Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 286

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"Okay, very good, you did a really good job!"

Speaking, Hela was no longer able to suppress her anger, and her palm shook. A long sword appeared, and she was thrown at Loki in front of him.

She didn't worry about whether this long sword could kill Loki.

From the moment when she wanted to control Loki and asked him to help oneself open the space channel to Asgard, she carefully observed Loki's strength.

Loki is also better with Illusion Technique and magic. Apart from that, there is nothing left. If a sword stabs him, he can be killed with no difficulty.

She doesn't believe that Loki can block oneself's mortal blow with her own strength, and dodge is a little bit possible.

Hela stared at the own long sword and shot away, but Loki in front of her did not respond.

Let the long sword approach, just when she thought Loki in front of her was just a phantom, and when she was about to turn around, Loki suddenly moved.

I saw Loki's arm, which Hela identified as a phantom, suddenly moved and raised his arm.

Two fingers clamped the long sword that lased at oneself between in a flash.

It took only a moment for the long sword to change from extreme motion to extreme silence. The long sword stopped in front of Loki, and the tip of the sword stopped about three inches away from his body. go ahead.


Hela frowned upon seeing this scene. These were completely beyond her expectations. She wanted to say something, but Saw a scene that exceeded her expectations.


A very crisp sound rang in the treasure house.

Her long sword broke into two pieces from the middle, and then landed on the ground.

"This is not your power, or you are not Loki, or someone has forcibly boosted your power!"

Hela didn’t care about what he had to say before, coldly Said.

"You are clever! Guess who gave me this power!"

"The one who controls Asgard, you take refuge in... No, he doesn’t need anyone to take refuge in. , You were controlled by him, and then you used me as a name to get this power!"

"You are really a smart person!"

This It's already a disguised acknowledgment!

"putting it that way, it was a fake that you sent a signal to prove that the person was not in Asgard, then let me guess again, the man in that building should be that person, Am I right?"

"Nothing is wrong!"

Loki couldn't help but give Hela a high look. At the same time, I have to admit that Hela is really He is a wise man, and deduce everything by analogy.

However, it is too late now.

Although Mo Chen intervened in the middle, which caused some unnecessary troubles and led to the failure of some plans, it was too late for Hela to escape.

From the moment Hela officially entered Asgard.

An invisible big net has already begun to close, snatching all her life, there's no possibility of escape.

"Now, I should be the dead end too!"

"Not to say that. It mainly depends on what the master thinks. I plan to capture you alive and dedicate you to the master. Take a look, what is his plan!"


Hela's face couldn't help but it was even harder to look like, here in Loki, it looks like she has become It is a cargo-like thing that can be handled casually.

"Don’t care too much, I think the master will leave you behind. After all, you are also quite good, strong and good-looking, and if you keep it very good, you will be given to you. A sacred baptism!"

Loki did not see Hela's ugly face and continued lightly saying.

"Do you really think you can eat me?"

"Of course!"

As if to prove the own word, it fell in Loki's voice moment.

A flash body appeared directly opposite Hela and punched towards Hela.

Hela has put up his own hands and blocked Loki's fist.

But I still felt a terrifying force, and my body went straight through the door of the treasure house and flew away.

bang! bang!

Two loud bangs sounded in succession, and the inverted Hela smashed through two walls one after another.

It's not that she has stopped and doesn't need to break the wall anymore, but that there is no wall she can continue to hit.

After the two walls were broken, she has appeared outside the treasure vault.

Although she is still flying upside down at this moment, there are no walls or buildings on the path of her upside down flight.

She just flew backwards like this, flying in front of the three Mo Chen, and jumping over the eyes of countless Asgard warriors.

Finally, with a crash, she smashed into the water surrounding Asgard.

For an instant, a ten-meter-high wave appeared on the calm water and rushed to the other side of the bank.

At the moment when a huge wave rushed to the shore, a silhouette also flew out of Odin's treasure house and rushed to the surface!

"Hey, it's really amazing. Is this what you said the son of King Goddess did?"

Rogue naturally saw this scene and said in surprise.

"Nature, the power is good! If you want, I can instill more powerful power on you at any time. It is not a problem to destroy Asgard in an instant!"

"Listen It's so tempting to look up!" Rogue said very emotionally.

"It's better to act as a heartbeat!"

"Speaking of action, I think we should change our position now. It doesn't seem to be a good place to watch the battle anymore!" Wanda at this time , Interrupted.

"That's right, let's go closer to the battlefield!"

Speaking, Mo Chen teleported away directly with the girls and stopped on Bifrost. , Continue to watch the battle between the two.

At this moment, Loki and Hela have collided together again.

Loki, who flew out just now, didn't mean Hela for the first moment after arriving here.

The dog flew to Hela's side like a dog.

At that time, Hela had just emerged from the bottom of the water, but Loki had just seized the opportunity, from top to bottom, cup one fist in the other hand with his hands folded, and hit Hela who had just risen.

Hela was caught off guard, and was smashed into the bottom of the water, too late to recover.

The appearance of a hollow like a pipe on the surface of the water shows the strength of Loki's use.

But that's the case, but it didn't really hurt Hela.

Hela quickly lifted up from the bottom of the water with a body of silt. Except for some embarrassment, he hardly suffered any serious injuries.

And this embarrassment didn't last for much time, and she was quickly shocked by her body.

Then it shattered, and the armor on her body was once again smooth, and she was no longer embarrassed.

It's a little bit that both sides have some scruples. After this time, the two sides did not immediately start again, but looked towards the other side.

Finally, Mo Chen couldn't help being a little impatient, and they started the fight again.

The two of them seemed to have agreed, and they kicked vigorously where they were standing.

The body rushed towards the opponent like a cannonball, and another collision occurred directly above the water!


A loud and deafening noise was accompanied by a violent wind. At the place where the two collided, a terrifying sound rushed all around.

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