Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 276

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People who did not see the specific situation saw this scene and thought it was the black robed man who wanted to sneak attack Mo Chen.

But when he was caught, he became even more furious, and at the same time he became even more helpless.

Boss of Boss has nothing to do, so there is also a chance to resist.

"How did you find me?"

"That's how you found it!"

"You wouldn't say it? Then it doesn't matter, anyway, I was a knife For fish, I no longer have the ability to resist!" The black robed man seems to be said in a tranquil voice.

It seems that the black robed man is very calm, but Mo Chen is very clear.

The black robed man will never accept all this calmly, because this black robed man is not an ordinary person.

"What are you holding back?" Mo Chen looked at the black robed man in front of him and said to him.


Yes, nothing wrong! This so-called black robed man is the former Prince of Asgard.

The conspirator who planned to overthrow Asgard, the former younger brother of God of Thunder Thor, Evil God Loki.

This guy can be regarded as a villain who has lived to the end. At this time, he is still active and appeared in front of Mo Chen.

Mo Chen discovered his true identity from the first sight of him, but he has not shown it until now.

"Sure enough, you already know!"

black robed man, oh no, it should be Loki, without any further concealment, said.

After finishing talking, he stood up and took off his own black robe, revealing his original appearance. It is indeed Evil God Loki who is right.

No one knew his identity and saw his true face revealed.

All the faces can't help but show a look of uncertainty, and the world view that has finally been reshaped has collapsed again.

Why did Loki hide the true face of own? Not because he is not a positive person.

This time!

He finally exposed the true character of own, and it is impossible for him to restore control of these people.

Of course, even if this does not happen, it is the same, because it is not someone else who stands in front of him, but Mo Chen.

No matter what, Mo Chen is not an existence he can resist. It is destined to become defeated in Mo Chen's hands.

"To be honest, I'm really curious why you helped Asgard so actively. Isn't it your character? Or is it because of your foster mother? That's why you did it? "

Loki can take action to anyone, such as God of Thunder Thor who cares about him, Odin who nurtures him, and so on.

But only the own adoptive mother, the current Goddess, does not mean any take action.

He really regards his adoptive mother as his biological mother. Mo Chen is very suspicious. It is because of his adoptive mother that he will do everything!

After Mo Chen said such a thing, Mo Chen has been observing Loki's look.

And everything is exactly as Mo Chen said, although Loki has been as calm as possible.

But when it comes to his adoptive mother, Mo Chen still sees nostalgia and anger in his eyes.

Looking forward to the adoptive mother of own, the anger is directed at Mo Chen.

"It seems that you really did it for your adoptive mother. I am afraid that the research room you created was also to restore your adoptive mother to normal."

"You shouldn't have that much For others, all your kindness should be aimed at your own foster mother, right?"

Mo Chen is like peeling an onion, opening Loki’s defenses a little bit. All in his heart The things are exposed to everyone's eyes.

"Don’t deny it. In fact, many things are not as deep as you hide. They look superficial, especially to me!" Mo Chen didn’t wait for Loki to refute, but turned to him. Said.

"You can say whatever you want, it doesn't matter anyway!"

"Really? So if I say, you don't admit it, I will kill your mother? "Mo Chen murderous aura said overflowingly.

"You dare!"

Perceiving Mo Chen's murderous aura, Loki subconsciously said.

"Look! That's it!"

Mo Chen showed such an expression on his face, and looked towards Loki with this expression, which made Loki feel uncomfortable.

"You lied to me?"

Loki didn't care about showing the harmless side of oneself, and said angrily.

"Do you really think I'm trying to defraud you? Also do you really think I won't kill your adoptive mother?" The two asked back, the anger on Loki's face became more serious , Looking at Mo Chen, murderous aura overflows.

His adoptive mother is the most untouchable in his heart, and Mo Chen obviously touched it.

No longer caring whether it would irritate Mo Chen, he reached out and grabbed Mo Chen's shirt.

Mo Chen naturally wouldn't let him catch it. With a slight flash of his body, he escaped the hands that Loki had grabbed.

"It seems that you are angry, so now, make a choice!" Mo Chen said to the angry logic.

"What choice?"

Seeing how Mo Chen could not be treated, Loki could only stare at Mo Chen and said angrily.

"Do you love your foster mother more or cherish your free choice more!"

Speaking of which, Mo Chen took out a larger one, with sesame seeds The big and small spores were then handed to Loki in front of him.

"This thing is my honor to control Asgard. As long as you swallow it, you will be controlled by me. You will also lose freedom, but your adoptive mother will be safe from now on! Choose one of the two!" Mo Chen said with an evil smile.

Mo Chen at this moment, Mo Chen feels inexplicably, oneself is really going farther and farther on the road of the villain.


Loki pointed at Mo Chen, but couldn't say anything.

Although he didn't want to believe that Mo Chen would do this, in fact, he knew that it was really possible for Mo Chen to do it. He had only one choice.

"I will give you three seconds to make your choice, how about?"

Mo Chen said with a devilish smile.

Loki was silent, watching the spores tangled in front of him.

"I'll help you make a decision, three!" Mo Chen began to count.

"By the way, I forgot to tell you just now. I can actually control the life and death of your adoptive mother by remote control. If you don't agree on this side, I can let your adoptive mother die on the other side, one! "

"Why is it one, shouldn't it be two?"

"I wasted a lot of time just now, zero!"

The last number Finished counting, but still did not wait for what Mo Chen said or did.

Loki couldn't bear it anymore, and the vicious dog swallowed the spores in Mo Chen's hands.

"It seems that you really can't let go of your adoptive mother. For your adoptive mother, you can even give up your own freedom. I have to say that even the wicked will have some weaknesses after all."

"Perhaps, Master!"

Loki was quickly remodeled, and there was no resistance at all, and he was very respectful to Mo Chen.

"Master, what should I do with these people next?" Loki asked Mo Chen.

"Just add it casually, there is nothing to care about!"

He subdued Loki, and was simply not interested in other people, Mo Chen, and said with lack of interest.

Among these people is Loki, and Mo Chen is still eye-catching.

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