Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 290

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Around Hela's body, there seemed to be an invisible bomb exploding, and a silent rumbling sound appeared.

Along with this silent rumbling sound, the violent wind swept out, and everything around could not help being struck by this violent wind, which blew the dust on the ground, and the same blow Up the surrounding gravel.

This scene is really quite impactful.

Well, there is a little more sand!

Mo Chen had to put up a protective cover around the bodies of their three people to block the mud and sand, otherwise their barbecue would not be able to eat.

"Just hit it! It's an imposing manner that almost made me unable to eat my barbecue!" Wanda said with some dissatisfaction.

Actually, it is not only her dissatisfaction, but they are also the same, but they did not say anything, even did not say anything. They just looked towards Hela, wanting to see Hela and want to do further Something.

Hela did not disappoint Mo Chen and the others. Within a breath, a dark green flame appeared on Hela's body, constantly rising and burning above her body.

The extremely hazy vision under the obstruction of the sand and dust could not block all of this, and came into the eyes of Mo Chen and the others.

"It's getting more and more exaggerated, I don't know what will happen next!"

Rogue looked at the dark green flames constantly burning under his dim vision, and couldn't help but say .

"Next is the howling wind and torrential rain general attack!"

After finishing this sentence, Mo Chen finally got up from Bifrost and walked away. Passing the own plate to Rogue beside him, each minding their own business walked out of the protective cover.

Hela seemed to have discovered all of this. When the imposing manner on his body was collected and the gust of wind stopped, his body was wrapped in dark green flames, and he walked to a place five or six meters away from Mo Chen.

"I don’t want to waste time, let’s get started! Let me see the results of your hard work this time!"

Having heard what Mo Chen said, Hela was not polite. He rushed in front of Mo Chen faster than before. The long sword in her hand turned into a flower-like stab at Mo Chen in her hand.

Mo Chen looked at all this, but looked like an okay person, not like the one being attacked at all, but like a young man who had eaten and walked out.

I have to say, this is even more exciting for Hela, and the speed of the sword in his hand is even faster.

The point of the long sword pierced Mo Chen's heart directly, but she didn't really do it.

Before her long sword pierced Mo Chen's heart, the long sword in her hand had to stop.

Mo Chen's two fingers do not know when they have appeared on the sword edge of the long sword in her hand.

Fiercely’s clipped on it, so it had to stop.

History is always surprisingly similar!

Hela encountered something like this with Loki before, but I didn't expect that something like this happened to Mo Chen now.

Hela can almost foresee that Mo Chen will break her long sword next.

Simply, Hela oneself directly abandoned the long sword in his hand, and the punch wrapped in dark green flame towards Mo Chen's cheek.

With such a sudden punch, Hela thought he would be able to meet Mo Chen anyway!

But the fact is that she thinks too much!

Although her this fist was very sudden, it was not enough to cause any worries to Mo Chen.

Even caught off guard, Mo Chen's face was still plain, and even his movements were very slight, at most he stretched out a finger before her fist.


The fist collided with the fingers, and a violent sound appeared, which verified the strength of Hela's use.

But this is still useless, the fist was stopped, indeed it was stopped, and it was only stopped by a finger.

Hela's face showed an unbelievable look for a moment. She knew that there was a gap between the two, but she didn't expect it to be so big.

This almost full strength punch was stopped by a finger of trifling.

"You don't only have this degree, are you?"

Mo Chen ignored the flames on Hela and her ugly face, and said to her.

"Of course not!"

After gnashing teeth said this, the flame on Hela's fist suddenly burst out with a bright light, rushing towards Mo Chen.

"die for me!"

After that, Hela couldn't help making such a noise.

"You think too much!"

I didn't see what Mo Chen did. Hela's flame was directly blocked in front of Mo Chen, as if there was an invisible The barrier prevents everything.

With the fingertips of Mo Chen's fingers as the starting point, all the flames cannot cross the thunder pool for half a step.

"How is this possible?"

Hela said with a face of disbelief and panic.

The biggest ceremonies are all useless rhythms. How can Hela remain calm and how to convince oneself? At this time, consciousness is simply useless.

"I don't believe it, that's it, I don't believe it!"

Crazy shouting this sentence, Hela retracted the own flame, and all the flames entered her body.

However, with all this happening, an inexplicable force also appeared, which is a force belonging to Death.

Since Hela is the Goddess of Death of Asgard, she naturally has the power of life and death.

And it seems that she is now going to use this power of controlling life and death on Mo Chen's body.

She can't hide the breath of Death on her body now.

For the power of controlling life and death used by Hela, to be honest, Mo Chen is really interested. Looking at her, there is no intention to stop.

Let her put the palm of Death's breath on the owner's body, and then she must feel some special places in it.

Mo Chen until now, are quite interested in this special power.

Mo Chen thought that this time might give oneself some unexpected harvest, but whoever wanted the result made Mo Chen disappointed.

Originally, Mo Chen thought how strong this death force would be. Who knew it was the same thing. Even when he entered Mo Chen’s body, it was dispelled by the autonomous Chaos Magic. coming.

You still want to study, Hehe!

Mo Chen knows that the power in oneself's body has been eliminated, but Hela does not know, she is looking at Mo Chen with expectation at the moment, hoping that Mo Chen can be directly killed by her power .

Although her power has never failed, everyone touched by her own power is ultimately the only way to die.

But Mo Chen is really too strong. She really cannot guarantee the details.

I can only look at Mo Chen with anticipation, hoping that Mo Chen can really die under the power of her controlling life and death, even she herself has no confidence to speak of.

One second has passed, Hela is looking forward to it!

Two seconds have passed, and Hela is still looking forward to it!

Three and five seconds passed, and Hela's expectations began to fade.

Worries began to envelope her like a haze.

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