Marvel Starts To Merge With Superman Chapter 293

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After finishing speaking, Mo Chen didn’t say anything, he just made a stone chair and sat on it, watching all around without blinking, waiting. The return of Deadpool.

1 minute has passed and Deadpool has not returned!

5 minutes have passed and Deadpool has not returned!

10 minutes have passed, and Deadpool still has not returned!

...Time passed by one minute and one second, and it was a few hours in a blink of an eye, but Deadpool was like dead on the other side, just refused to appear.

Finally, Mo Chen even began to wonder if Deadpool appeared on the other end of Earth. He checked Earth and made sure that he did not appear before he was determined to give up and waited.

Huangtian has paid off!

After another few hours of waiting, Deadpool finally appeared.

A strange wave suddenly appeared in the sky in front of Mo Chen. Mo Chen didn't even have any concept at all. He had never seen such a wave before.

With the end of such fluctuations, Deadpool spit out like garbage from the place where the fluctuations came, snapped and smashed in front of Mo Chen.

At this time, the strange wave in the sky also disappeared.

Mo Chen had to withdraw his attention, and cast his gaze on the ground into a large-shaped Deadpool.

"You are finally back! How does it feel to break the fourth wall?"

Mo Chen walked up to Deadpool and asked him.

Faced with Mo Chen's question, Deadpool was silent, and the whole person looked lifeless.

If it weren’t for the spores on his body that told Mo Chen that he had no physical and mental problems, Mo Chen couldn’t help but wonder if he had something wrong when he broke the fourth wall. By accident.

"Hey, I know you are not dead, can you say something?"

Mo Chen shook Deadpool's head with his toes and said to him.

"Now I finally understand what your original problem meant, and finally understand what you want!"

With the efforts of Mo Chen, Deadpool finally said it talk.

However, he changed his previous TB attribute this time, only saying such a sentence in a hoarse voice with endless sorrow.

It seems that the blow was not light!

Mo Chen raised such a sentence in his heart.

When a person knows that oneself is a character in a comic, no matter what, it is impossible and easy to deal with, and Deadpool is no exception.

Perhaps in the future, he will be able to adjust and become a joke who likes to tell the audience, but now he is not.

In the face of Deadpool like this, Mo Chen didn't mean to entangle him more.

After controlling a spore to remove some cells from him, Mo Chen let the spore of own reintegrate into the body of own.

What Mo Chen wants is the ability to break the fourth wall. It is only incidental to ask his feelings.

Since he can't say, then ignore him for now, get the ability first.

Deadpool's cells were swallowed by Mo Chen, and all the abilities hidden in the Deadpool genes appeared in Mo Chen's ability list.

It's just that there is a problem with this ability to break the fourth wall.

Feeling the power of Deadpool that was swallowed, Mo Chen couldn't help but frowned.

Glancing at the Deadpool, which is like a wooden man, Mo Chen was too lazy to ask, rushing his own mental energy directly into the memory of Deadpool, looking for the answer that oneself wanted.

There are constantly images flashing in front of Mo Chen's eyes, and the memories of Deadpool constantly appearing in Mo Chen's mind, Mo Chen's brows finally stretched slightly.

When Mo Chen finished reading and all the memories involving Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, Mo Chen's frowning brows were completely flattened, and his brows were finally no longer frowned.

However, Mo Chen is not very happy. The ability to break the fourth wall is quite different from what Mo Chen thought.

The ability cannot be superimposed, it is the limit to be able to get it once, and some other problems exist.

In other words, it is very restrictive!

"putting it that way, Deadpool is useless!"

Leaving such a sentence, took a look at Deadpool, and Mo Chen was about to leave.

It's just that, before Mo Chen was about to leave, Deadpool suddenly came back to life and spoke.


"Something?" Mo Chen asked in surprise.

Deadpool is about to die, and now he suddenly speaks, scamming the corpse. This is it.

"Yes, you already knew that we are comic characters?"


There is nothing to deny about this, anyway. Some special things are involved.

"Can we find a place to talk?" Deadpool asked Mo Chen.

"Well, yes!"

Mo Chen thought for a while, determined that oneself also some time later, said to Deadpool.

Actually, Mo Chen also wanted to know what Deadpool wanted to talk to oneself.

"Can you do me a favor?"

Deadpool, with a weak look, asked Mo Chen in a negotiating tone.

"What is busy?"

Deadpools like this are not common, and Mo Chen's curiosity is even stronger.

"I don't have any strength right now, can you take me to a place where I can talk?"

As Mo Chen's curiosity became strong, Deadpool faced Mo Chen Asked.

"This is fine too!"

After listening to Deadpool's inquiry, Mo Chen did not disappoint him and gave him a positive answer.

After the affirmative reply, Mo Chen squatted down, grabbed one of the clothes on Deadpool's back, lifted him up, turned and disappeared in place.

When they appeared again, they had already appeared in a cafe with a nice atmosphere.

The sudden appearance of the two really scared those customers, and immediately made them think of Superhero and super villains.

The scene of their fighting appeared unconsciously in their minds. In order not to be affected, they ran out with their feet subconsciously thrown away.

The harmonious atmosphere of the cafe was destroyed in this way. In just a few seconds, the cafe was empty, even the busy staff in the cafe.

However, regarding this point, the two seem to have been aware of it for a long time, and they didn't care about it, and they watched all this happen peacefully.

Mo Chen threw Deadpool to the seat opposite to oneself, and asked him: "What do you want to drink?"

"Uh, whatever!"

Deadpool choked on Mo Chen's sudden sentence, then reacted and said.


Deadpool was choked, but Mo Chen did not. Nodded said that after oneself had known it, he did not say anything, but walked to the counter of the cafe. oneself made coffee.

Mo Chen really didn't think of oneself as an outsider. The steps of taking coffee beans, grinding coffee beans, brewing coffee, etc. appeared one after another in Mo Chen.

Soon, a pot of coffee appeared in Mo Chen's hands.

Mo Chen took this pot of coffee and poured oneself a cup. After he poured a cup to Deadpool, he started talking about business.

"Tell me if you want to talk about it!"

Mo Chen took a sip of the mellow coffee that he could not name, and said to Deadpool.

Although Mo Chen grinds coffee beans and makes coffee looks quite professional.

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