Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 279

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Loki is no exception. If Loki doesn't have this heart, even with this power, it will still be a waste. If you can't do nothing, it will still waste time.

"Please rest assured, master, I will not let you down, master!"

Loki heard Mo Chen's words in his heart, and thanked Mo Chen.

"en! I'm still satisfied with your behavior, but there are some things that can't be told in advance!"

"Master, please make it clear!"

"First, there can be surprises, but I have given you such a powerful force. You'd better not give me any big moths, so as not to end up badly!"

This Loki is definitely the one who can toss the most, some vaccinations must be given!

Mo Chen doesn't want own Asgard to eventually become fragments, and there is no chance of recovery at all.

"Master, please rest assured, I won't let you down, master, big moths will never come out!" Loki said without a word.

"I hope so! Second, you now have the strength of the Heavenly Father level. The powerful strength gives you confidence, but it also gives you responsibility. You need to be better. !"

Given such a powerful force, if Loki is still a small mess, Mo Chen will not be satisfied. This simply does not deserve the powerful power given to him by Mo Chen.

"This is the same, please rest assured, the master, the incident at this time is very important, and will never disappoint the master, and I can even bring some surprises to the master!" Loki said vaguely.

"Surprise?" Mo Chen couldn't help but raised his eyebrows.

Mo Chen's curiosity has risen again!

"Yes, surprise! And maybe it is a very big surprise!"


Said gently, Mo Chen did not continue to question either.

Surprise or something, it is natural to wait until that moment to arrive before it is considered a surprise.

The sooner you know, the less interesting it is. Only when the surprise appears suddenly, can it bring a sense of shock and surprise.

"Master, just wait quietly, this surprise will not disappoint you at the worst!"


After a while, Mo Chen continued: "The two are over. Now let's talk about the last one. Third, you can recruit people from Asgard no matter what you want to do."

"They can be your strongest backing, but this should also be included in my satisfaction with you!"

To Mo Chen's request, Loki naturally has no objection to it, without The slightest hesitation agreed.

He is still the heir of Asgard, the next Divine King, some things cannot be avoided, and cannot be avoided.

"Since you already know these three points, then I don't have anything to say, I can barely make the last sentence!"

Speaking of which, Mo Chen paused , Disappeared slowly, looked towards Loki with a cold face, and his eyes were like a deep cold pool, deep and cold.

"Don't let me down!"

Under Mo Chen's gaze, Loki's blood seemed to be frozen after hearing these words, and his face changed suddenly. It's very pale.

But I can't do anything, I can't say anything, the whole person is like a vegetable.

Fortunately, this situation did not last long.

Of course, it was not that he broke through Mo Chen's suppression, but Mo Chen chose to leave after suppressing him.


As soon as Mo Chen left, King Goddess walked directly in front of Loki and slapped Loki's handsome face with a ruthless slap.

"Kneel down!"

The Lord Goddess shouted at Loki with unconcealed anger.

At this time, the Goddess king is no longer the elegant and poised before, and the whole person is like an angry lioness, exuding an aura that no one can get close to.

The people above the great hall all keep quiet out of fear, and even Loki dare not refute the oneself terrifying mother at this time. Like a child who has made mistakes, he obediently kneels in front of King Goddess.

"When you grow up, do you have more courage? How dare you use this method or power? Do you really think that if the master doesn’t kill you, I won’t do anything to you ?" King Goddess said sternly.

"Mother, listen to my explanation, I did this all with thoughtfulness, and it wouldn't be so good, really!" Loki said helplessly.

"What can you think?"

The king of Goddess was very angry, an unprecedented anger. She had never thought that her own son would be so bold.

The master who actually dared to move towards oneself Supreme played mysterious and asked for benefits. This is an incredible thing.

She originally had two sons, but she was killed by Supreme's owner because of some things.

Now it's hard to find another one. She really doesn't want to see Death, another son of own.

Not to mention the death because of angering Supreme's master.

Goddess Wang wanted to prevent this from happening, but her Supreme owner seemed to be very interested in it too, stopped her, and let her idea of ​​preventing this from happening was vanished.

In desperation, she could only vent her own anger afterwards, and even therefore could no longer maintain her own rationality, and gave her younger son a slap.

She thought that this should be able to restore some rationality to the little son of own.

But not, he still feels that oneself is reasonable, and still feels that oneself has done nothing wrong.

"Mother, I know you may think that I am not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, and that I have offended the master, but what I want to say is that I didn’t. First of all, I’m providing for the master More interesting things!"

Loki took a careful look at his own mother before saying.

Except Mo Chen, Loki can be mad with anyone, but will not be mad with his own mother. He really respects his own mother so much that he said so.

"You are wrong!"

The King of Goddess simply doesn't take this set, and he denies everything Loki said.

Although Loki is helpless, he has no choice but to each minding their own business and said: "Mother, you may think this is a fallacy, but my master and I think it is very good. Otherwise, the master would not give me such a powerful force, and give me three months!"


It's okay for Loki not to say this, but Loki one Having said this, King Goddess immediately broke out again, grabbed an object around him and moved towards Loki and threw it over.

Loki's strength allowed him to easily dodge the things thrown by King Goddess, but he was smart and didn't dodge, letting things hit the owner's face, and then slowly fell.

The King Goddess used a lot of power this time. After the things were thrown out, I regretted it. It was even more so when I saw that Loki did not evade and endure the things she threw. .

It's just that she didn't say anything, she just looked at Loki like this, and resisted not showing her own concern.

Loki is a smart person, even if she didn't show her own caring, but she also saw some details from the details.

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