Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 282

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Although she rules the Death kingdom of Asgard, she also has a close relationship with other Deaths such as Hades, Dormammu, Mephistopheles, Satanish and Blackheart of Olympus. God and the devil cooperate with evil and control the ability of life and death. They are a very powerful villain.

And this is not the most interesting, the most interesting is that she actually has two identities, one is Loki's daughter, and the other is Odin's daughter.

According to the different universes she lives in, her identity has also changed. Don't be too confused.

If you know that Loki is Odin's son, this family relationship is really nothing to say.

Of course, there can be no such confusion here. This is the movie version of Marvel world. Some things have been changed.

In this world, she is Odin’s first child and helps Odin conquer the Nine Realms.

But because of her ambition and belligerent behavior, Odin began to fear her. After being defeated in a battle, Odin found a chance and eventually imprisoned her.

The condition for unblocking is that her father is Odin Death, so that she can be free, just like now.

Odin is dead, she is free!

In this case, Mo Chen has to attach a little bit of responsibility.

But it's okay. After all, there is no Mo Chen, and all she wants to run out is just the time difference.

But regardless of these, the current battle can be said to be a battle caused by family disputes, and it is also a fierce family dispute.

Mo Chen sometimes doesn’t understand why many people like to play with this stalk. There is Marvel at the front and Hokage at the back. Is this really good?

Why can't they sit down and talk? Must be so bloody?

"I heard that she should be very strong, right?"

After listening to Mo Chen's story about Goddess of Death's life experience, Rogue immediately became confused and faced Mo Chen asked immediately.

"There is nothing wrong with this. As the controller of Aesir's life and death, she is indeed very strong. After coming here, she has a certain degree of power increase!"

"But Since she is as strong as you said, why should you have a guilty conscience?"

"Obviously, her strength is very strong, and one person is enough to overwhelm all Asgard soldiers and break Asgard's protection. She didn’t have a mask, but she didn’t. Not only didn’t, she also created a group of so-called subordinates!"

"What else can this group of miscellaneous fish do besides showing their incompetence?"

Rogue is really right about this. Although Hela's so-called subordinates appear to be very powerful, they are actually not, that is, they are just looking good.

Asgard’s soldiers can destroy all of her so-called subordinates after a collision. The mob and the elite warrior do not have any comparability.

Rogue really doesn't know why Hela has such a mentality?

"Can also help her test, am I here and help her escape when necessary!"

"You said she was afraid of you?"

"How about? Asgard was suddenly controlled by me before all the warriors, and I also killed Odin and Thor who owns Odinforce. Even Hela, Goddess of Death, cannot guarantee that oneself must be my opponent! ......"

"So, she can only use these people to test you!"

"Yes, they didn't need them, since Hela is Goddess Of Death, there are also a group of subordinates, and the strength of these subordinates is not bad, but because they are all placed in Odin's treasury, she can only find these subordinates!"

from the Very beginning, Hela was afraid of the existence of Mo Chen, and because of this, she even ran out of the place where she was imprisoned.

But I still didn't dare to come here at will, instead I found Loki and let him be the owner of the guide.

On the one hand, it is to test whether Mo Chen is in Asgard, on the other hand, it is also possible to try and see if he can release his own.

But she failed in the end, Mo Chen immediately took control of her guide Loki.

All her plans failed unconsciously under Loki's arrangement.

Finally, she obeyed Loki's plan and found these people from the universe temporarily as owner's subordinates, trying to use them to cover oneself.

She has never really felt relieved, even now, she has stood on the land of Asgard, which belongs to her power increase, and she still dare not care.

"It turned out to be like this, I really didn't expect it, that is, she didn't know everything about her and we were watching, otherwise she would cry and faint, I really sympathize with her!"


Rogue looked at the solemn Hela and couldn't help saying with a smile.

"Stop sympathy and watch the show! Although Hela is afraid of my existence, she will never let go of this time's opportunity to wake up own's subordinates. As long as I don't take action, this battle is indispensable , And it will even start soon!"

As if to verify what Mo Chen said, after Mo Chen's voice fell, Hela and King Goddess seemed to have broken up.

Hela stretched out two hands and stroked the sides of his head back. The clothes on her body suddenly changed and the black armor disappeared.

A dark green armor appeared, and a mask-shaped thing that covered her eyes upward appeared.

Several long spike-like objects also appeared behind her head, and her fighting state started.

When the combat state was turned on, she naturally wouldn't have any hesitation at all. I don't know when a strangely shaped sword appeared in her hand, and she swung it at Asgard in front of her.

The subordinates behind her also rushed from behind her to the place of Asgard in front of her as if they were given orders.

At the same time, at the very end of Hela, some special gun-like things began to light up, gushing out a bright beam of light, past Hela’s countless men, and directed towards Asgard’s. The protective cover...

bang! bang! blast...

The rumbling sound kept ringing, and the protective cover started on the verge of collapse.

"It's really the same as the Hollywood blockbuster, but I figured out what the shock was just now. I really didn't expect the formidable power of these weapons to be so big! That is to say, the protective cover blocks it. Otherwise, Asgard might be destroyed directly!"

The girls were eating barbecue while clicking one's tongue in wonder.

"If you really think so, then you underestimate Asgard. Do you really think Asgard is simple? Look at the sky!"

Listen to Mo Chen Said that, the women looked up subconsciously, but only saw more than 20 flying boats. I don't know when they have appeared on top of their heads.

A place on the front end of the flying boat that looks like a weapon has also begun to shine.


The two words with a suspicious tone of women have just been uttered.

A beam of light suddenly emerged from the front end of the flying boat, passing through the protective cover, passing through Hela those who have not yet approached the protective cover, and were in the middle of the weapons.

bang! bang! Boom...

Hela's weapons suffered a huge blow instantly, and with the rise of countless mushroom clouds, most of them were directly destroyed.

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