Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 1

Chapter 1 You watch carefully, inspire max-level comprehension, sudon enlightenment…

“Li Qingshan, as the elder disciple of the ascendant, the prince of the Great Yan Dynasty, was actually bewildered, let go After leaving the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, do you know the sin?”

“I would like to give up my elder disciple status, be imprisoned in the Thinking Cliff, and wipe the Monument Forest.”

“Yes, but it must be abandoned. Lose the cultivation base, break the root bone, and never go out!”

“Headmaster, Thinking Cliff Monument Forest has recorded countless cultivation techniques.”

“The one who lost the root bone. Man, can you comprehend those mysterious and unpredictable cultivation techniques?”

“That’s true.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Thinking Cliff is just ahead, please come in.” A voice woke Li Qingshan up.

He looked up and looked towards the front.

A cliff, inserted into the sky, between the green mountains and white clouds, is extremely huge, isolated on all sides, with only a dozen chains running across the sky, connecting the two mountains next door.

This is the Thinking Cliff of the ascension door.

“Didn’t expect to cross, the cultivation base will be abolished, the root bone will be broken, and the position of Eldest Senior Brother will be lost.” Li Qingshan smiled bitterly.

This body was originally the prince of the Great Yan Dynasty under the Ascension Sect.

The perfect spirit root was detected as soon as it was born, and it was extremely powerful. It was sent to the ascension door and was exceptionally received as the Eldest Senior Brother in the New Generation Disciple.

Then all the way triumphant progress, cultivation to improve oneself, future Immeasurable.

It’s a perfect start.

But because of a Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, sect rules were violated, the cultivation base was abolished, the root bone was broken, and the whole life was imprisoned in Thinking Cliff.

“It’s a perfect start, it’s like this.” Li Qingshan sighed.

Now, his body is very weak, it can be said that he is powerless.

Behind him, there were several Disciples from the Ascension Sect, looking at his desolate back, with emotion.

β€œAscension is a genius who is not born, and is known as the most promising to break through the secular barrier and become the Eldest Senior Brother of Saint. Didn’t expect such an end.”

“The road to cultivation is difficult and dangerous. He was bewitched by the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine. He actually opened the Executing Gods Great Formation arranged by several Great Sects and let him go. In such an end, he could still save a life. It was the Headmaster who took pity on him.”

“Is that the beauty of the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine? Can we bewitch our gentle Eldest Senior Brother like that?”

“It is said that That Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine is the reincarnation of a great character, her charm is unparalleled, and it is not uncommon for Eldest Senior Brother to be tricked.”

“It’s a pity, one should have broken A genius at the threshold of the secular world, he will spend the rest of his life in this icy Monument Forest.”

Li Qingshan listened to the conversations of several Disciples, he sighed in his heart, crossed the iron chain bridge, and went to Thinking Cliff.

Disciples watched Li Qingshan enter the Thinking Cliff, and then cut off the bridge so that the ordinary person could not enter or leave.

Then they leave.

As for Li Qingshan, the Eldest Senior Brothers who have had their cultivation base abolished and their roots broken, and they are no longer a world person.


Thinking Cliff, one of the most mysterious and most terrifying places in the ascension gate.

Mysterious is because there are millions of Monument Forests on Thinking Cliff, and terrifying is because unless you make meritorious deeds, coming to Thinking Cliff at other times means staying here for the rest of your life.

Li Qingshan came here and saw an old man.

He has white hair, simple clothes, and discoloration after washing. The old man is dim-sighted from old age, with a cane, and the wrinkles on his old face are like mountains and rivers on the earth.

β€œIt’s been a long time since Thinking Cliff came,” the old man said.

β€œWho are you?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Monument Keeper on Thinking Cliff.” The old man pursed his lips, looked at Li Qingshan’s weak state, and suddenly understood everything.

“Punish for a big mistake?” the old man asked.

“en.” Li Qingshan nods.

“Then we will depend on each other for life. Come with me. I just don’t have much time. Tell you some taboos on Thinking Cliff, and I can find a cemetery for myself.” The old man turned around and waved to Li Qingshan.

β€œWhat do you call the old man?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Call me Monument Keeper Old Man, several decades, I’ve forgotten my name,” Monument Keeper Old Man said.

Li Qingshan followed the Monument Keeper Old Man and walked past the Thinking Cliff, and saw countless huge stone tablets along the way.

These stone tablets have survived the wind and rain, but they still stand and never die.

These stone tablets are engraved with different things, some engraved with a sword, some engraved with a grass, some engraved with a pair of fists…

β€œ This is the million-dollar Monument Forest on Thinking Cliff!”

“Thinking Cliff, known as the Monument Forest with millions, has established the sect ascension so far, and anyone who violates the sect rules will be imprisoned in a stone tablet. If you throw it in the Thinking Cliff, you will die of old age quickly. Before you die, the most amazing Absolute Art will be engraved on the stone tablet.”

“So every stone tablet here represents a senior of cultivation profound. .”

“What is depicted on these stone tablets is the Absolute Art of these predecessors.”

Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

The Monument Keeper Old Man nods and says: “The Monument Forest here is wiped by us to prevent them from becoming dusty, but remember, don’t look at these Monument Forests with your heart. .”

“Why?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Each stone tablet records the Absolute Art left by a senior expert. Watching these Absolute Art requires a great perception, which is what everyone calls spirituality, to have a chance to comprehend it.”


“But now you have no cultivation base, the root bone is broken, and only spirituality is left. Once you watch with your heart, you will be sucked out of spirituality, then you have nothing left, and you will become a walking. Corpse, muddleheaded.” Monument Keeper Old Man warned Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan nods, he glanced at the passing stone tablet.

For some reason, he always felt that these stone tablets seemed to come alive.

Walking a section of the road and entering the corner of Monument Forest, Li Qingshan saw a bamboo house.

Beside the bamboo house, there is a small bridge and flowing water, winding for a few miles, leading to a lake where fish swim freely and sparkle.

Behind the bamboo house, there is a flowerbed full of gardens, and there are hundreds of flowers in full bloom, competing for beauty, and the fragrance is permeating, attracting birds to circle.

On the left side of the bamboo house, there are several rows of vegetable gardens, which grow some vegetables.

The breeze blows, the grass grows and the warbler flies, poetic and picturesque.

“Well, I have a good taste in the old man.” Monument Keeper Old Man laughed.

“You made this all the time?” Li Qingshan asked in admiration.

“When I came, there was nothing here. Later, I built it little by little and got it out. When I left, you buried me, and this place is yours.” Monument Keeper Old Man pushed open the door of the bamboo house and said.

“There are two rooms here, one for you and the other for you. Rest well. I’ll clean the stone tablet and cook for you when I come back.” Monument Keeper Old Man holding a wooden bucket And the rag went out and soon disappeared.

Li Qingshan didn’t rest. The day was full of ups and downs. He needed to be quiet.

Wandering around the bamboo house, Li Qingshan also saw a lot of stone tablets.

He walked to the nearest stone tablet and found that the engraving on this stone tablet was different from other stone tablets.

It carves a big river, surging.

“Unfortunately, watching these Absolute Art requires a great perception, that is, spirituality, to have a chance to comprehend.”

“My cultivation base is now abandoned, and my root bone is broken. There is only a little perception left, and guarding the million-dollar Monument Forest is useless.” Li Qingshan sighed.

But despite sighing, Li Qingshan still stared at the stone tablet.

He just felt that the river was particularly attractive to him.

As if… to come back to life.

Watching, watching…

gradually, he was fascinated.

【You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, sudden enlightenment Great River Sword Qi】

(end of this chapter)

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