Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 278

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"Master, I have a method to prove the own, but I need some time, and I also need some strength!"


"Loki, in front of the master, what kind of riddle do you play?" King Goddess said quickly when Mo Chen made a suspicious sound.

She didn't want her son to provoke Mo Chen so much that Loki, like Thor and Odin, died in Mo Chen's hands.

Loki can naturally derive the mellow love of the own mother from the own mother.

I didn't refute anything, but looked towards Mo Chen, hoping to get strength and time from Mo Chen.

"What's the matter with you child?" King Goddess said angrily.

She really doesn't understand what is going on with her own son. She is usually so clever and stupid at this time.

"Don't talk yet, I'm very interested in what Loki said!"

After saying this to the King of Goddess, Mo Chen turned his head to Loki again Said: "What is your own method of proof? Can you tell it and listen to it?"

"Master, don't you think it is meaningless to say it now?"

"Oh? What do you want?" Mo Chen was not angry, and asked Loki.

"If you don't want to do anything, give me some time and strength, I can prove oneself, in the near future!"

After hearing Loki's words, seriously, Mo Chen really means whether Loki is already not in own control.

Mo Chen has never seen a controlled guy like Loki.

If there is not still a connection, Mo Chen can't help but wonder if there is something wrong with the parasitism of the spores that own this time.

However, Mo Chen also had enough curiosity about this.

Life is too long, and the time of Mo Chen overwhelming majority is very boring. It is always looking for something interesting to do, and now it seems that this is a very interesting thing.

"How much time and strength do you want?" Mo Chen asked Loki.

"Time, three months! As far as strength is concerned, it should be enough if I can give me the strength of the Heavenly Father level. Pseudo-Heavenly Father level is also possible, although it is a lot more dangerous!"

"There is not much problem with time, and the strength is the same. It can be given to you, but if you can't do it, what should you do?" Mo Chen said without the slightest hesitation.

Time, Mo Chen has a lot!

Power, Mo Chen is equally invincible.

It is only a little bit difficult to give a person the level of a heavenly father or a pseudo-heavenly father.

The only question is, what if Loki can't do it? Just forget it?

How is it possible? How could there be such a cheap thing in this world? Mo Chen is not here to open a shantang.

"If I can't do it, I am willing to treat my life as a compensation for wasting my master's time and strength!" Loki said confidently.

"The idea is very good, but do you think your life is really worth my time wasting? Your life is not worth even a second of my time to me!"

The confidence on Loki's face was unstoppable. He thought of many possibilities, but he hadn't really thought about this one yet.

However, before he waited for what to say or do, Mo Chen spoke again.

"Well! Even so, I'm going to give you a chance!"

"What do you mean?" Loki said with some reaction.

"As for me, I haven’t encountered anything interesting for a long time. You happened to arouse my interest, so I plan to give you a chance to have a good time and have a good time. Can't prove oneself!"

"many thanks, master!" Loki said with a smirk at the corner of his mouth and respectfully said to Mo Chen.


Mo Chen gently un'ed, but his body disappeared above the throne after this gentle hum.

Loki didn't even see Mo Chen's disappearance before he saw a dark shadow.

Mo Chen suddenly appeared in front of the owner, silently, as if standing here from the very beginning.

"Master?" Loki couldn't help but looked towards Mo Chen in confusion. He really didn't know what Mo Chen was planning to do.

Mo Chen didn't speak, just smiled at him, and then, it seemed that the palm of own was lightly printed on Loki's chest.

Loki still didn't understand what Mo Chen was doing, but he didn't mean to resist or evade, letting his palms lightly print to him.

He doesn't think that under the current circumstances, Mo Chen will kill him.

In fact, it is true, Mo Chen got his palm lightly printed on his chest.

There was no huge force, severe pain, etc., but a terrifying and docile force followed Mo Chen's hand into his body.

His imposing manner began to gradually improve, and the other strengths of the original Earth Divine Grade changed completely at this brief moment.

A terrifying mental energy fluctuation and a wave of air erupted from his body.

All the people in the great hall couldn't help showing horrified expressions and stepped back.

On the scene, only Mo Chen was able to maintain completely motionless, watching all this happen calmly.

Looking at Loki's gradually becoming stronger, it continued until the imposing manner and strength gradually became stable.

In Loki's body, a terrifying force was brewing, and with the help of Mo Chen, he slowly controlled it.

Constrain the terrifying power of oneself into the own body.

Mo Chen also took the opportunity to withdraw his own hand and looked towards him.

"I feel that I have become very powerful now. It is not a problem to smash a planet with one punch!"

After Loki's power becomes slightly stable, he is excited Roared.

This is not a possible illusion formed by Loki because of the skyrocketing power, it is a fact.

The current Loki can really destroy a planet with one punch. After all, the power of the heavenly father is not so simple to talk about.

For this, the people in the great hall who were crushed by the imposing manner and couldn't raise their heads were naturally very envy and hatred.

With no difficulty obtaining Heavenly Father level strength from Mo Chen, how can they remain calm?

However, they are not stupid, and they didn't try to gain such powerful strength by copying Loki's behavior.

Mo Chen also said that the reason he gave Loki the power was not because Loki was worth it.

It's all because Loki aroused his interest. If not, I'm afraid Loki has destroyed both body and soul now.

Even now, there is a sharp sword that can be cut off at any time.

If you want to get power from Mo Chen, you must have the consciousness of Death, and these people obviously don't have this kind of consciousness.

"Many Thanks Master gives me the power of a heavenly father!"

Loki glanced at these unconscious future men, with the remaining excitement, respecting Mo Chen Said.

"Don't be in a hurry to thank you, I give you such a powerful force. If you want to prove your own, you also need to have the heart to bear this power!" Mo Chen said to Loki.

A person suddenly gains power, and it is still such a powerful power, but it is not just that it needs to be carefully controlled.

He also needs to have the heart that can bear this strength.

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