Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 270

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The situation of one baby after another was clarified by Mo Chen.

Then it was recorded in the mind of own, but so far, no "Franklin" has appeared.

Mo Chen has already guessed that a single Universe level baby like Franklin is not easy to appear, but now that the facts are in front of him, Mo Chen can't help but sigh with emotion.

In addition to twins and rare triplets, it is estimated that there are more than 500 babies, and Mo Chen is currently monitoring a total of 373.

Unexpectedly and logically, none of them has the strength or potential of a single Universe level like Franklin.

Even their abilities are not as powerful as imagined, at least not all of them are as powerful as imagined.

Among the three hundred and seventy-three babies tested, except for more than 80 capable babies.

The remaining two hundred, although capable, but most of them are dispensable.

It's like the ability to make some bubbles, breathe underwater, and make a breeze.

Mo Chen had already expected this point, but for the same reason, Mo Chen couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"Unexpectedly, there are only 83 powerful babies, and the others are insignificant!" Mo Chen said helplessly.

However, after helpless, Mo Chen looked towards the mothers of several babies, although the number of babies with powerful abilities was small enough.

But there are also several relatively good abilities, just like Mo Chen now sees a few babies. The abilities of these babies are relatively powerful, and Mo Chen couldn't help but be impressed.

"I don't know if the remaining pregnant subjects can surprise oneself?"

There are also many pregnant subjects that have not been tested. Mo Chen still has Some expectations, hoping to be able to detect enough abilities, even babies like Franklin.

Mo Chen is now polishing a source stone one by one, eagerly hope to be able to draw out one by one dazzling gem from these source stones.

It’s just that it’s not easy, that’s it!

The test continues. The abilities of each baby appeared in Mo Chen's mind. The test of dozens of babies was completed, but none of the babies with powerful abilities appeared.

Mo Chen's mood is really the same as riding a roller coaster. He dropped from the highest point to the lowest point all at once, and his face couldn't help but turned blue and looked a little gloomy.

However, Mo Chen's luck seemed to be exhausted. After the detection of each baby was completed, he could not detect a baby with powerful ability.

Seeing that the number of pregnant test subjects is getting less and less, Mo Chen's face is getting less and less beautiful, which also makes those pregnant test subjects keep quiet out of fear one by one, and they dare not come out. For fear of angering Mo Chen.

Fortunately, this situation did not last long.

As a 420 pregnant test product was tested, a smile appeared on Mo Chen's face. The low pressure was swept away, and the gloomy face disappeared.

All the pregnant test subjects saw this scene sighed in relief, and at the same time they cast oneself curious eyes on the pregnant test subject in front of Mo Chen.

They are also curious, and they want to know what kind of baby can make Mo Chen smile!

"The baby is healthy, and the ability is a causal ability. The specific situation is unknown, the next one!"

Mo Chen's voice appeared in the ears of a pregnant test product, one Time's eyes widened.

Their heart is like a Spiritual God, the ability that Mo Chen doesn’t know much about. What a shock in their hearts, they are full of shock to the companion who owns not showing the mountains and not revealing the water. .

They were shocked, but Mo Chen was satisfied. After busying for so long, they finally got a busy baby worthy of owning.

What about the remaining babies, Mo Chen already doesn't care, this baby is worthy of his own efforts.

Such a baby is finally just a miracle. In the following tests, Mo Chen did not detect a powerful baby.

Even, Mo Chen encountered a baby who had no ability to speak of.

Yes, babies without any ability.

After testing, Mo Chen did not see any abilities in the baby.

Mo Chen tried to monitor the baby's genes in depth, but found that this baby was rarely affected by any alienated genes, and the genes appeared to regenerate...

This A baby is the most ordinary baby, yes, you heard it right, it is the most ordinary baby.

More than five hundred babies are more or less capable, but only one baby is incapable.

To be honest, at first Mo Chen didn't believe it either. I thought it was a hidden ability or simply a kind of ability to nullify people's ability.

However, after a lot of testing, Mo Chen found that he thought too much, indeed he didn't have any ability.

This baby is the same as the previous baby with causal abilities and many babies with powerful abilities. They are all imprinted in the eyes of Mo Chen, making Mo Chen treat them Sorry.

"Although the plan at this time did not get a baby as strong as Franklin, the baby with causal abilities is also very low, but it is also good!"

Mo Chen thinks more and better, and the smile on the corner of his mouth grows stronger.

Naturally, Mo Chen did not forget to put these babies under the control of own.

Especially the babies he focuses on, Mo Chen doesn't want anyone beyond the control of his own.

Under the control of Mo Chen, more than 500 spores dispersed.

The belly of five hundred pregnant test samples penetrated into their child's not yet fully grown body, parasitized in it, and constantly emitted a weak wave that the baby could bear. .

From the very beginning, it affects their brain development and the growth of their will.

"I don’t know what will happen to these babies who have been influenced and transformed by me since their infancy. Their abilities may not be different, but it shouldn’t be too much in other aspects. Weakness is right!"

Mo Chen is very curious about the final growth of these babies and is full of expectations for the birth of these babies.

Under the interference of Mo Chen's means, the baby still in the mother will appear in a special state.

Even if the ability does not change due to this, the body will be healthier and the mind clearer in the future.

Such a child born is definitely not comparable to an ordinary child.

You might even become extremely smart people because of this. At least they are stronger than ordinary people.

They will maximize own, and Mo Chen really wants to see this batch of babies born.

However, this is also not anxious. How can you be sloppy in October.

Although Mo Chen is sure to speed up the smooth birth of the baby, it will not cause any problems to the baby.

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