Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 289

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Hela can't figure it out. You must know that Mo Chen's doing this is completely an act of adversary!

However, she did not care for too long!

After his face sank slightly, he supported his hands on the ground, bounced quickly from the ground, and pulled away from Mo Chen.

"Your response is too big!"

Mo Chen curl one's lip, said casually.

Hela remained silent, just staring at Mo Chen.

"Your cellphone may even be released only once, and the time of the take action will even gradually decrease as my patience decreases. You must be sure that it takes time like this!"

Looking at Hela's delay in taking action, Mo Chen said impatiently.

What Mo Chen said, Hela is also very clear, but there is a bottomless gap in the middle, and this gap prevents her from taking action immediately.

Mo Chen was sitting there without any defense, but that was the case, but it also made her generate tremendous pressure, facing Mo Chen without the courage to do anything.

Mo Chen until now puts too much pressure on her. The previous fruit raid, this time healed her body with the wave of the hand, body cultivator, and her armor is even more so. Under the circumstances, she can't have any carelessness.

Correspondingly, because she can't have any carelessness, this gave birth to her nervous emotions, which gave her Infinity oppression.

Obviously Mo Chen didn't do anything, but she couldn't help being stretched anyway.

She is now in a situation like an ancient ordinary person who saw an ancient majestic emperor. Faced with a huge oppression, she did not dare to make any random movements.

This kind of feeling really shouldn't be too strong, and let her not be too uncomfortable. Can't wait any longer!

Looking at the passage of time, the impatience in Mo Chen's eyes became stronger and stronger, finally Hela own's heart came up with such a sentence.

With the rise of such a sentence, Hela immediately took action.

The pause between a few moments did not make her movements stiff. After she was determined, she immediately followed her own thoughts and moved her body.

Similar to lightning, Hela lifted his palm, his wrist kept turning, countless thin sword-shaped blades pierced the air and pierced Mo Chen's place.

After doing this, Hela turned around and ran without any hesitation!

Yes, you are right, just turn around and run!

Although Hela was very determined and swift at the first moment of making up her mind, it seemed that she was about to attack Mo Chen, proving that Mo Chen simply couldn't control her.

In fact, the fear in my heart is already very strong, and there is even no way to face Mo Chen.

Furthermore, she also knows that just by Mo Chen's recovery of her body just now, she is not an opponent, and the continued battle is no longer useful.

Escape has become the only way.

In reality, she did the same and started to escape, using countless attacks as a shield to temporarily block Mo Chen, and oneself escaped!

Of course, she herself doesn't know how useful this can be. She can only do her best to obey her destiny and try her best.

Mo Chen can help her solve her doubts about this.

·What these thin blades can do effect.

The thin blade rushed towards Mo Chen, but before it could actually hit Mo Chen, it was completely transformed into molecules, dissipated in the sky, and there was only one left, staying there. In front of Mo Chen.

This one is not that Mo Chen could not eliminate it, but that Mo Chen deliberately kept it.

Rather than making this thin blade disappear, Mo Chen has a more important thing to do with it.

Looking at the thin blade floating in front of him, Mo Chen lightly turned his eyes, and the thin blade burst out at an unimaginable speed under the push of mental energy, cutting through the air and crossing the heavy space barrier. .

He chased Hela's body, who had escaped for a few seconds, and cut the thin blade to Hela's calf.

It was too late when Hela saw the thin blade. It had penetrated Hela's calf and shot further away.

And Hela oneself also felt a cold and a pain in his own calf, his flight was stagnant, and the whole person fell forward involuntarily.

Fortunately, Hela's skill is still good. Before he fell, he held his hands on the ground. After rolling on the ground, he didn't really fall a dog to eat shit, but half-kneeled on the ground. Looked far away towards Mo Chen.

"You are really unsatisfied. I have obviously mercifully given you a chance, but you just don't feel satisfied. Now it’s okay. I cut off the Achilles tendon of one leg. I have to limp temporarily!"

The moment Mo Chen did just now did not come casually. He directly cut off the Achilles tendon belonging to Hela's calf, and Hela's calf directly lost consciousness.

Although Hela's recovery ability is also very strong, but because Mo Chen's movements are very rough.

The wound at this time is too big, and there is no way to recover immediately.

As Mo Chen said, she can only limp for the time being.

"You still have this opportunity now, don't think about running away, otherwise I can't guarantee where you will be injured next time, maybe you will die directly!"

Mo Chen is eating barbecue while lightly saying.

Mo Chen said plainly, but Hela couldn't just listen so plainly. While Mo Chen was speaking, he couldn't help shrinking his pupils several times, and his heart rose even more. A fierce warning sign.

Her heart told her that if she dared to run again, the only way to wait until she was Death, there was no other way.

Hela couldn't help being silent!

No one wants to die, even if she is used to seeing Death, and she often brings Goddess of Death to people.

Life and death, if she is really faced with a choice, she will definitely choose life. This is also the voice of all people.

It was silent for a while, and when the Achilles tendon of the own calf recovered, Hela finally broke the silence.

"Don't you want me to prove oneself? Well, let me prove oneself now!"

There is no way to escape. I am afraid that I will be enslaved when I wait for own in the future. Fate, Hela also looked away after all.

She decided to give Mo Chen a cruel in the end, not to mention killing Mo Chen, but also to let Mo Chen know that she is not good to bully.

Thinking about this, Hela closed her eyes.

"What is she doing?" Seeing this, Rogue, who was watching her, couldn't help but curiously asked.

"Extracting power! She belongs to the Goddess of Death Goddess of Asgard. Here, her power will increase to a certain extent. Give her enough time, and she can even gain powerful Power!"

"Just like now?"

Pointing to Hela surrounded by dark green mist energy, Rogue asked curiously.

When the two were talking, Hela had already begun to gather strength. Around her body, countless dark green misty energy began to slowly appear.

In her eyes, the rays of light of dark green began to be continuously released.

A strong aura appeared on Hela now, Hela is really much stronger than before.

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