Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 280

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So, while the iron was hot, he said, "I also know that you care about me, mother, and I am afraid that I will not be able to complete the Haikou that oneself boasted, so I will be killed by my master, but what I want to say is mother I am not Thor, the idiot with only muscles in his head, I am Loki!"

Speaking, Loki also looked straight at his own mother with a self-confident gaze.

Goddess Wang complicatedly looked at the self-confidence in the eyes of oneself's son, the expression on his face was constantly changing, and the emotions of guilt, helplessness, memorial and so on appeared one after another.

In the end, it all turned into a sigh and disappeared on her face.

Recalling everything Loki has done in the past, King Goddess finally intends to believe in Loki once.

"What exactly is your plan?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell my mother for the time being! If you say it, it won't be good if you leak it out!"

"What are you afraid of, is it possible that you are still worried that someone here will leak the secrets?"

" Active leaks will naturally not be possible, but maybe they will passively leak the secrets and drink them. A few glasses of wine, maybe it's utterly stunned!"

Loki had seen these people a long time ago, and said with a point.

As soon as his words came out, many people present couldn't help showing embarrassment, and immediately glared at Loki.

With one sentence, he offended many future men.

The King of Goddess is also quite helpless about this, and it is not easy to say anything. He continued to say to Loki: "It should be possible to say roughly!"

"Some things are because I need your cooperation, but this one is fine!"

"Let’s talk about it then!"

"Actually, this has to start with my escape from Asgard, when I... …"

As Loki told a little bit about what happened to own when escaping from Asgard, King Goddess finally got a general understanding of the source of Loki's confidence.

For a while, the anger in my heart rose again, looking at Loki's handsome face, I couldn't wait to be beaten directly into a pig's head.

"Loki, you didn't tell me about such a big thing earlier?"

"I already said this!"

"But you didn't make it clear Do you know that this is related to the life and death of Asgard. If you talked about Qin Chu before, I am afraid that the master can solve it immediately!" said Goddess king gnashing teeth.

"Why must the master solve it? Can't we be oneself? The master raises us not to make us pigs, but to help him solve the problem. If everything must be solved by the master, then we exist What's the meaning of it?"

Loki did not give oneself mother face to his own mother unexpectedly this time, refuse to yield an inch.

Loki's retort was also a stagnation that King Goddess couldn't help but there was nothing wrong with Loki's words.

If everything really needs their owner Mo Chen to solve, then what use are they?

They should not be a burden to Mo Chen, but should be a help.

"We cannot rely on the help of the master for everything, but should think more about how we can help the master to solve the trouble!"

"Well, I admit what you said It makes sense, you say what to do!"

The King Goddess finally compromised and said to Loki.

"It's very simple, send a team of elite troops and a group of civilians to the fortress I built before, wait for that person to come, and give her a ruthless if necessary!"

Loki's hand made a downward cut and said solemnly.

Although Loki successfully commanded the hundreds of people in the fortress of the canyon to do a lot of things.

It brought a lot of trouble to Asgard, but will Loki really try to use them to overthrow Mo Chen's rule?

Don't be kidding, this group of wastes can achieve this level is already the limit, wanting to do more is simply wishful thinking.

This group of trash and everything that this group of trash does are blindfolds, which Loki used to cover up some other things that oneself did.

If there really is something in it, then it is the research room that studies Mo Chen's control of Asgardian.

However, even so, this research room does not exist for Asgardian, but for his mother.

He wants to help his own mother get rid of Mo Chen's control, so there is this research room, otherwise this research room will not be there, only this place is used as a cover.

Why did Loki do this with great fanfare?

It's very simple. After the incident in New York, Loki once again became a leader, leading a terrible guy to destroy Asgard.

Everything he does now is to prepare for him to enter Asgard.

These people exist only to prevent Mo Chen from being suspicious.

In fact, he did a good job. No one doubted it. Everyone thought that Loki was just to get rid of Mo Chen's control.

That is to say, I met Mo Chen, who played cards in an unreasonable way, and all his plans became useless.

After Mo Chen knew about this, the first thing he did was not to observe, but to rush straight to it.

Fortunately, I ran into Loki, who arranged Quest, and controlled everyone including Loki.

Loki was also helpless. It was very unlucky to run into such a master.

However, Loki is also very smart, he knows how to turn disadvantages into advantages.

I took maximum thinking on the road, and planned a conspiracy against that person based on the current situation of oneself.

From a glorious leader party to a young man.

He wants to use that person to gain Mo Chen's attention and stabilize his own status.

"How sure are you about this?"

The King of Goddess is not as confident as Loki, and asked Loki.

"Originally there were no two Chengdu, but now because of the strength, time, manpower, and status given by the master, I have a ninety-nine percent certainty. The rest is for emergencies. Yes!" Loki still confidently said.

"Ninety percent? Are you really sure? This is not a trivial matter!"

Goddess Wang Ke did not have Loki's confidence, and asked again.

"Mother, even if you don’t believe me, you should believe in the power that your master gave me. It’s no problem to suppress that person with my current power, but I don’t want her to run away. Dedicated to the master, I made preparations for all this!"

"If this is the case, it would be better. I will give you command and you can take full responsibility for all of this!"


"many thanks, mother!"

With the guarantee of King Goddess, Loki's greatest limitation has also disappeared. He has every reason to believe that he will be able to accomplish all this well.

"Mother, it is not too late. In order to prevent some changes from happening, I need to prepare everything now!"


King Goddess didn't have a reason to refuse, so he said directly.

Loki hearing this, without any hesitation, turned around and walked out of the great hall, looking for the elite troops and some civilians, and restoring all this to the utmost extent.

Shortly after Loki left the great hall, a strong-haired Molecular man stood up and said respectfully to Goddess Wang: "Divine King Your Majesty, we should make some preparations, although I don’t know what Loki said. I don’t know if that person is really such a threat."

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