Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 274

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In Mo Chen's eyes, these people are not even ants. Even if they are surrounded by these people, how can Mo Chen's mood make any waves?

"You have been surrounded by us, you still have such a big tone? Are you not afraid?"

One of the two guards before, facing Mo Chen Said.

"It’s just a bunch of ants. What is there to be afraid of? Call all the remaining twenty of you. Otherwise, your death event will only be earlier. By the way, I will lead you. The guy from here also called! Or you will die faster!"

"Only you?" A soldier couldn't help taunted.

"It seems that you don’t have much confidence in me, so let me give you some information. Do you know who I am? You definitely don’t know, then I tell you that I am now The actual master of Asgard!"

All the soldiers couldn't help showing their uncertain eyes.

"Don't get me wrong!" Looking at the uncertain eyes in their eyes, Mo Chen continued.

All the soldiers paid attention to Mo Chen. Hearing Mo Chen's words, his complexion couldn't help but relax. I felt that this was normal! How could it really be him. But

Next, Mo Chen's words appeared again, breaking their delusions.

"I am the one in your heart!"

Hearing Mo Chen's words to help them correct their thoughts, all the surprises in their hearts disappeared.

Instead of endless resentment, the weapon in his hand lit up directly and made a buzzing sound.

"I think you'd better not shoot casually, otherwise it is easy to injure oneself person. At this time, it should be handed over to your boss. Call your boss out! "

Mo Chen is very considerate of them, but they don't seem to appreciate it. The energy storage of the weapon in their hands has been completed and they can attack at any time.

"Stop everyone!"

Until they actually fired, a voice suddenly appeared, stopping them.

This group of soldiers stopped unwillingly and looked towards Mo Chen with resentment, treating Mo Chen as an existence that kills his father and enemies.

Mo Chen didn't care about these soldiers, but looked towards the direction where the sound came from.

Several people who were different from these soldiers appeared in front of Mo Chen.

Even idiots just look at their clothes and can clearly know that these people are not small, they should be their bosses.

It’s just that the person behind the scenes obviously still did not appear. Mo Chen did not see any trace of the person behind the scenes from among them.

All are too weak!

Secret mastermind or something, it is really a very promising career, once it succeeds, it will surely be the person who stirs the situation.

When you smile, the world is happy; when you are angry, the world is sad, and the world has to look on the face and act.

secret mastermind is such a promising job.

But while having such a promising future, the job of secret mastermind is not something that can be done by just a cat or dog.

This promising job requires the target to have enough wisdom, and the secret mastermind needs to stir the world.

If you don't have enough wisdom to do it, there is no way, and you can only be regarded as an idiot.

Without enough wisdom, you don’t even have the qualifications to become a secret mastermind.

At this point, this secret mastermind obviously did it, relying on own wisdom to do a lot, and even stirred up Asgard's situation.

In ordinary places, enough IQ to become a secret mastermind is enough.

However, this is not the only condition for Asgard to become a secret mastermind.

If you want to become a secret mastermind in Asgard, you also need to have sufficient strength.

Asgard's people are all brains and muscles. Wisdom is simply impossible to make them completely succumb.

To do this, there must be enough martial power to overwhelm them.

Only in this way will they listen to you wholeheartedly, help you do a lot of things you plan, and then truly become a secret mastermind, a very prerequisite job.

However, none of the people in front of Mo Chen are qualified to become secret mastermind. They are all too weak. They want to subdue everyone, but they are not qualified at all.

"Where is the person behind you?" Mo Chen asked curiously.

"You have no qualifications at all if you want to see him!" a person couldn't help but said.

"I am the master behind the scenes of Asgard, and I am not even qualified to see him? Don't tell me, you are not busy overthrowing my rule recently!"

As soon as Mo Chen's words came out, the face of the person who spoke could not help but a moment of change, and an emotion called embarrassment appeared directly on his face.

The words are not rough. Although Mo Chen's words seem a bit ugly, it is a fact. In Asgard, there is really no who has Mo Chen. It is even more important.

"Let him come out, this time is your best opportunity, although I may have a conspiracy, but I am right in front of you, as long as you kill me, then no matter what the conspiracy is Any use!"

"What do you think? Maybe, after you kill me, all the controlled people will recover or maybe!" Mo Chen smiled to them.

The expressions of the few people in front of Mo Chen turned gloomy and uncertain. The same thing was that the words were rude and not rough. It was a conspiracy. Mo Chen stood in front of him. Could it be that he let it go.

also is what Mo Chen said is right, killing Mo Chen, all conspiracies will be useless.

In this case, why not do it? Whether it is for the person controlled by Mo Chen, or for killing Mo Chen, he must be killed!

"Should I call for an adult?"

The first one of the few people to speak vaguely asked the people around him.

Everyone couldn't help but looked towards the person in the middle, hoping that he could have an idea to determine if that person should be called out.


The man standing in the middle thought carefully and said to the man.

The person hearing this, first was a joy, and then, without any intention of staying, turned around and walked towards the Conference Hall.

"He is inside?" Mo Chen asked the man in the middle.

"Yes!" After hesitating, the person in the middle still said.

"Why didn't at first come out? I was worried about some conspiracy and weird, so I didn't stand up immediately? Instead, let you be cannon fodder?" Mo Chen asked slightly curiously.

"Do you want to sow discord?" The person in the middle said with great reaction.

"Just think as you like. I don't care about it. I'm just curious why he didn't come out immediately. Let me tell you the reason!"

"The reason is very simple, just because we are afraid that you have any crafty plots and machinations, we don't want to and dare not let you meet the people behind us casually!"

"Are you not afraid now?"

"It's useless to be afraid. On the contrary, this is the best time to kill you. Don't miss it!"

"Is that so? Hehe!"

After talking for a long time, or For, I would rather take the risk and try to see if I can kill Mo Chen.

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