of those we paired is different, which also results in no baby being born! "

"Well! "

Mo Chen thought for a while, both as if to S-1, and as if muttering to himself: "But even if that is the case, it's okay, as long as there is an embryo, I can know what ability he or she has acquired! This, after all, involves the power of bloodline! "

After figuring this out, Mo Chen said to the test subject in front of him: "Everyone will continue to do what you own. Recently, there is nothing for you until your paired life has a child. I will have a new Quest for you when the time comes! "

"Yes, master! "All the test subjects exclaimed in excitement.

Mo Chen intends to let those test subjects continue to bear children after giving birth.

Even different The test subjects try to give birth together, and maximize the success rate in the second round test.

Before these test subjects become test subjects, they are not good people, they are willing to do everything, but they are not willing to do anything. Good thing.

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