Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 284

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They are all dead, and the dead can't die anymore. They are all over the ground.

Hela stood among the corpses of the own waste, holding a weird long sword stained with blood.

The crazy smile on the corner of the mouth is even more crazy, and the murderous aura in the eyes is overflowing!

She stood there, as if she was a bloody King-like aloof and remote, overlooking all living beings, almost no one could look at her, except Mo Chen.

"I, Hela, Goddess of Death, the first heir to Odin, now Odin is dead, I am the new Divine King, kneel down at the feet of submit to me, I will forgive you to die! "

Hela said proudly to the soldiers and King Goddess in Asgard.

Hela alone was stunned to create the imposing manner of an entire army, with huge oppression following her words, assaults the senses.

The Asgard soldiers in Asgard who are protected by the protective cover also have no sense of security at all.

Fortunately, they still have faith. Their faith has prepared a Goddess king for them. They are impossible to acknowledge allegiance to other Divine Kings. No one is willing to kneel down.

There was silence on the battlefield, and all the Asgard warriors were cold.

The eyes exposed from the helmet are full of dead eyes.

"Mother, are you so dead mind's eye? Only acknowledge allegiance me, there can be a way to survive!"

Hela ignored those Asgard warrior eyes and was attracted by everyone Goddess kingly way under guard.

"Really?" King Goddess's face remained unchanged, and he said softly. "

You have already seen it, haven’t you? Although your warrior’s strength is much greater than these rubbish stronger.

But it doesn’t waste much of my time, neither do you After experiencing my age, you should be very clear in your heart about my strength!"

"But this is not the reason for me to step down and push you to be the king. Your strength is very good. Qiang is not wrong, but I can’t do it to this level, and my master won’t be satisfied with what I did!"

"I’m afraid, your last words are the real truth! You and this Like the people of Asgard, they have all been controlled long ago!"

Hela has already studied Asgard thoroughly.

Some things happened before, she even knew better than Mo Chen.

Mo Chen has mastered everything, this is not a secret secret, naturally he also knows.

"Now that you know, why do you still ask?"

"I just want to make sure, now I'm sure!"

Say this In a word, Hela didn't say anything more, swaying, and walking towards Asgard again and again step by step.

As she walked towards Asgard step by step, the blood on the sword in her hand was dripping slowly.

Either merge into the blood puddles on the ground, or drip into the open space and connect to form a line.

When she walked to the protective shield outside Asgard, the blood on the sword in her hand had completely slipped off.

There is no blood on the sword edge, it is smooth and clean.

sou! sou! Whoosh......

Hela stood in front of the protective cover, flipped his wrist, and the long sword in his hand traversed a beautiful trajectory.

A passage for people to pass was cut out on the protective cover in front of him.

This channel only lasted one hundredth of a second, but it was enough for Hela.

Before the protective cover was repaired, Hela broke into Asgard alone and came to Asgard's warriors.

"Your tortoise shell has been broken by me. Now you just want to surrender and there is no possibility. Since you choose not to acknowledge allegiance, then there is only dead end!"

Hela finished the last nonsense, and suddenly raised one hand, several thin blades pierced the air and made strange noises, blasting towards the Asgard warrior on the opposite side.

The thin blade penetrated the bodies of these Asgard warriors in an instant, but the strange thing was that there were no wounds on the bodies of these Asgard warriors.

There was just some green light shining where they were pierced by the thin blade.

However, after these green lights flashed, these Asgard warriors were restored to their original state once again.

As if he had not suffered any attack, he continued to stand on the spot, looking at Hela with a deadly eye.

"Illusion Technique?"

Hela immediately understood the reason and stamped his foot on the ground.

It is as if a missile exploded under Hela's feet, and the earth and rocks under Hela's feet instantly moved towards all around splashing.

Part of the earth and rock was blocked by the protective cover, and part of it fell on the Asgard warrior.

In those places where Asgard warrior's body was hit by earth and rocks, one after another green light emerged.

These Asgard warriors are all shaped by Illusion Technique, even the King Goddess is still the same.

Seeing this scene, a cold light flashed in Hela's eyes, and the dark green rays of light appear out of thin air, rushing all around with Hela as the center.

Dark green rays of light seem to be the mortal enemy of Illusion Technique. Under the attack of dark green rays of light, all Illusion Techniques are all ineffective.

All the phantoms of Asgard warrior disappear after this dark green rays of light.

At this time, Hela realized that apart from she herself, there was not even one person around.

Hela was still not surprised, a feeling of danger struck Own's heart, and Hela looked up with happiness.

However, those flying boats had already been charged once again and attacked her.

The feeling of danger that arises in her heart also comes from here. The energy of the flying boat hits at a rapid speed, covering Hela's whole person in an instant.

"This is over?"

Wanda asked Mo Chen next to him as Hela was hit by the attack.

"How is it possible? It's too early! Don't think of how weak Hela is, she is still very strong, just rely on these flying boats to kill Hela, simply impossible."


"You can't even hurt her. This time only accounts for the effect of Illusion Technique's surprise attack. If it's normal, I'm afraid it will be destroyed before the flying boat attacks!"

In fact, as Mo Chen said, Hela did not suffer any harm.

Before the explosion occurred, her body appeared on the other side as if teleporting.

The attack didn't really fall on her, and she was safe after.

I also took advantage of the situation with a single-handed wave, waved more than 20 thin blades, and blasted towards the flying boat on the opposite side.

This time, the flying boat is not as lucky as those warriors of Asgard.

In an instant of effort, the flying boat was all hit by the thin blade, destroyed the energy core, lost power, and fell from the sky.

This whole process took no more than one second. Almost the flying boat just launched an attack, and then the flying boat was destroyed by Hela. The speed is really fast.

The women couldn't help feeling dazzling, quite a bit dizzying.

"The speed is too fast, my eyes can hardly keep up!" Rogue said sincerely.

"What is this, also is more exaggerated!"

Mo Chen is very clear that all this is not as simple as imagined.

Hela simply didn't give full play to the strength of own, and this speed is naturally not the fastest.

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