Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 277

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No one else is eye-catching. Naturally, Mo Chen is not interested in them.

However, Mo Chen doesn't care about these people, but these people can't care about them.

"Just because you want to incorporate us, foolish dreaming!"

Mo Chen tone barely fell, the leader among those people stood up and spoke out Such a sentence.

He also knew very well that after Loki was controlled, oneself was the head of these people.

For this reason, he had to stand up, say something, and cheer for the owner.

In an attempt to bring the team back to the original track, reunite people's hearts.

Loki's identity has been exposed and controlled, and the team's hearts have begun to disperse.

He doesn't do anything. In the end, the team can only disperse in his hands. This is something he doesn't want to see.

Mo Chen didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, just after making a decision, he released a few hundred spores to everyone, and then he didn't care about it anymore, and the spores took care of everything else.

Not every spore has the size of a sesame. The spores released by Mo Chen this time are the size of ordinary cells.

These people simply didn't find anything, and then they were parasitized unconsciously and transformed into the loyal servants of the owner.

"Do you still think this is a idiot dream?"

Mo Chen asked him after he had done all this.

"No, it's not a foolish dream! This is our honor!"

The leader became very respectful and said to Mo Chen.


Mo Chen only continued after coldly snorted gently: "I will leave with Loki right away. You will organize your staff to leave here and return to Asgardian. Gathering place, understand?"

Mo Chen didn't bother to take them away, only planning to take Loki back alone.

"We understand, master!"

These newly controlled Asgardians naturally did not dare to disobey Mo Chen's decision and shouted together. This sentence.

"Let’s go!"

Mo Chen didn’t mean to stay anymore after hearing the words they yelled. He talked to Loki for a moment, and took Loki for a moment. Overcoming the obstacles of space, he came to the great hall where he left before.

"Master, you are back!"

Looking at the sudden appearance of Mo Chen, King Goddess said in surprise.

"Well, I'm back, and it's not just as simple as being back. The problem has been solved by me. Those people are smoothly controlled by me. In the next few days, they will oneself back Go to the gathering place!"

"Many Thanks Master, help me solve this trouble!"

"Don’t rush to thank you, also other things are waiting for you to thank me! Look! !"

Speaking, Mo Chen pointed his finger at Loki, who was already standing next to owner and burst into tears.

Goddess Wang moved towards Mo Chen and looked in the direction she pointed, and finally saw the silhouette of Loki that she had overlooked from the very beginning.

For an instant, King Goddess couldn't help but burst into tears, and at the same time he could no longer maintain the majesty of the own Divine King.

Trotting panickedly to Loki's side, he hugged Loki into his arms, crying.

"Loki, I miss you so much! I finally see you again!"

The King Goddess said to Loki with a deep cry.

"Me too, mother!"

The two cried with their heads in their hands. It is really a good picture of the love between mother and child.

Mo Chen didn't mean to disturb them either. Each minding their own business walked to the throne, sat down, and watched quietly as their mother and son cried out to vent their emotions.

Sometimes, Mo Chen actually has the idea of ​​becoming the beauty of others, just like now.

Mo Chen had such an idea, and he didn't mean to intervene in it.

The other people in the great hall have no such thoughts. King Goddess is their immediate boss. Isn't he afraid of being put on shoes when he jumps out?

Like Mo Chen, they watched them helplessly until their mood gradually began to recover.

"Many Thanks Master helps me find my child!"

The first thing King Goddess did when he recovered emotionally was to pull Loki and kneel in front of Mo Chen, right With Mo Chen's gratitude.

The King Goddess can clearly feel that his own son has also accepted the so-called baptism, which means that they can stay together without worrying about being broken up.

Don’t worry, Mo Chen will kill Loki again because of hostility.

This is already her last son. She doesn't want to bear the pain of losing her son anymore. Thinking like this in her heart, she couldn't help but thanked Mo Chen.

"Get up!" Mo Chen said to King Goddess.

The King of Goddess listened to Mo Chen's order, and finally ended his gratitude to Mo Chen, and took his son Loki to stand up from the ground.

"From today, one of you will be the Divine King and the other will be the heir of the Divine King!"

Mo Chen said to them after they got up.

Mo Chen from the very beginning planned to do this, and now it is just to make own plan a reality.

Although Mo Chen is in front of a hidden controller behind the scenes, Asgard is so big and a dynasty, there must be a king and an heir.

Previously, there was no good candidate. Now that there is Loki, let him be the heir.

Mo Chen does not pay attention to bloodline inheritance like Odin.

He only cares about Loki's personal ability. When he was in the own world, Mo Chen felt that Loki was more suitable to be the heir of a kingdom.

Thor, a muscular guy, is okay to charge.

This time, I took the opportunity to turn the idea of ​​own into reality, and for the current Mo Chen, it was just a sentence.

However, this was a one-sentence thing for Mo Chen, but it was a great surprise for Loki.

He has always wanted to prove oneself by becoming a Divine King, and he has worked hard for this for a long time.

But it has been unsuccessful. I didn't expect this time to succeed after a sentence from Mo Chen.

Now he really has the feeling of a big pie falling from the sky, and then just hitting the head of the owner in an unbiased way.

"Very happy?"

"Very happy!" Loki said truthfully.

“Then don’t extreme joy turns to sorrow, if you can’t prove you yourself, then you won’t be the heir for long!”

Asgard is completely in Mo Chen Under his control, even if a pig becomes a king, there is no possibility of rebellion.

But it will also reduce the overall strength of the kingdom.

Mo Chen naturally doesn't want to see these, so he needs a king who can defend these forces.

After the test of time, King Goddess meets the owner's requirements very well, and Loki is valued by Mo Chen.

But Mo Chen can't be completely assured, Mo Chen also encouraged him to a certain extent.

Well, it's probably an incentive!

Inspired by Mo Chen, Loki didn't show much care.

His self-confidence is not weaker than anyone, and he is simply not afraid of any test, even the test of Mo Chen.

"I will definitely take the position of the heir to own!" Loki said firmly.

"It's useless to say that, you should learn to prove it in practice, you are a qualified heir! Otherwise I will really change!"

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