Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 273

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When the King of Goddess heard Mo Chen say this, he did not hesitate, and said: "These people are not visible. They usually live in the canyon most of the time."

"It will only appear when the own food is not enough and when some Quests are executed. They form a parasitic model!"

"It is a very special adjective ! But it’s very appropriate, continue!"

"The parasitic them, also have a special research department, hosted by a scholar who has not been baptism, and the purpose of its existence is..."


Speaking of this, Goddess Wang pondered his tone before continuing: "Reverse baptism. They think we are wrong. They are very resistant to baptism and want to reverse this process!"

After speaking, Goddess Wang deliberately looked towards Mo Chen's expression, for fear of seeing Mo Chen's anger.

However, she did not see that Mo Chen didn't mean any anger, and his face was very calm, just like the water in an ancient well, without any waves at all.

"Master, are you not angry?" King Goddess asked puzzledly.

"Why should I be angry? As a free agent, isn't it normal for them to free you from my control? Not so angry, I am more curious about their progress!"

Mo Chen didn't care about these people and stood in front of the owner and said.

Through a series of experiments, it is proved that Mo Chen's control has nothing to do with them. Simply will not have any impact, and Mo Chen does not need to take them into consideration.

"Actually, I am also very curious. Among the undercover agents I sent, one entered this research department through a series of assessments, and then stole some of the information and sent it back..."

"Say the result directly!" Mo Chen said to King Goddess.

"The result is that they didn't find anything, even if they have studied the soldiers they captured thoroughly!"


Mo Chen gave a smile that he had expected.

If his spores are so easy to be found, and the effect of being expelled from the spores.

So long ago, it was discovered and a large group of people who got rid of the effect of spore transformation existed.

"Yes, master! But, we can't be too optimistic, we can't guarantee that they won't be able to study it for a lifetime!"

"Maybe!" Mo Chen indifferent said with expression.

"Master, I am now closely monitoring this research department, and I will never let it show any results. I will definitely destroy this place before it shows results or finds the person behind the scenes!" King Goddess said firmly.

"No need!"


What else does King Goddess want to say, but he doesn't wait for him to say something, Mo Chen Just interrupted her.

"It’s not what you think, I didn’t mean to let this place go, but I want to take action myself!"

Although Mo Chen is very good at owning spores confidence.

But Mo Chen will not let them study the ability of own spores, and Mo Chen is very interested in the secret mastermind.

So it is natural that Mo Chen would personally take action to destroy this place, and then find the existence of the secret mastermind.

"Master, would you be too fussy? They are not worth taking action yourself!" King Goddess asked Mo Chen.

"It’s okay, I just want to know what they are doing, and find out the existence of the secret mastermind. It doesn’t matter whether it is worth it or not!"

Mo Chen said so, what else could King Goddess say, he could only watch Mo Chen disappear in front of her, and destroy the place of those people.

Because of the guidance of King Goddess and the constant scanning of own mental energy.

Mo Chen soon came to the side of the canyon where a fish that escaped the net was gathered, and he also smoothly saw the a fish that escaped the net.

The secret mastermind of a fish that escaped the net really deserves to be the guy who commanded these people to countless victories.

The canyon has been transformed into a secret fortress-like place, where secret and defense coexist.

It's not easy to be discovered, that's all, it also has a powerful defensive power.

Unless the Asgard army or the powerhouse takes the action personally, otherwise ordinary people simply can't rush in.

Unfortunately, Mo Chen became more interested in this person behind the scenes. He really wanted to know who was able to do this.

With this curiosity, Mo Chen didn't even break through here immediately, but a flash-body entered it.

"I don't know if he is here?"

Mo Chen showed a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, and then walked further inside without anyone else.

The people around looked at Mo Chen, who was so maverick, even his clothes were different from them.

They showed surprised expressions one after another, but because they are not guards, and because there are no spores in their bodies, there is no obstruction, just some discuss spiritedly.

"Do you know who he is? Why haven't you met him?"

"I don't know him, it's not someone from outside, right?"

" It shouldn't be, you all know how tightly we are here, how can so many people pop up casually? Will they be the newly recruited people who have not been affected?"

“It’s possible! But it’s not a special possibility. After all, you should know that there are so many people here, and every visitor will have some special welcome ceremony, how could there be nothing at all? Just come out alone!"

"So what's the matter with him?"

"What's the matter with him? He's going to the Conference Hall soon, when The time comes!"

With that, Mo Chen also walked to the Conference Hall they said.

In fact, it is called Conference Hall, but it is not the kind of place that is very tall at a glance.

It's just a room where piles of stones are piled up, except that there are two guards holding weapons guarding that's all in front of the door.

When these two guards saw Mo Chen walking here, they shouted to Mo Chen: "Stop, who?"

"The enemy!"

A shout to the two guards, Mo Chen said with a smile.

Mo Chen originally thought that these two guards would conditioned their own weapons to point at oneself.

But it’s actually not the case. Instead, he said with a black line all over his head: "Boy, now is a very time. Don’t joke casually, it’s easy to happen!"

"Who told you I was joking?" Mo Chen said with a smile.

The two guards heard this for a moment, then reacted, and quickly lifted the weapon in oneself's hand and pointed it at Mo Chen.

After doing all this, the two yelled: "Enemy attack!"

As the two yelled, the people who were discussing spiritedly around, but never again Unable to remain calm, his eyes looked towards Mo Chen with amazement, one by one turned into birds and beasts and scattered.

At the same time, in some corners, people dressed as sculptural soldiers also ran over, surrounded Mo Chen, and pointed their weapons at Mo Chen.

"Fifty-three, it's quite a big battle! This should be almost your main force, right? Too few, right? The remaining twenty people?"

Mo Chen looked at the soldiers who surrounded oneself, said in a tranquil voice.

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