Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Great River Sword Qi

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, Body Recovering Technique! 】

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and cultivated slowly, only to realize that the body supplementation technique is different from other cultivation techniques.

This is a cultivation technique that can repair injuries, condense to Peak, and the injuries will be repaired between breaths, providing continuous battle strength.

Comprehended this early in the morning, and Li Qingshan was very satisfied.

Looking at the Monument Forest all over the place, Li Qingshan did not continue to wipe, but realized.

He is now satisfied with one cultivation technique every day, and spends the rest of his time on comprehend and cultivation.

In this way, I won’t get too much, and I won’t have time for cultivation.

Just like today, Body Recovering Technique, he went back to the bamboo house, brewed a pot of tea among the flowers, watched the mist dissipate, the clouds rolling and spreading, and he was content.

“After cultivation Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, my strength has reached Grandmaster Peak, and I’m only one step away from breaking through Fishleap realm.”

“But this step requires a fight. A sudden enlightenment is like a sting after a rain, breaking the cold of winter and welcoming the breath of spring.”

“This is not something that can be achieved through penance, I slowly ascend.”

Li Qingshan pondered while drinking tea.

Accumulation, this thing, he is increasing every moment, the root bone like a mountain is growing all the time, so Li Qingshan does not lack this.

Breakthrough Fishleap realm, what he lacks is an opportunity.

When Li Qingshan was thinking about it, his expression changed suddenly. Grandmaster domain noticed that someone came to Thinking Cliff.

On closer inspection, it is Xiao Jiu that Li Qingshan cares about.

“big brother, big brother…” Xiao Jiu came running happily.

“Why are you here?” Li Qingshan asked curiously, it’s only been a month.

“Big brother, I have already broken through Grandmaster Realm, and I can come to see you every month from now on.” Xiao Jiu said with a smile, his beautiful face full of joy.

“Have you broken through the Grandmaster so soon?” Li Qingshan immediately observed Xiao Jiu’s cultivation base, and he has really broken through the Grandmaster. There is a Grandmaster domain, although the scope is a bit small.

“It’s all thanks to big brother’s secret technique.” Xiao Jiu said softly, leaning on Li Qingshan’s ear.

Li Qingshan suddenly realized that it was the role of Eternal Art, which improved Xiao Jiu’s roots and made her cultivation faster.

“Sit down and drink tea.” Li Qingshan said with a smile, made tea with boiled water, and brought a cup to Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu looked at all around, birdsong and fragrant flowers, small bridges and flowing water, pleasant scenery, and said in surprise, “It’s the first time I noticed the environment where big brother lives. It’s really a hermit.”


Li Qingshan picked up the teacup, sipped the tea, and said, “No matter where you are, you have to call and collect, it won’t get any worse anyway.”

“But here it is. Clean, will it be troublesome to clean?” Xiao Jiu asked.

“No trouble, it’s very easy to clean.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

The cleaning thing, he said, Five Ghosts got busy, he didn’t bother at all.

“big brother, you won’t be lonely in the future, the master has promised me that you can come to see big brother once a month, this time brought you a change of clothes, and I also I brought a lot of books to relieve the boredom of my big brother.” Xiao Jiu took out a lot of books from a storage bag.

Various, all kinds.

“These are all handwritten copies that I brought to the Book Collection Pavilion, so the big brother can collect them, read the books, and pass the boring time.” Xiao Jiu took out the books , said while saying.

Li Qingshan helped her, this time Xiao Jiu brought hundreds of books, just because Li Qingshan was lonely and bored, Xiao Jiu also took great pains.

Putting all the books in place, Xiao Jiu picked up the teacup and drank it in one gulp. He looked at Li Qingshan, who was sitting on the chair, and said, “big brother now. No one can guess that you are imprisoned here.”

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, although he was imprisoned in Thinking Cliff, he had a very good life.

“Big brother, go and change the clothes I brought. Your clothes are all white from the wash, and they don’t fit my big brother’s temperament.” Xiao Jiu picked up a few sets of clothes and stuffed them inside. Li Qingshan’s arms.

Li Qingshan smiled wryly and shook his head, unable to hold her back, got up and went to the bamboo house to change clothes.

Xiao Jiu was sitting on a chair, stretched out, the breeze was softly blowing his face, Xiao Jiu rested his head comfortably with his hands, and said with emotion, “This place is really good. “

“If the big brother can cultivate again, then everything will be perfect.” Xiao Jiu longed.

In her eyes, big brother is peerless genius, big brother is not cultivation, it is really a waste of innate talent.

“Although my big brother can’t be cultivated, as long as my cultivation progress is very important, no one will dare to make things difficult for my big brother.” Xiao Jiu cheered herself up, and for the sake of big brother, she has to work hard. cultivation.

At this moment, Li Qingshan came out in a white shirt, with black hair tied behind him, fair skin, bright eyes, and gleaming brilliance. He really is a gentleman like jade.

“The big brother is still immortal.” Xiao Jiu praised in surprise.

“Okay, flattery can’t be good, just drink tea.” Li Qingshan waved his hand.

“I’m not filming flattery, I really can’t let my big brother wear those white washed clothes again, every time I come, I will bring new clothes, please believe my vision, big Brother, it must look good in it.” Xiao Jiu patted his chest and assured.

Li Qingshan looked at Xiao Jiu dotingly. This is the daily conversation between them. There is not much nutrition, but it is the most comfortable.

Xiao Jiu was very happy to come to Li Qingshan. After playing with her on Thinking Cliff for a long time, Li Qingshan watched Xiao Jiu leave.

Xiao Jiu left, and Li Qingshan returned to a state of being alone.

He opened the book that Xiao Jiu brought and looked at it.

Li Qingshan saw a biography of a cultivator, which was written by an Elder from the Ascension Sect, and recorded in great detail.

Li Qingshan sees it in detail, this is an expert with a sword.

His life was only a few short decades, but Fight Heaven and Earth was nothing short of wonderful.

He fights Demon Sect, fights Monster Race, fights savage people in Saibei, and kills that is called a Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

He is the ascension door Disciple.

He is also Li Qingshan’s previous generation, and is praised as a genius who can break the threshold of the world.

But he ended up being “voluntarily” imprisoned on Thinking Cliff for the rest of his life.

Li Qingshan saw that it was recorded in the book that this ascension genius was in love, got married with Monster Race demoness, and angered the first gate of the righteous path, Heavenly Dao Sect.

Heavenly Dao Sect chased and killed him for three years, but was disturbed by him and lost his reputation. If Heavenly Dao Sect didn’t put pressure on the ascension gate at the end, this swordsman might still be alive.

The person who wrote the book, with a pity in the words in the text, exhibits one’s feelings in one’s speech.

In the end, after beheading dozens of Elders in Heavenly Dao Sect, this person chose to be sealed in a stone tablet and entered Thinking Cliff.

“It’s a pity, he was forced by Heavenly Dao Sect again, sealed himself, suffered in the stone tablet, and finally died.” Li Qingshan sighed.

Turning to the end, he wanted to see who this man was.

On the last page of the book, Li Qingshan saw the person’s name.

He froze slightly.

On the last page of the book, two lines are written.

Wu Shaobai!

Great River Sword Qi!

Li Qingshan slowly turned his head and looked towards the stone tablet closest to the bamboo house.

The first cultivation technique he comprehended was also Great River Sword Qi.

Fate, wonderful.

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