Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 271

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But Mo Chen did not do so in the end. Mo Chen worried that sometimes there would be problems.

Finally, choose to let them produce in a normal way.

"Next, it's time to hand it over. I gave time a cause, and hope that time can give me a good result."

each minding their own business said After this sentence, Mo Chen looked towards the pregnant test subjects with different expressions.

They are full of various emotions because of their own child.

own child is capable, happy!

own child is weak, sad!

All are showing the own mentality for the ability of own child.

"This can't be done!"

Mo Chen looked at their expressions, no one had any joy on their faces.

If they are like this, who knows what they will do to the own child, can Mo Chen let them go crazy.

"Everyone, listen to my orders!" Mo Chen suddenly shouted.

Mo Chen's shouting drew the attention of all the pregnant subjects to the owner, so that they had to temporarily let go of what oneself thought.

"Take good care of your children. They are my future subordinates. I don't want to see anything happen to them, do you understand?"

"Yes, master !" A fanatical voice came from the mouths of these pregnant test subjects.

Everything before was concealed by this fanaticism. They all touched their own stomachs, with an unimaginable sense of mission and responsibility in their eyes.

It is as if it is a great sin not to take good care of the child in the belly of the owner.

Mo Chen looked at all this with satisfaction and completely let go of his mind.

"It's also time to go!"

Mo Chen has already got everything done, as for why not swallow some abilities that can be seen in babies.

On the one hand, because these babies are too small, even if it is Mo Chen, it’s a bit hard to get it done. On the other hand, it’s because Mo Chen discovered that some of these babies are also growing up. potential.

Although the ability has not changed, the vast majority of babies are still in the growth stage, and the ability has not fully developed, and the physical factors are too large.

At this time, even if the ability can be swallowed, there are some shortcomings, it is better to give them some time to grow.

Until their birth, and then devour their abilities, when the time comes, you may even be able to wait for more perfect abilities.

Even if it is not possible, it can still save the lives of these babies.

Mo Chen's ability to swallow a creature does not mean that must swallow it completely.

As long as there is a part of the flesh and blood of this creature, the ability is hidden in the genes, not in the body.

The reason why Mo Chen swallowed the target's body directly was not because must did so.

It’s because you can solve your goals and get some life force along the way.

For this reason, Mo Chen has always swallowed the opponent thoroughly.

However, this time for babies, Mo Chen does not intend to swallow them thoroughly.

Therefore, Mo Chen had to temporarily shelve his plan to swallow the ability that oneself cares about.

Instead, choose to leave. Just when Mo Chen was about to leave, a person in charge of the nursery room suddenly called Mo Chen.

"Just a moment please, master!"

This man seemed to be very tangled, with a clear hesitant look on his face, which made Mo Chen curious.

Under the spore's ability, under normal circumstances, such a situation will not occur.

Since he stopped oneself when oneself was about to leave, then there must be some problems, otherwise he would not do this stunt.

"Something?" Thinking of this, Mo Chen asked.

"Yes, master! It is indeed something!" Finally, the man clenched the teeth, as if he had made a great determination, said.

Seeing him like this, Mo Chen became more curious, and couldn't help but want to know what he was talking about.

"Let's talk! I'm listening!"

"Asgard is not particularly peaceful these days!"

The man seemed to be inspired and said.

"What's the matter? Also people want to take action on Asgard?"

Mo Chen hasn't paid attention to Asgard for a while, and Goddess King also didn't give it. What critical information has oneself delivered.

Mo Chen naturally doesn't know what happened to Asgard now.

When I heard that it was not peaceful, my first reaction was that Asgard had encountered something like Jom Haydn again and was coveted by others.

"This is not the case. With Jom Haydn as an example, the other big countries have been very calm recently. None of them has any intention of falling out with our Asgard!"


Hearing what Mo Chen said, the man waved his hand and said.

"What's the matter? Also what threat?"

"Yes! This matter also starts with the master's baptism to us!"

Speaking of baptism, I must explain it here.

In order to better control Asgard, Mo Chen released a lot of spores and used these spores to control Asgardian.

The good Asgardian transformed the spores of this time and called it baptism. They meant to wash away all the past, usher in a new life, and become the most loyal servant of Mo Chen.

Mo Chen also knows what they call spore transformation. Although tsukkomi has been used, they didn't say anything at the time, so the word baptism appeared.

Mo Chen didn't particularly care about what Asgardian called that spore transformation.

Mo Chen now only cares about what it is that actually has a connection with the transformation of spores, which is baptism.

I couldn't help being serious, and turned the attention of the owner to the person's words.

I want to hear what he said. This person didn't disappoint him, telling everything oneself knew.

"Master, the original baptism involved many areas. Almost most Asgardians have been baptism once again. They are all just like us, becoming the most loyal servants of the master!" This person Said with You Rongyan.

"Huh huh, then what?" Mo Chen naturally expressed this indifferent.

"Nothing is impossible, even if this baptism permeates the whole Asgard, but there will always be some unlucky ones who become a fish that escaped the net!"

Speaking of which, this People also carefully glanced at Mo Chen's expression, as if he was afraid that Mo Chen would get angry.

It's just that he was obviously overly worried. Mo Chen didn't mean to be angry, and even his own face didn't change in any way. He didn't have any feeling for the appearance of a fish that escaped the net.

In fact, Mo Chen had already anticipated this.

Although the number of spores he released was a lot, Asgard is very big, and there will always be a fish that escaped the net for various reasons.

This is a very normal thing, and Mo Chen has nothing to accept.

"So, in other words, these troubles are related to these a fish that escaped the net?"

"Yes, master! These a fish that escaped the net used to be A disc of loose sand, like a mouse crossing the street, everyone shouts and beats, it won’t be a climate."

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