Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 291

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After ten seconds like this, the expectation in Hela's heart completely dissipated, and the worries no longer existed, replaced by a panic of fear, an incomparable fear.

Up to now, she can be sure that the power of owning controlling life and death is of no use to Mo Chen.

"Why didn't you get killed by my power? Even the god of Asgard was not immune. Why didn't you have anything at all? Not even the imposing manner on your body caused any fluctuations!"

Hela asked Mo Chen with an unusually pale face.

She is not reconciled, really not reconciled, and desperately wants to know why this is the case.

Mo Chen didn’t let her down. He said to her, “It’s probably because your power level is too low. Naturally, it has a great effect on some people who are not strong, but for some strength People who are too strong are useless at all!"

Through oneself's body, Mo Chen can only speculate like this, and only speculate like this.

"Is it just like this? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, it’s really just like this. I admit that your strength is very strong, but my ability to control life and death is not ordinary. You are impossible. If I don’t have it, I will take on my abilities!"

Mo Chen’s speculation that Hela was not convinced at all, he immediately vetoed all of this. What is worth all is that her veto is very convincing. .

"How about you try it?"

Mo Chen was curious about this and said to Hela.

Mo Chen doesn't worry that Hela can really kill oneself, even though Hela is Goddess of Death and has the ability to control life and death.

But not every Goddess of Death is the embodiment of the concept of Death. Hela wants to kill Mo Chen, which is impossible.

However, Hela oneself does not seem to believe this.

When Mo Chen asked her to give it a try, an excited look flashed in her eyes, it was obvious that she wanted to do something with it.

Mo Chen pretended not to see anything, let her approach, and let her put her hand on her again, without any intention of stopping her.

Hela was even more convinced of this, and closed her eyes as if no one else was.

Encourage the power of own to enter Mo Chen's body, and at the same time put the sense of own on Mo Chen's body, observing the changes of Mo Chen.


Hela only feels that oneself has entered a strange place, where the strangeness and the psychedelic colors, she has never seen such a scene.

For a while, Hela, who was Goddess of Death, was lost directly.

Everyone has an own death, or death of old age, or accidental death or being killed, etc. Death is going to come after all.

Hela, as a Goddess of Death, can see a person’s death and the final destination of a person’s death, especially those of Asgardian.

But she has never seen a death of a person. There is no concept of existence at all.

Yes, there is no concept of Death.

It may be a bit difficult to understand that. In other words, Mo Chen will experience Death, but he will not really die.

Mo Chen has no concept of Death. The real Death will never come to Mo Chen. Mo Chen is immortal!

Yes, Mo Chen is immortal!

Hela has never seen something like this happen before, lost in the immortality of Mo Chen, unable to break free...

Hela is lost, but Mo Chen has not. With a blank face of Hela, Mo Chen couldn't help but curiously incorporate own mental energy into Hela's perception.

Look at what she sees through Hela's perception.

Mo Chen also entered this strange land through Hela's perception and saw everything in this strange land.

However, unlike Hela's loss, Mo Chen doesn't mean any loss, and his will is very firm from the very beginning.

Let own things confuse oneself, do you think this is possible? Obviously it is impossible, so Mo Chen is not lost.

Moreover, not only is there no loss, Mo Chen is still entering here immediately, and he has figured out the reason for the formation here.

The reason why the concept of oneself death does not exist here is because he is too strong.

Hela was kicked out of the strange place and immediately woke up from her loss. The dullness and dazedness on her face were also swept away, and a touch of fear quietly climbed onto her face.

The loss just now was obviously not a good experience. It made her whole person bad, and she didn't even dare to approach Mo Chen anymore, and then quickly moved away from Mo Chen.

"What monster are you? Why...why..."

Speaking, Hela didn't know what adjectives should be used to modify the experience just now. I got stuck and didn't know at all. What should I say.

Mo Chen has only one sentence on this!

"Why don't you just call me a monster like this?"

"Aren't you?"


The word "monster" is used in Mo Chen's body. How do you say it?

Although it is indeed quite appropriate, Mo Chen can be called a monster along the way of Marvel, and even many considered monsters are inferior to Mo Chen.

But Mo Chen is really dissatisfied with this adjective.

"How can someone like me be described as monster? You have used the wrong word. I think you can actually use another word!" Mo Chen defended.

"What word?"

"Prepare the gods! Of course, the gods here are not the gods you know, but the gods in the true sense. Just think of Heaven and Earth Turning upside down, one glance at Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, life is immortal, only Eternity!"

"Your tone is really too big!"

"Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move? Not big, even I have made my own tone a bit smaller as much as possible. The god I want to transform is even more exaggerated. Time and space are my playthings, transforming reality, destroying the timeline, distorting cause and effect, thinking What you want is what it is, and what you want is not what it is not!"

Speaking of which, Mo Chen paused for a moment before saying: "Of course, with you It's useless to say these, because you simply don't know what kind of realm this is. You so-called gods are just false gods!"

This time, it's Hela's turn to be silent!

Although she really wanted to argue against Mo Chen, since Mo Chen said so, there is a reason for it. The argument has no use at all. It is just a joke, without saying anything at all.

"It seems that you have nothing to say. Do you know why I want to tell you this?" Mo Chen asked the silent Hela.

"Because I will die next time, or I can only be controlled by you, no matter how much I know, it is of no use, and I will never be able to say it!" Hela broke the silence. Said to Mo Chen.

"Of course...No, I never cared about these words spreading out. The reason why I told you this is just because you just did me a little favor invisibly, and help you solve it by the way. Just a doubt!"

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