Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 287

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The water surface under the two of them was also affected by this, and the whole was sunken.

It took a long time to recover.

However, the water surface was restored, but the two above the water surface did not stop.

After the collision between the fist and the fist was invalid, it gradually evolved into a collision between weapons and weapons.

Loki's dagger and Hela's long sword exploded beyond imagination in this waters.

clang! clang! Clang...

The harsh metal collision sounds constantly, because the sparks produced by the collision sound continue to emerge.

The two weapons were smashed by them and there were countless gaps.

Hela's weapon is okay, it can appear in the Infinity system, but Loki can't.

In the end, he could only block Hela forcefully, and no longer engage in hand-to-hand combat with her.

The best thing about Loki is not his fighting skills and his way of playing with daggers.

It's his magic. The magic that opened the distance from Hela finally worked...

I saw Loki's hand suddenly shook. A golden scepter appeared in his hand immediately.

The top of the scepter also released a bright light.

Hela instinctively felt that there was danger, but wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

The power of the scepter was completed, and a bright light flew from the top of the scepter, blasting towards her.

Hela was able to feel the danger from the attack sent by Loki, and naturally he would not be hard-wired. One of them dodged the attack sent by Loki, and the attack landed in an empty space.


Loki’s attack collided with a mountain behind Hela. In an instant, a bright light rose, followed by a loud noise, and the mountain was smoothed out. .

Loki's attack blasted the entire mountain to pieces in an instant, and a deep pit appeared on the mountain.

Looking sideways at the pit behind oneself, feeling the strong wind blowing from the place where the pit was, a drop of cold sweat slipped quietly down Hela's forehead.

If she didn't hide for a while, but chose to hard-wire, although she wouldn't become the same as this mountain, but she would definitely be unpleasant, and at least she would suffer some injuries.

When the time comes, it will be over.

If you suffer some injuries, you may not have much at ordinary times, but don't forget that now there is also a terrifying Great Demon King sitting not far away from them to watch the show.

I still don’t know if I can defeat Loki and escape from Mo Chen in a perfect state, even more how is in an injured state.

Can't get hurt, definitely can't get hurt!

Thinking about this, Hela didn't mean to sit still, and rushed to Loki's place before Loki was ready for his second attack.

Loki looked at the rushing Hela with a playful smile, and the light on the top of the scepter in his hand suddenly flourished.

The energy storage was completed immediately, and the attack hit Hela, who was unable to shift in midair.

Hela seemed to have felt it early, and a smoky energy of dark green rushed out of his body.

An already adjusted wall was cast in front of him, and he blocked it before Loki's attack.

The wall that Hela built with his own power did not stop Loki's attack for long, not even a thousandth of a second.

However, this is enough for Hela.

Hela never thought of letting the own wall block Loki's attack, she just wanted to miss this attack in this thousandth of a second.

And she did. After carefully adjusting the angle of the wall, it caused Loki's attack to deviate in a thousandth of a second.

Loki's attack flew dangerously and dangerously by Hela's side and landed on the water, directly evaporating all the water and turning it into a deep pit.

However, these are not important for the time being. Neither Loki nor Hela cares about this. They only care about each other.

Loki stared at Hela rushing at the same speed, but the scepter in his hand no longer accumulates energy, but turned into a kind of stick, his wrists turned, his arms waved, Toward Hela who rushed.

Hela really didn't care about this, and as he hit the owner's scepter, one hand poked out.

When Loki vented his strength, he grabbed the scepter in his hand like a heart, and his other hand condensed a long sword without hesitation, and pierced Loki's chest.

Loki instinctively grabbed the sharp long sword and grabbed the sharp long sword in the hands of the owner.

Just because of the impact Hela carried, Loki's grasp of the long sword did not stop the long sword.

The sharp point of the sword pierced Loki's chest without Loki's control, and into Loki's chest.

At this moment, Hela couldn't help but smile. He smiled happily and happily. The depression and worry in her heart seemed to disappear.

Hela was smiling, smiling happily, but Loki couldn't help but curled up his mouth.

"Catch you!"

Loki said with an evil smile.

"You are wrong, I should have caught you, right?"

be that as it may, but Hela couldn't help but look at Loki who was smiling evilly A little suspicion arose, worried about whether there was any crafty plots and machinations in it.

However, she doesn’t think it’s like crafty plots and machinations. No one will do it with the premise of being seriously injured, unless it’s...Phantom!

However, as soon as Hela had this idea in her mind, she was immediately beaten down by her.

The reason why the phantom is called phantom is not because of anything else, but because it has no entity at all.

However, whether it was the sensation of the blade piercing Loki's body just now, or the strength of Loki's hand holding the sword edge, it undoubtedly proved that this was not a phantom.

There must be another reason! bluff?

Hela gave oneself the most reasonable explanation in the mind of own.

However, this reasonable explanation has only just appeared, and it has to be broken by a sudden scene.

Behind her, she clearly felt several attacks that were the same as the previous attacks by Loki, and the target was her.

By the time she found these, it was too late.

The attack has been sent out, and she is close at hand.

She only had time to question the source of the attack behind oneself, and then she was hit by the attack, and her body and Loki were taken to a mountain with Loki.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

Rumbling sound is everywhere, and violent explosions continue to appear along with the rumbling sound. It is a deep difference in the position where Hela is sitting. The bottomed pit also began to slowly take shape.

However, this is not the end, but the beginning of everything.

In the next second, dozens of attacks appeared out of nowhere from the void.

Smashed into the deep pit, broke out continuously in the deep pit, made the deep pit continue to expand, and also let Hela in the deep pit enjoy a burst of attacks.

"What is going on?"

Looking at all this, Rogue finally couldn't help it, and asked Mo Chen.

The storyline is so fast that Rogue really doesn't know what happened.

Actually, it's not that she is confused, everything is so weird.

Loki and Hela, who seem to be perish together, suddenly attacked out of thin air, which is not what Rogue can see thoroughly.

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