Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 285

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"This is really shocking!"

Cut a small piece of barbecue and stuff it into oneself's mouth, Wanda said with a look of helplessly .

They worked hard for so long, and they couldn't even see the action of fighting alone, which is really a bit too bad.

"You can also see through quickly, after all, you are standing behind me, right?"

Mo Chen picked up a cherry-like fruit from the plate, but did not eat.

It was sandwiched between the index finger and middle finger of his own, and he glanced at Hela who was rushing forward, shaking his wrist, and threw it out.

The thrown fruit instantly breaks through the speed of sound. It stands to reason that the fruit should be crushed directly at this time.

But the strange thing is that this fruit is like being protected by an inexplicable force, without any broken meaning, and it continues to blast towards Hela.

This is an application of Mo Chen's power, which is extremely subtle.

Help Mo Chen protect a fruit that can be crushed with a little strength under the strong impact.

The fruit lased out, crossing the barrier of space, and finally lased in front of Hela, but when Hela found the fruit, it was too late.

The fruit was already in front of Hela, and under Hela's horrified eyes, it hit her body.

Hela just felt a huge force hit her chest.

The body flew backwards uncontrollably and fiercely plowed a deep mark on the ground.

When Hela stopped, she had already backed hundreds of meters, her chest was aching, and a red mark appeared on her chest.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a wound, although Mo Chen can indeed damage Hela with a small fruit.

But Mo Chen did not do this, he controlled the power of own.

The red mark on the chest is just the mark caused by the burst of fruit pulp.

The fruit does not have full strength, and Hela is also not killed.

However, at this time of joy, Hela felt abnormal humiliation, yes, it was abnormal humiliation.

The attack this time came from the fruit and did not hurt her, but does this mean that the other party simply didn't put her in the eye.

Obviously, she could be killed with a weapon, but she did not do so.

Hela also ignored the Asgard's warrior hidden under the Illusion Technique, looking far away, throwing his eyes to the direction where the fruit flew.

Finally, on the top of a building, I saw the silhouette of Mo Chen.

They had naturally seen Hela, who had been paying attention before, turning their attention to oneself.

But they didn't mean anything to cover up, instead they were generously exposed to Hela's sight.

At the same time, they also raised their own hand and motioned to her remotely.

This scene has stirred Hela's nerves even more, making Hela's sense of humiliation even stronger.

She has been subjected to such humiliation. In an instant, her interest in these Asgard warriors dropped to the lowest point, and she became very interested in Mo Chen.

I eagerly want to change it and give it a try. What is it like killing Mo Chen? Will there be some alternative feelings.

However, she did not act immediately, even at this very humiliating moment.

It's not because she doesn't want to, but because she wants to figure out in advance what Mo Chen and the others are all about. They are so pretentious.

If it weren't for Loki's signal and his own detection, she couldn't help but start to wonder if this person is the one who controls Asgard.

No way, Mo Chen's strength is really too strong.

"Who are you really? It shouldn't be Asgard's talent, right?" Hela said in the direction where Mo Chen was.

She is very clear that even if the distance is very far away, Mo Chen can still hear this voice, and powerful people have this ability.

In fact, everything is just as she thought. Mo Chen could hear it, but Mo Chen didn’t make any reply. He just looked at her with a smile, as if he was watching. Like a clown.

Mo Chen's clown-looking eyes deeply hurt Hela's proud heart.

It is almost impossible to keep her sane.

"I hate the look in your eyes!"

After taking a deep breath and forcing oneself to regain his sanity, Hela no longer wastes time, and no longer pays attention to Mo Chen. To the treasure house of Odin.

She has made a decision and she will no longer care about these people for the time being, not care about Mo Chen, she wants to wake up the subordinates of own, wake up the power of own, and wake up own giant wolf at the same time.

She hopes to increase the own trump card by this, and she even plans to be attacked and blocked.

However, in fact, it seemed that she had not been stopped, so she walked to Odin's treasure house with ease.

Don't say it was Mo Chen midway, there was not even an Asgard soldier who stopped.

Hela came to Odin's treasure vault without any risk, and she didn't even believe she herself. She couldn't help but fall into deep suspicion at the door of Odin's treasure vault.

She couldn't help but wonder if there were any crafty plots and machinations waiting for her behind the door in front of the owner.

However, there is no turning back arrow in the bow, and now she has no possibility of turning back.

The Asgard soldiers outside may be nothing, but the existence of Mo Chen is a big crisis and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

When I thought of this, Hela did not hesitate anymore, and opened the door of Odin's treasure house with a cautious attitude.

In the envisioned crafty plots and machinations, none of the envisioned traps occurred. Only one person appeared in front of her, a person she knew very well.


Yes, it is Loki!

Loki, who should have appeared on the battlefield, appeared here, and seemed to have been waiting for her.

"Loki, why are you here? Waiting for me? Is it all arranged by you?"

Hela is not stupid, Lenovo just didn’t stop it. The Asgard warrior immediately realized the problem.

"You can say the same!" Loki didn't mean to deny it.

"In other words, you betrayed me!"

"Yes, I betrayed you, from the very beginning I betrayed you!"

"Okay, very good, but I also have a question, since you have betrayed me, why do you want me to come here, wouldn't it be better to stop me outside Asgard? Why do you want me to enter this treasure house?"

Hela suppressed the anger in oneself's heart and asked Loki.

"I thought about it, too, but I really wanted to see it. You found that all of your own efforts turned into an expression of useless work, so you didn't do it! Instead, you chose to let you in!"

"Beat me when I am the most proud?"

Hela's anger grew stronger in her heart. Looking at Loki, she didn't hide her own killing intent at all.

"It's almost like this, but it seems that some changes have occurred in the plan. It's a pity that you haven't reached the best time!"

Loki didn't care about Hela at all. The anger, lightly saying.

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