Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 272

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"We can only hide in our crowd as much as possible, but I don’t know what happened recently. Suddenly, this group of a fish that escaped the net united together, to us An attack was launched in a place under control!"

"It caused a big impact?"

"Yes, it is clearly a group of weak groups who have not accepted baptism, but I don’t know. Why the successive victories have had a great impact on our Asgard!"

"The most unbearable thing is that they have arrested many of us and tried to distort our spiritual beliefs!"

As soon as this person said this, it was as if he had been severely irritated. The whole person looked very hideous, his eyes overflowing with murderous aura, his face flushed, and he was even more exaggerated than killing his parents.

This is actually normal. Fanatics are all unreasonable existences, and he seems to be a true fanatic now.

"Is this what she asked you to say?" Mo Chen didn't care about his anger, and asked this person.

This person is also very clear that Mo Chen is who she is in the mouth. As if she has changed her face, she immediately converges oneself and ferociously, and said respectfully to Mo Chen: "Yes, master! This is the Divine King." Your Majesty's orders, she killed once you come back, must report this to you!"

"And then? She also didn't say anything?"

"She still Say, if it is possible, I hope that the master can give you things for baptism!"

"You have mastered the location of those people?"

"Yes, master!"

Asgard's Goddess king finally didn't eat plain rice.

Although this group of a fish that escaped the net has done a lot of damage, they have also mastered their position.

I just don't know that she didn't want to kill these people, but wanted to get them under the hands of the owner.

Probably they are the ones she thinks can cause damage to Asgard. They are a good battle strength. For the weak Asgard now, it is a shot in the heart!

However, these also need to be verified, and oneself needs to see the Goddess king before they can come to a conclusion.

"Probably I know the matter, you don't need to worry about it, I will go and talk to her myself!"

Mo Chen can only temporarily rest his decision to return and leave it like this After a word, a flashed body appeared in the great hall of Asgard.

In this great hall, besides the sitting King Goddess, some important people from Asgard are already standing, and they seem to be discussing something.

As soon as Mo Chen appeared suddenly and ignored what they had discussed, King Goddess stood up, and the others looked towards Mo Chen and began to respectfully moved towards Mo Chen to pay respect.

"pay respects to, master!"

Mo Chen did not immediately express anything, each minding their own business towards the throne of the King of Goddess, and then falsely lifted them to the throne Own it with the palm of your hand to show that it's okay.

"Master, you are finally here!"

At this time, King Goddess finally said to Mo Chen.

"Well, I already know what happened during this period of time. I only have one question. I left you with the way to contact me. You can contact me. Why don't you contact me? You have to wait. I'll come, let someone give me a message!"

"This matter is not serious enough to immediately contact the owner, so I will contact you like this!"

It may be that he sensed Mo Chen's dissatisfaction, and Goddess Wang quickly said.

"Your explanation is reasonable!" Mo Chen accepted the explanation from King Goddess.

Mo Chen also knew that King Goddess felt that this did not involve the trivial matter of the demise of Asgard.

Not enough to alarm Mo Chen, she may even think that from the very beginning she can easily solve these problems.

"How far have you progressed?" Mo Chen said to King Goddess.

"I have checked some of the basic information of the other party, and even sent some people to infiltrate it, just because I didn't figure out who pulled up such a group of people."

"Me myself also wanted to regain these people, so I couldn't bear it. If necessary, I can get rid of these people at any time!" King Goddess said domineeringly.

Mo Chen naturally knew that King Goddess would not lie to oneself. Hearing what she said, Mo Chen also believed her.

I am also convinced that some of the previous judgments are basically correct, unless some accidents happen.

What is an accident? Just not to say, everything she thinks is what a fish that escaped the net makes her think, this is an accident.

However, the probability of such an accident is very small, after all, compared to these a fish that escaped the net, Asgard's power is irresistible.

The biggest reason why a fish that escaped the net is called a fish that escaped the net is that they simply cannot become a climate.

They are a very small number relative to the overwhelming majority, and they have no advantage at all relative to the overwhelming majority.

This group of a fish that escaped the net wants to make King Goddess think they can't reach her, but in fact it is possible, almost simply impossible.

And this is also an important reason why King Goddess has not done anything.

Since it has been determined that the other party can't make any big storms, why should we be anxious?

Don't forget that there is also a secret mastermind that gathers these people together and directs these people to constantly attack them.

Before clarifying the specific identity of the secret mastermind, I killed all of these people. It was too stupid. If you didn't keep it in line, the other party would gather some people.

"Tell me about the people you know!" Mo Chen sat on the throne and said to King Goddess.

Mo Chen is still quite interested in these people, especially the secret mastermind whose true identity has not been discovered so far.

Mo Chen really wants to turn this capable secret mastermind into his own.

"Okay, master! These a fish that escaped the net are entrenched in a canyon north of Asgard. There are a total of 343 people, most of whom are ordinary civilians. There are only seventy-three people with battle strength. They are not baptism for various reasons, and their strength is not strictly strong!"

Speaking of this, King Goddess paused specially. looked towards Mo Chen, waiting for the inquiry, she thinks Mo Chen should have some problems.

In fact, it was exactly as she thought.

"So, it means that you were covered in dirt by seventy-three people?"

"Yes, although these seventy-three people are not It’s very powerful, but it can’t hold that secret mastermind. It’s powerful enough."

"He seems to know all our layouts very well, and can destroy our layouts every time with minimal cost, so I am very I’m curious about his identity and didn’t attack him immediately!"

"Have you checked the person on oneself?"

"Naturally, I checked it, but there was no problem. We have a very secret connection because of the relationship between you and the host. Therefore, there is no problem with this kind of investigation!"

"This is also true, but in this case, I am right He is even more interested. You continue to talk about the situation of a fish that escaped the net!"

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