Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 283

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, many people were also implicated by the aftermath of the explosion.

After the first serve, Hela's men said that the loss was heavy.

But it seems that Hela has already foreseen this, and there is no surprise on her face.

He calmly looked at the heavy losses of his subordinates, but he didn't mean to do anything, he was still sitting on a mount.

"It's Goddess of Death, it's cruel! There are so many deaths under his own without even blinking his eyelids!"

Rogue looked at Hela's expression and said with emotion.

"Anyway, it’s not her real subordinates, let alone her, but when I face these miscellaneous pseudo subordinates Death, I also don’t feel distressed, and death can reduce some food losses. !"

Take advantage of Rogue's emotion, Wanda gave his own opinion.

Dying can reduce some food losses?

After hearing Wanda's words, Mo Chen couldn't help but raised his eyebrows.

Although this is a bit of suspicion, but in the final analysis, it is still very vivid.

I don’t know if Loki deliberately wanted to cheat the eldest sister, but the subordinates he found are really weak.

No more soldiers from Asgard, just those soldiers on Earth.

Of course, it’s impossible to let the soldiers on Earth hold ordinary weapons.

There is no need to be more Advanced. As long as they are at the same level as the weapons in these people's hands, and can be used proficiently, these people who can fight can't find North.

Maybe the soldiers on Earth are physically different from these people by a large section, but in terms of teamwork, I don’t know how many times these people are killed in seconds.

War is even more a test of teamwork ability. This group of people is really weak.

"You said, when will Hela take action? It looks so boring to look at it like this!"

Rogue took advantage of Mo Chen's distress, right Mo Chen asked with the girls.

"It is also certain that Mo Chen is not behind here, right? Otherwise I think she might really be holding back from taking action!" Rogue thought for a moment and said.

"Then when will she be sure?" Wanda asked sullenly.

"How do I know this? You should ask the master. I think the master knows it, right?"

After Rogue finished speaking, he and Wanda turned his attention to Mo Chen has rays of light in his eyes.

"I really know!"

Mo Chen didn't disappoint the two of them, and said under the gaze of the two of them studying.

"When was that?"

Wanda swept away the depression before and quickly asked Mo Chen.

"As long as Loki sends a signal!"

Although Mo Chen does not know what Loki is thinking, there is one thing that Mo Chen is very clear. .

That is that Hela absolutely trusts Loki now.

Even if these people under Hela are all waste, it is not easy to send all the waste into Asgard.

A person is needed to help him open Bifrost.

Obviously, this person must be Loki. In Asgard, no one except Loki will help her.

Since she is willing to let Loki help her, she naturally also has the least trust in Loki when she uses these people to test.

Don't forget to let her also have a certain degree of trust Loki to help oneself determine whether there is Mo Chen inside.

After Loki confirms, how to tell Hela, it is naturally a signal, except for the signal, there is nothing that can be better informed.

"When will the signal be..."


Just as Wanda's voice fell, a sharp sound suddenly sounded. With this sound, a red beam of light also rose from the corner of Asgard.

"Well, I know when the signal will appear, just now!"

Just like verifying Wanda's words, when Wanda's words fall, the sky rises with a red After the beam of light.

Hela's face on the mount suddenly changed, and his solemn expression was replaced by a crazy smile.

Hela swept the stability as a mountain before, and the mount jumped up and swayed towards the protective shield around Asgard.

Everything has truly begun!

The imposing manner around Hela's body is getting stronger and stronger, and everyone can feel it.

The same is true of her men who have covered head and sneaked away like a rat. They gathered and walked to Hela's side like the fox which exploits the tiger's might.

They can already imagine how big surprises will be waiting for them next.

Bah! Bah! Bah...

Hela suddenly released several sharp thin blades. The thin blades penetrated the flesh and made a babble sound.

The five of them are full of joy, and are the closest to Hela's subordinates.

Change from joy to the face of disbelief and fell to the ground, the Boss staring at him, seemingly unable to believe that all this is true.

Hela directly killed five of own's men just now, and the thin blades were all directed at them.

The trash men of Hela immediately felt that something was wrong, the joy on their faces could not help but stagnation, and they quickly wanted to distance themselves from Hela.

It's just that it's too late at this time, and Hela has turned into an agile female leopard.

Into the crowd, the grotesquely shaped sword in his hand turned into Death God's Scythe that reaped life.

He also launched a large-scale killing against the surrounding subordinates.

Those elite warriors in Asgard couldn't help but be stunned when they saw this scene.

They have gone through a lot of battles, but the problem is that they have not encountered such a thing.

On the front line of the battlefield, under the coach butcher, who has encountered such a thing?

Don't talk about them, even the outsiders and the girls were shocked. The barbecue in their hands fell on the plate. They had never seen it before.

"I'm back to my senses, if you don't look at it, there will be no more!" Mo Chen said to the stunned girls.

The two came back to his senses, but when the two turned their eyes to Hela again.

It was discovered that most of Hela's subordinates had been killed by Hela oneself who chopped melons and vegetables.

"It's really clean!"

"If this goes on, it is estimated that in a few minutes, even the soldiers of Asgard will be killed. No wonder she wants to kill these men. It's really useless, it will drag her down!"

The girls couldn't help talking, and they all praised Hela's clean actions.

Although they admired, the two did not turn their own eyes to other places.

The battle is really going too fast. If they don't watch it carefully, it might be over soon.

"Don’t worry, this is just a prologue. The really exciting drama has not started yet, and it hasn’t even appeared!"

Mo Chen looked at the women after a little thought and understood What happened, said with a smile to the two.

Through Mo Chen's reminder, the two suddenly remembered that the son of King Goddess that Mo Chen said at the beginning had not yet appeared.

Everything is really like what Mo Chen said, the real drama has not started.

Because the power gap between Hela and her trash men is really too big.

She did not last long for the massacre of own's men.

1 minute, but 1 minute, on the land outside Asgard, there are no more standing trash men.

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